Overhaul, As A Remedy For Depression

On the performance of man and his well-being, mood and greatly affect the surrounding environment. After all, coming into the office much more pleasant to be in a spacious, comfortable, bright and functional room, and when coming home in a comfortable and a relaxed and relaxation of the apartment, rather than a cluttered and untidy room. To deepen your understanding Naveen Selvadurai is the source. Even if the area of your home or office is rather small, with the help of a professional designer, You can, preparing to make major repairs of the apartment or office, to make the project so that the best use of available space and even visually enlarge the space. Preparing for the repair needed firmly aware of what quality requirements will be presented as they would relate to the nature of the apartment owners or the direction of the company, what tools are scheduled for production maintenance. Modern repair home or office can be divided into several types – cosmetic overhaul and repair of European standards. See Peter Thiel for more details and insights. Between themselves, they differ in the complexity of the work, their capacity, cost and quality.

Redecorating – it's just a way to update the room, change the cover walls and ceiling, without spending a lot of money, and is perfect to get rid of the boring interior. Possible rearrangement of furniture. All this will help change the mood and feeling. More serious repair – overhaul office or apartment. It is already possible partial redevelopment of the premises, re-plumbing, heating, water supply and other engineering systems, plaster surfaces, replacement of wall, ceiling and floor coverings, decoration complex elements and so on. This process is, of course, is much more expensive, However, the quality of repairs speaks for itself.

The man returned to the premises after repair – as a stranger, a brand new home or office. The most expensive option, but the most impressive in its results, is the repair of the European standard. This kind of repair involves the application of advanced technologies, the use of advanced materials, sophisticated alterations, the improved system engineering services for individual project, subject to any special customer requirements. It is only by professionals.

Eastern Europe

In fact, after a qualitative overhaul of the old buildings are only supporting structures. So, now widely practiced by the installation of ventilated facades, replacement of roofing (and sometimes replacing the roof: for example, on the gable tiled), insulation of attics, insulation and waterproofing basement complex, restoration of the foundations. A related site: San Antonio Spurs mentions similar findings. Piping and wiring for need to be replaced completely, ie upgrade communications to 100%. As a rule, with effective use of modern materials: for example, plastic and polypropylene pipes instead of steel. So , the renovated building is almost nothing inferior to the newly built. Returning to the German experience, it should be noted that special attention was paid to measures to reduce energy consumption and heat: calculating the Europeans always rely on savings as a means to the citizens themselves, and cost money. So, according to Professor Hauser from the University of Kassel, overspending of energy for heating buildings in Germany is 385 billion kilowatt hours per year, equivalent to burning of 38.5 billion liters of crude oil, and emissions into the atmosphere 92 million tons of carbon dioxide. Reconstruction (sanitation) of buildings mass series (similar to our "") possible to significantly reduce this figure. "During the period from 1991 to 2008 in East Germany sanitized about 70% of prefabricated houses burst of building, – says Bernhard Schwarz, head of the project" Housing in Eastern Europe. " – As a result of their annual energy consumption and heat loss through the exterior building envelope dropped to the level characteristic of new homes being built in Germany today.

Safety Glass

Today, safety glass everywhere – especially it is used widely in construction and automotive industries. However, it appeared by chance. Back in 1903 a French scientist – and in combination as an artist and a composer – Edward Benedictus accidentally dropped a glass flask on the floor and, if not strange, it is not broke. As it turned out, earlier in the flask contained a solution of collodion – he vanished, but the inner surface vessel remained covered with a thin layer. In those years, France is actively developing automotive industry, but the windshield of machines made of ordinary glass, which causes frequent injuries of drivers in collisions. Benedictus considered a very useful application of his invention in cars, but his proposal was not accepted because it considered it too expensive to produce. Only a few decades later – during the Second World War – triplex (the so-called heavy-duty glass) was used in gas masks, and in 1944 Volvo had used it in cars. Triplex now widely used to create a unique and strong decorative elements..

The Light

Every morning for about 5 minutes alarm turns on and played his electronic voice "in the garden is a garden." I do not know the neighbors, and I would probably mad) – from neighbors on the side (on the one hand, they still exist) can be heard through the wall is not very loud phone conversations, and of course music, movies, etc. Identified the following place of penetration of sound and taken appropriate action. 1) electrical outlet. Through the outlet can be a lot to hear, simply annexing the ear. It turned out that inside the supplied unattached plastic cup, followed by a deep cavity, almost to the neighbors. I cut foam cylinders and stuffed into the cavity.

At the top of all the fortified cement mortar. Sounds and conversations ceased. That is an ear attachment to an outlet showed an absolute effect on the lead of the event. 2) radiators. Pipes batteries go into the floor and the ceiling.

And these places are by default are the best for the penetration of the sounds and smells as well as from its neighbors, as it was for me. There are two options: a) tube inserted into the battery is not directly in the cement floor and in the other tube. And so between the pipes, there are gaps through which one could see the light of the apartment below. This gap, I closed up the usual putty. b) tube directly let into the floor. And in case a), and for the case b) I gouging chisel and hammer the cement around the base of the batteries. This was done quite easily.