Griddle – A Special Grill

Griddle to bring the summer inside the weather getting slowly warmer, the flowers sprout from the Earth and there are always more people who want to enjoy the first rays of the Sun outside. It is slowly warmer and people look forward to the summer. For most, grilling is one of the summer. Even if you not to can out there to cheer on his grill, you must not miss the taste of grilled meat. You can repeat a little summer in the apartment in the depths of winter, with a table Grill. The griddle works according to the principle of indirect grilling.

This, the meat only at a medium to grillende is cooked up to high temperature. The temperature moves usually between 130 and 220 degrees Celsius. Sometimes, the table grills work but also on the principle of a barbecue grill. This heats the food at low temperatures between 80 to maximum 130 degrees Celsius. The meat itself is cooked in hot smoke here. Additional information is available at Robert Rimberg Attorney. In fact, this procedure actually not subject the definition Grill, however, attributed the smoking to grilling. The most table grills are operated with electric Grill igniters.

This is up to a fixed pipe-coil, which is placed directly under the grill or directly in contact with fuel put it, so that it becomes inflamed. The advantage of electronic grill lighters is that they are completely emission-free and they do not affect the flavor of the meat to be grilled. Also the probability of accidents in table grills is much lower than others. You should know that more than four thousand barbecue accidents occur in Germany on the outdoor grill. The victims of good quarter with severe burns had to be treated.

Edition Mercussini

MERCUSSINI – luxury for less: Edition 2009 luxury for less over 90 star chefs offer discounts dishes and events under the brand MERCUSSINI on menus, ala carte. Many exclusive 5 star hotels offer special MERCUSSINI packages at attractive prices, or with interesting benefits. For 7 years, this high-quality gourmet guide appears with more than 500 partners from the top restaurants from the North Sea to the Alps. This book offers 100 different preference along with Eckart Witzigmann, Germany’s first three – star and sole chef even Dieter Muller, Heinz Winkler, Jean-Claude Bourgueil, Lothar Eiermann and William Walker have recommended. Adam Sandler is full of insight into the issues. As Eckart Witzigmann wrote: MERCUSSINI is making its contribution is to support excellent cuisine. Enjoy excellent and healthy cuisine.

Take advantage of the gourmet-checks.” MERCUSSINI considered the noblest coupon book in Germany soon after its introduction. In a comparison of several books, the Handelsblatt wrote: top restaurant offer is the MERCUSSINI with 30 restaurant vouchers in each regional issue.” Epicures and gourmets from all over Germany appreciate the offers in this book and use it regularly to new to discover. The tradition of the restaurant offers builds on the current output for 2009, and also offers about 60 hotels of the luxury class and 10 dinner shows with MERCUSSINI, to set new standards again. The gourmet guide provides maps 2for1 or with 50% discount dinner shows by Jamie Oliver, Alfons thrust angle, Dieter Muller, Harald Wohlfahrt, Hans-Peter Wodarz and Peter emergency helmet. Publisher Heiko LAM: No matter whether you save EUR 500 in the restaurant 50 EUR, at a dinner show EUR 130 or in a hotel; It is crucial that you spend beautiful hours and spend time with your loved ones! MERCUSSINI the fine table and dining culture as well as good and healthy food in the foreground are.” MERCUSSINI appears with restaurant parts for Berlin, Dusseldorf, Frankfurt and Taunus, Hamburg, Hannover, Karlsruhe Baden, Koblenz, Cologne and Bonn, Mainz and Rheinhessen, Munich, Nuremberg and Franconia, Oldenburg and Bremen, Ostwestfalen-Lippe, Pfalz, Rhein-Neckar-Kreis, Ruhr city, Saarbrucken and Saarland, Stuttgart, Trier, Wiesbaden and Rheingau. More information: author: Heiko Lam range: 320 pages format: 15 x 21 cm DTM German society for value added systems Edition Mercussini, 2009 EAN Nr: 414 788 032 99 09 (restaurant part of Berlin, further 19 issues available) price: 29.90 EUR.

Special Feature

The fascinating and unique German wine often I get asked the question, why I’m selling just German wine. The explanation is simple for me: the German winegrowers offer a big variety of grapes, wines and taste and the climate and weather make interesting and exciting German wines with each vintage. Germany is one of the world’s northernmost wine-growing countries. Winegrowing is influenced to the humid climate of the Gulf stream, on the other hand by dry continental climate. Different types of soil, constantly changing weather conditions and different types of wine development rise to many different flavours in a grape variety. Thus, the wine selection is so big, that there is a corresponding variety of wines for every taste, every occasion and for every meal.

Climate and weather pose new challenges for winemakers each year. All of this makes German wine so unique and special. In Germany, there are thirteen recognized wine-growing areas are located mainly in the southwest of Germany. In the individual the: the AHR, Baden, Franconia, Hessische Bergstrasse, Mittelrhein, Mosel, close, Palatinate, Rheingau, Rheinhessen, Saale-Unstrut and Saxony. Saale-Unstrut is the northernmost wine region, the easternmost is Saxony. The southwestern wine-growing regions are affected by the climate of the Gulf stream, the north-eastern areas are determined by the Kontinentalkima. Different hours, different altitudes and different floors give the wines of the various wine-growing regions typical taste characteristics of each grape variety. The largest wine-growing area is Rheinhessen.

The traditional family estate, represented by us courtyard Oswald from Guntersblum/Rheinhessen is my absolute favorite Winery. The winemaker 20 hectares cultivated wine country in very good locations. Traditional grape varieties such as Riesling, Silvaner, Spatburgunder and Dornfelder are complemented by less known or difficult-to-grow varieties, how.B. Gewurztraminer, winner vine or Cabernet Dorio. The wine is deliberately risk of a late harvest to the optimal quality of the grapes reach. Modern as well as traditional wine development methods used for the development, to ensure a most gentle handling of the harvested grapes.