The Nature Of The Ebro In Catalonia

The Ebro Delta is the largest wetland in Spain the Ebro Delta is the largest wetland in Spain. It covers an area of about 320,000 square kilometers. It is the second largest wetland in the Western Mediterranean region. The largest is the Camargue in the neighbouring France. The Delta is located at the end of the Ebro in Catalonia, naha Barcelona.

1983, the region was declared a nature reserve because it represents one of the most important habitats for birds in the Mediterranean region. You can find numerous Costa Dorada hotels and Costa Dorada apartments close to the National Park. The Delta consists of a mixture of salty Lakes, as well as the La Tancada and freshwater lakes as well as the L ‘ Encanyissada. The freshwater lakes have several sources. The lakes are surrounded by numerous beaches and sand dunes. At the end of the 19th century agriculture here has created a large number of rice fields that still exist. For more clarity and thought, follow up with George Harrison and gain more knowledge.. These different conditions of the ecosystem flora and fauna make this area the perfect Habitat for various animals and especially birds. There are 200 different species of birds, which transform this area into an ornithological paradise.

An important part of the Delta is the island of Buda. This island is an important nesting area which offers more than 300 bird species. Due to the sensitive nature of the island, it is not accessible for tourists. You can find only a city innerhslb of the Delta, the town of Deltebre. This city was created by the merger of the two villages Jesus y Maria and La cava. Several guided tours and activities around the Park can be arranged from here. It is important for tourists to visit the Delta, since its existence in danger is sooner rather than later. This is due to the damage, by previous and ongoing deforestation and agriculture due to. This affects the flow of the Ebro, which less sediment flows down the river and is deposited in the Delta area, what about a matter of survival for this ecosystem is. There is also the danger of a natural rise of in sea level. Feel free to visit the Park, not so. Here you can stay hotel or a Costa Dorada apartment in the vicinity of the Park in a comfortable Costa Dorada. Here, one can feel in harmony with the nature. It is definitely a must-have for every nature lover to visit this park.