Professional Training Tool

We are in Alicante and giving to professional formation of publicity and marketing in Internet. I teach marketing techniques that can be incorporated in the promotion of any page Web, and to be able to have its page Web or another property of the Web in the first position of the first page of GOOGLE. Have done I it in a day, and I am going to teach to them like, and to divulge all secrets of how positioning your page Web where you want to see – ” Number 1″ in Google. Welcomes to our professional formation of ” Internet Marketing”. The element fundamental to put your page Web in the first ranking of Google and that remains there is ” continuidad”. So it is a daily work, but your you only can decide how long you dedicate to the work of marketing in its company. It really does not matter where you live in Spain or any country on Hispanic speech.

I only use Alicante like an example from marketing to a local market, but it is possible to be adapted to any locality in the world and any language. For example for this article I have used the key phrase ” professional formation alicante” , and I am going to teach to them exactly because. 2 steps to find key words or phrases to promote in its business. 1) To puncture here – To look for Key words 2) Writes 2 words that but its business describes – ” I have put formation marketing” To see image for results down: – As Google sides inform whichever people to us are using a list of key words in relation to looked for ours. I decid in promoting the key phrase ” formation profesional” , because professional formation is an average of 201.000 people looking for.

Soon I have kept a file from all the key words with but you look for to dominate in my next articles. Professional formation – Tool of marketing 1 ( in English) I have been than 4 days less uniting in this project, and the first key phrase that I decided to promote era ” online marketing alicante”. First it is necessary to write article that incorporates the key phrase in the title, the content and in links to it would help your clients to arrive at the page main Web. Soon it is necessary to publish it in – it is necessary to register, and he is quite simple to publish the article., and it only takes 2 minutes. In 24 hours the article with the key phrase that you want to promote this in Google already. Not always it would arrive at I number one, but sera in the first 30 combining any key phrase with a city of Spain like ” online marketing alicante”. To see image – results of Google for the key phrase ” online marketing alicante” I finish there it for today, and I hope that you have I excite with your first article and that you have learned much with this professional formation and that benefits of your first tool of marketing. To leave commentaries for any doubt that it today has in relation to the professional formation of lent marketing.