If you have a boxed set of the processor, it does not mean that you should immediately run to the store for a new fan. Boxed fans are not inferior to the technical characteristics of the majority party. Also, before you start overloking, it is recommended to change the thermal paste between the cpu and heatsink. Most likely, you have it withered away. If the heatsink surface is too rough, it can clean up nulevkoy. Grease is not necessary to impose on the radiator (or processor) thick.

During the assembly, thermal compound just will be spread and there is a possibility to burn down the motherboard (and processor to boot) should also not forget that the standard ide controller is also hangs on pci (although seemingly built into the motherboard). So it is not ruled out the loss of data (Partial or complete). Some models of IDE-drives, supports UltrDMA, sensitive to the frequency of the pci bus and exhibiting unusual frequency is sometimes possible to lose data. In this case the hard drive itself, as a rule, remains workable, but in some cases, can 'go to the forefathers' servo, then the hard drive will be easier to throw than to try to fix it (fortunately, the probability of this is not great). Cope with this usually You can change the hard drive mode (eg, forcing him to work exclusively in pio mode). ??-???? understood the implications. If you decide to overclock the cpu on a laptop.

We strongly recommend that you can abandon this idea. The thing is that in laptops, all fitted one to one and, without a weak cooling would place an additional burden. Most likely you just Burn the laptop entirely. Just not the least is the power supply. At present, day for a successful overclocking recommended 450W-500W. And what if the system pererazognana, incorrectly installed options and fees do not start or starts and freezes soon? A number of advanced motherboards monitors process of starting and if it breaks, automatically restarts board, setting the cpu and memory nominal value. You just have to re-enter the bios and correct his mistake. Sometimes it helps to start with a jammed key Insert, in this case, the board also resets the denomination, which contributes to a successful launch. If all else fails, you need to find the on-board jumper Clear cmos, with the power off to switch it on two neighboring contact three seconds and then back into place. In this case, absolutely all options are reset by the denomination. Next time be more moderate in his appetites. With the sw. Andi SiBmius