Medical Investing

Spending on pharmaceuticals According is often inefficient and expensive. This, incidentally, is a hard comment against individual doctors clinics (such as. system) that should merit a response from the school and Federation; but at the same time draw the magnitude of the ambition of the EPS, is a tasty market of two thousand five hundred million soles a year and this market is currently clinics, medical centers, popular topics, private clinics; Therefore it is clear that approaching a clash of interests. Learn more at this site: Tony Parker. On one side are the EPS (with all its State support please, millionaire investments, associated clinics, intense propaganda, etc.) and on the other hand popular clinics, medical centers and private doctors.

The EPS will not only try to join stable workers in companies or factories (competing in this area with the IPSS) but that attempt to join the itinerant, microbuseros, hairdressers, counters, lawyers, small craftsmen, merchants, shoemakers, chupeteros, will go home in House Gallery in Gallery, business to business offering its potestativos health plans in an attempt to seize that market of two thousand five hundred million soles each yearmarket that it has traditionally belonged to the doctors to individual or collective (clinics). This unequal clash is already a reality, since there are currently three consortia of investors who have requested to be declared eligible for their EPS and estimated in June and July of this year the millionaire campaign started by radio, TV, daily and with thousands of promoters in the streets they will make shake already trembling clinics, thus the health of the people becomes in a business for investors, marginalising the true protagonist of the film’ the doctor, to live on his salary (miserable incidentally) or give do crumbs clinics associated with the EPS give them accelerating the irreversible process of proletarianization of the formerly conceited doctor, even side will be the immense effort that it means to be a doctor, be a specialist, be master or PhD you capitalist interests of EPS take the medical cheap labour that exist in abundance in the market. Alternative ancestrally as argues Louis Portes, doctor-patient relationship, it is a relationship of conscience and trust, i.e., that the patient comes to a doctor’s Office because it has confidence in this person and this in turn consciously responds to such liability (studying the cases, hitting in the treatment, charging fees just and solidarity, etc.) this is the wall of steel that will be difficult to collapse to the EPS, while tasty market of two thousand five hundred million soles a year has opened them to these appetite gentlemen, won’t them be easy to engullir them, as is the intimate and solid relationship that the physician has with their patients in the private market, by means of by medium is the duo ethics awareness and confidence, in any case it will be tested this relationship; the EPS hope to wrest even partially this market to doctors (drawn three years, as its goal) us we will defend exercising awareness to our profession in the free market is a melancholy and unfair way of ending the century for a profession so lofty and selfless as medicine but Sabres are already 400700 and only to say sales felia temporis.

Thriller Jackson

The fascination of some people by imitating their idols professionally has been a constant throughout the ages. In Mexico we know about great imitators of Juan Gabriel, Luis Miguel, Jose Jose, Vicente and Alejandro Fernandez among many others, but today there an impersonator from whom everyone is talking about Hector Jackson. He began his career imitating Michael Jackson almost 8 years ago, time in which has been presented in various forums and events, with only 23 years of age, is foresees a long and successful career, always and when appropriately handled it and never miss the floor, since it is precisely its simplicity what people admire him. a>. The event I if I dance Thriller was the springboard to publicize it, it was he who headed brilliantly choreographed that Mexicans waive the Guinness record. His innate to the dance talent puts it among one of the best imitators, his enthusiasm, delivery and professionalism have become fruit, being pleasantly accepted by which now cheer his followers. Apparently at the moment everything is booming for Hector Jackson, pleased knowing it, since on this page always supported young Mexican talent, we are confident that very soon will be another over our representatives in the world and who we will feel very alagados of seeing it grow in all areas.