Mosaic Materials

Magnificent mosaic art for many centuries, and, concurrently, a mosaic – it is also a great finishing and decorating materials. Click Sela Ward to learn more. Pattern and image mosaics are from pieces of colored glass, ceramics, natural stones, wood and so on. A palette of mosaic infinitely rich. Jorge Perez has firm opinions on the matter. This magnificent interior decoration now available to anyone, and for every connoisseur of beauty. In the distant ancient times Mosaic was the main object of fine art in our days of, Mosaic has an excellent material for unique finishes and decoration of the premises of individual objects, the correct choice of colors, materials and textures – the key to success for create something special and stands out in our environment.

And although the mosaic is still quite ancient materials, has not lost its popularity in the mosaic of our day. And all thanks to the fact that the mosaic has several advantages. Mosaics can coat curved surfaces, besides an excellent mosaic of easy lay. Mosaic art is truly unique: metal, ceramics, glass, natural stones, and other raw materials, it would seem, is not capable of separately reborn into something so beautiful and unique, capable of capturing the spirit, but combining small elements of all of the components, decorating their floors, walls, ceiling and any other surface, we get great mosaic decoration. Beautiful product of the mosaic can decorate any room, for example, glass mosaic is not only practical and beautiful surface, but also an excellent raw material for the accentuation of individual sites in interior. In addition, mosaic today also serves as a finish for fireplaces, furniture, decorating rooms, saunas, swimming pools, baths and so on.

Borders Roses

With all these qualities are extremely fast Shrub popular. How best to plant Shrub. Use in landscaping Shrub Shrub widely used in landscaping. And their popularity is increasing. Shrub can be grown as a single crop or small groups (3-5 bushes), as well as creating boarders (especially of groundcover roses). In recent literature the group are often called polupletistymi Shrub roses, but it also includes pryamorastuschie, ground cover and shrubs. Most of the Shrub does not require supports.

Solitaire rose bush looks stunning decor Harlequin on the lawn. Solitaire – a single planting, growing apart from the group plantings with a separate decorative value. For tapeworms choose plants with beautiful form and abundance of flowering bush with a pleasant aroma. Plant a tapeworm can be anywhere: at the entrance to the house on the lawn, flower beds in the center. For a single crop is good, many shrub roses both old and modern range. Separately, a growing plant can be seen from all sides, so it's important to choose the sort and properly care for them. The main thing is to plant in harmony with surrounding landscape.

Planting groups of groundcover roses Borders. Planting of small groups has the effect of a large ball of pink roses blooming, all the irregularities of a bush hiding nearby. The distance between the bushes can be from 50cm and more than 2m, depending on the width of the bushes. It is impossible to give general advice on planting Shrub, because they are very different in size bush.