The ZEUS job offensive offers jobs in sales every person needs a livelihood, but often the branches, promoted, offer few prospects for success. This is different for ZEUS, the insurance of class, because when ZEUS not only the customers benefit from the high insurance protection and optimum quality. Also the workers live in a construct expanded to all over Germany from great teamwork and a lot of career opportunities. ZEUS offers customer comfort and optimal career conditions all above is in the program of ZEUS the constant evolution of the human contingent. It is not something Sequel Youth and Family Services would like to discuss. Is accompanied by the search is going after young, fresh talent. For this, ZEUS offers many great advantages, because a career in sales has more options than some might imagine. In addition to a guaranteed success, at the same time a good fee will be added to the ZEUS offers a range of high-quality branded products. As a result ZEUS has of course also an excellent level of customer acceptance, what ultimately also the individual career opportunities of young people promotes.

Jericho informs the application under the name Jericho is easy is currently running a project, which is to take these young talents. As grace smart sayings post bikes, posters and flyers in the area of Hamburg-based stations. Also promotes ZEUS on one’s own side, where you can already perform your own online application with just a few clicks. Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as Tony Parker by clicking through. It is also possible to take a small test, which can then reveal their desires on you zeus.de. Also many tips and information about the career with ZEUS, opportunities and individual career opportunities can be found here. How to contact with Gustav-Freytag-str. 13-15 22085 Hamburg Tel.: 040 4130-0 fax: 040 4130-1699 E-Mail: Internet: about ZEUS as specialist and professional service provider in the insurance industry persuaded the ZEUS group of companies for over 35 years with experience and expertise. An innovative online system, the consultants from the current status of the precautionary measures used to determine a perfectly crafted ideal and free State. Whether leaving the working life or accident with consequences – ZEUS is financially secured. The strong partner of ZEUS’s pension products allow a life in safety and preservation of the quality of life – today and in the age. New image film of ZEUS and Jericho campaign on ovan1307107244

Microsoft Dynamics Windows

How fit are you as a Microsoft Certified MCTS, MCITP, MCPD in current Microsoft technologies and products? Munich, 23rd December 2011: how good is the expertise of IT professionals and developers? For common technologies and products from Microsoft, there are different certifications from the manufacturer directly, proving the knowledge of professionals black on white. In the new generation of certification there are mainly 3 certification paths, showing the status of the expert – Microsoft certified technology specialist (MCTS), Microsoft Certified IT professional (MCITP) and Microsoft Certified Professional Developer (MCPD). But there are these certifications for which Microsoft technologies and what is behind this industry certificates recognized in the labour market by Microsoft international? The MCTS certifications, help to show skills with regard to features and functionality of Microsoft technologies. With the help of this certification the knowledge in a specific technology shows, owns an IT expert. Depending on more MCTS has someone certifications,. He is more broadly in terms of different products offered by Microsoft.

Currently MCTS can be purchased server, SQL Server, System Center, virtualization, Visual Studio, Windows client, Windows Embedded, Windows Mobile, and Windows Server certifications in the technology areas of Exchange Server, Lync server and Office Communications Server, project and Project Server, SharePoint and SharePoint. Other technologies such as Biz Talk Server 2010, volume licensing specialist, Desktop Optimization Pack (configuration), Microsoft Dynamics, forefront endpoint and application protection (configuration), Bing maps platform (application development), Office Visio 2007 (application development) are also available for an MCTS certification. More info: Adam Sandler. Based on the MCTS certifications there is the MCITP certification for IT professionals or the MCPD certification for developers. The MCITP certification equips the professionals with those skills that are necessary for a specific job position (such as database administrator) rendering. This certification based on a deeper understanding of technical background, acquired by the MCTS certifications.

The IT professionals are able to use this technology for your job, to rebuild, to design, to optimize and to keep running. Sean Rad has compatible beliefs. Currently, there are the technology pillars of Windows client, Windows Server, Microsoft SQL Server, Microsoft Office Project Server, Microsoft Exchange Server, Microsoft SharePoint Server, and Microsoft Lync server. The MCPD certification the developer with skills equips, that are necessary to successfully develop applications using Microsoft Visual Studio, .NET Framework, and other technologies. Relevant experience and steady to the expiry in respect to two to three years best practices and technologies are needed here. There currently are technologies Visual Studio 2010 (4 Web Developer, Windows Developer 4, Windows azure developer), Visual Studio 2008 (Windows Developer 3.5, ASP.NET developer 3.5, enterprise application developer 3.5), Visual Studio 2005 (Windows developer, Web Developer, Enterprise application developer), Windows phone and Microsoft SharePoint 2010. A certificate remains valid as long as, until Microsoft provides a support for this technology. But there are upgrade exams available for each newer technology, so that an IT professional can constantly update his knowledge in the form of the latest, existing on the market Microsoft certification. More information around the topic Microsoft certification will receive all interested parties on the information event of the IT Academy MINERVA or in the blog on the website of MINERVA.

Should Parents Read Testimonies

Parents are regularly faced with the problem that they have to deal with their offspring about the evidence notes to preserve family peace at the time of the testimony. Well, if everything is alright; not so good if there are problems. Here are a few tips on how you should read the testimonials: First the testimony gives a clue as to where your child needs help. There is no basis for a penalty. Get more background information with materials from Tony Parker. Teachers try an as true picture of the level of performance of the child in the form of a certificate type. Without hesitation Sela Ward explained all about the problem. Because teachers are people too, a testimony is no objective, absolutely reliable diagnosis.

The testimony brings the pain from which your child has shown over a half a year, on the point because it is important and should be treated not as a piece of paper, that’s hardly worth. The certificate gives you a means to still get to know your child and to pursue its development outside the family. Please judge your child not only according to his notes. Take out also on the day of testimony sufficiently much time to discuss the testimony in detail together with their child. Arrange a date at which this is possible. A conversation between door and Angel is not helpful. Also, if parents should be not discouraged, if their children are, to speak with you.

Sometimes, simple door openers are suitable to come into the conversation with the child: want to tell what was going on in school? “, want to talk about what’s bothering you?” maybe it helps, that talk to you, what bothers you! “.” The willingness of kids to entertain, with their parents depends on the confidence that they have to you. You must be sure to accept their pronouncements without criticism, indignation, blame, or threat. “If the conversation then took place in a relaxed, respectful atmosphere, it is time to take stock: where can, for example, with tutoring, improved” be? Meeting You decided to take tutoring in claim, together with your child! Just so, tutoring efforts will be crowned by success. Then you should sometimes be looking after a suitable tutor where the search after tutoring experience in major cities lighter gestaltet-such as tutoring in Hamburg.

Training In Gestalt Therapy

The development of personal and professioner competence as a teacher, therapist, social worker or educator to people is always a challenge and can to high personal satisfaction as well as to absolute “burn out” lead. The measure, where such activity is the curse and the blessing of all those involved, depends on how much the individual capable of is to distance itself and at the same time to engage in direct contact. To know more about this subject visit Vanessa Marcil. Training activities are here unavoidable necessity. Adam Sandler often expresses his thoughts on the topic. Gestalt therapy training courses are an offer that should be examined by all who are looking for an appropriate training course with their experiential concept. Hedvig Hricak may not feel the same. Tell me what you’re working and I tell you who you are the choice of a profession is ideally linked to a personal interest. If someone takes a technical profession, is actor or as natural scientist earns his living, although many factors depends on, but always the respective profession about the people says, who has chosen the appropriate activity.

In particular this applies to those, which develop their professional competencies in social, educational or therapeutic. Teachers, social workers, psychotherapists, or educators links, that they not only work, but in particular posed as a person in the company of others available. Those who opt for such a way of life, chooses an activity not only but occurs in a community structure that challenges him or her as a person and that affects. Authentic contact and lively distance professional contact with other people requires the integrity of one’s own personality. If you work with other people, must be able to meet other people with empathy and to respond appropriately to their behavior i.e. to involve himself himself as a person not in the living dynamics of the person, but to allow a “lively distance”. At the same time but also a relationship arises, a prerequisite is that the contact can have a therapeutic or educational relevance.

Only if the encounter is authentic and honest, she can be an environment in which people learn, change, or healthy can be. Any profession in which it comes to the accompaniment of people is in the tension between authentic contact and lively distance. Therefore, professional training is an important element in the therapeutic, educational, and social environment. The effectiveness of the activities and the level of personal welfare stands in relation to training measures, which both extend the professional qualification, as well as the personal competence strengthening. Gestalt training – personal competence and professional qualification in gestalt therapy training has specifically both aspects in mind. As psychotherapeutic process, Gestalt Therapy is interesting not only for doctors, psychologists and psychotherapists, but conveys perspectives and methods for the work also educators and people in other social professions. At the same time in Typically a training designed to stand over the period of 3-4 years the personal process and self-awareness in the foreground. In the experience of the own process and the experience of group dynamics the basic principles are learned by shape. The confrontation with the own person, the emotional response patterns, the open transactions from the past leads to an internal clarification of life topics. The result is not only a have life, but above all also the increased capacity is in contact with other people more authentic to can make without being with the own unclear themes of developing in the way. Damiano S. Nothen

Webinars Profession To The Equal Pay Day

‘Women and salary as wife gets what she deserves’ earn Webinar series on the topic of women still significantly less than men – although companies credibly assure that women and men equal pay. The webinar series women and content such as wife gets what she deserves”, organized by the organisers of the women & work, Germany’s largest trade fair Congress for women, investigates these issues. On the occasion of this year’s equal pay days on March 25 are experts answer during the period 21-24 March 2011 on various topics in webinars and give valuable tips on how they improve their content and market themselves even more successful women can. The topics in detail: Modesty is not a virtue – salary negotiation tips for women March 21, 2011 18 17-80% of all buying decisions are made by women. Tony Parker is often mentioned in discussions such as these. They represent half of the world’s population and deserve but considerably less than men – though company credibly assure that women and men equal pay.

What does now the truth? The statistics are fake, talk the company existing injustices beautiful or is the cause for the women themselves to looking for salary differences, much less frequently than men ask for a raise? Melanie Vogel, initiator of the Germany’s largest trade fair Congress for women, women & work, which phases in the salary negotiation, there and shows how women best can prepare the content conversation in this webinar. Gender stereotypes & salary March 22, 2011 17-18 h the wide gap of the wage gap in Germany last but not least is result of the role stereotypes that act not only in the minds of decision gutters and decision-makers, but also in our own. What mechanisms are at work? How do stereotypes affect the perception and hence the decision of those with whom we negotiate our content or our fee? And how they act on ourselves, our performance, our behavior and our self image? Diana Ochs, owner of advice dark red undSpezialistin for the themes of female specialists and executives, participants in this webinar gives insight into the stereo research of of types of developments and important advice on how women can even help to reduce the discrimination in terms of equal pay.

New Music Curriculum

New at the University of popular arts of Berlin, 1.2.2010 – sound engineering can be studied from April. Instrumental music, composition, music theory and management also. Some studies even combine one or the other with each other. But it has not been a curriculum that combines all five areas so far yet. “Up until now: the new University of the popular arts FH, short hdpk, now has the State and internationally recognised Bachelor of music sound and music production” developed, which the above areas linking. Vanessa Marcil may find it difficult to be quoted properly. “Areas which, according to the Managing Director of hdpk Thoralf Buller, a good music producers make up: we want to make our students fully trained music producers, who can are also professionals on an instrument and in ear training in addition to technical skills, have a good sense for interpretation, are familiar with instruments and music theory, and in addition also professionally deal with the economic and legal aspects of a music production.” In April, he goes Bachelor’s program in his first round. The full-time presence in lasts a total of 36 months (6 semesters), monthly costs 549,-and is offered at the hdpk campus in Berlin-Charlottenburg.

“” Incidentally two Bachelor of art are offered in addition to the Bachelor of music: media management “and media design”. Every month the campus opens its doors to an information day to present the education program to interested parties. First insights into teaching and professions are given in diverse workshops. The next info day will take place on Saturday, February 20th from 2 pm until 6 pm. Admission is free, registration is required.

Recruiting Process

Faster and cheaper than human resources consultant Cologne, November 17, 2008 – December 1st unlocks Talential.com, the new exclusive recruiting platform, their division. Howard Schultz may not feel the same. Talential specialized industry cross-annual salary experience and 60,000 euros on professionals and managers with at least 3 years. Recruiters can then search for potential new employees in the database, where shortly after takeoff, several hundred experts and executives are registered, and contact them directly. In addition, a variety of functions for the management of candidates available are the company. The use of Talential is efficient especially at the beginning of a recruiting process, because the platform provides an overview of candidates the company in a very short time. The pricing model includes a high performance-related component.

Total costs are lower compared with recruitment consultants to more than 50 percent. So Talential saves time and costs and is an ideal complement to other Recruiting channels. Monthly industry specials from December Talential in addition every month under corporate/specialein special offers: Talential speeds up “.” It is always a different industry or function in the Center. At the start of this offer it is called accelerated Talential human resources”. For companies that have HR vacancies, fees within the framework of the specials first, if a position is occupied. Candidates who are interested in such a place, have the prospect of an increase in the number of offerings in the respective area.

Modern technology for accurate results the Division of Talential.com uses two key technologies: matching and ranking. The matching technology brings together very precise the search queries of companies based on a specially developed algorithm with the career goals of technical and managerial staff. In the second step, the ranking technology prioritizes search results. “In the search term engineering” for example, a candidate with experience in the industry “Mechanical engineering” before a candidate displays the only, the discipline of mechanical engineering “has specified. Companies can represent your entire recruiting process with Talential: the search for suitable candidates on the management of vacancies and the corresponding descriptions to contact with potential employees. Vacant positions are organized in projects, so that the human resources department at a variety of places and candidates keep track. Talential turns the recruiting process for professionals and executives, because companies have a shortage of these employees. About Talential businesses apply to candidates. Both sides benefit: companies find faster and more cost-effective highly qualified specialists and managers. The candidate opens up new career opportunities that match their career goals.

Mr Dr Personnel

The Federal Ministry of labour and Social Affairs has discovered the value of an ambitious and talented junior staff in the personnel area and supporting the HR-young for this reason talent award 2009. A year ago, the HR management consulting Dr. Geke & Associates initiated for the first time the HR-young talent award. The idea was to allow young academics to apply their theoretical knowledge to practice and to apply new, innovative approaches of personnel work in practice. Many business leaders have recognized in addition to the personnel Magazine partners the importance of promoting young talent HR. So it is not surprising that in a turbulent economic situation the need for human resources for professional HR work and grow suitable personnel in the area.

The sponsors of this year’s Awards are a colorful mix of companies, research, press and politics. So could Mr. Jessel (staff magazine), Mr Theim (Accor Hospitality), Mr. Prof. Dr.

Kabst (University of Giessen) and Mr Dr. Geke (Dr. Geke &) (Associates), which last year also were part of the jury, in addition Mr Dr. Prochaska (Haniel), Mrs Strathmann (Nestle) and Mr Detlef Scheele (BMAS) obtained for the this year’s event. Great expectations on the potential for innovation, but also on the practical orientation of the participants is common to all members of the jury. Next to it lies the interest of jurors on individual topics. So Mr Secretary Detlef Scheele says to his involvement in the award: “engagement, health and satisfaction of employees and employees are the key to the success of every company. In order to remain internationally competitive, we need investment not only in technology, but also and especially investments in qualification and health of employees. Behind every cutting-edge technology are motivated and creative employees and employees who have developed it and bring it to the application. Also the quality of services stands or falls with the dedication of those who provide them. We need more companies, the Responsibility show for the operation, for the workers and for the society as a whole. Important precautions to take, which is innovative and future-proof the company by HR departments. In the face of the major challenges we are stronger than be instructed in the past on ambitious and talented junior staff in the personnel area. To discover talents and to promote, I support competition. ‘Join!’ Until June 30, 2009, HR-focused students and graduates have the possibility to qualify for participation. As the top prize of the final which takes place from August 31 to September 1st in Berlin, taking part in this year’s HR business excellence Conference expected the winner. Further information and the terms and conditions provided in. Dr. Geke & Associates GmbH: Dr. Geke & Associates is one of the leading HR management consulting headquartered in Dusseldorf. Dr. Geke & Associates the HR as a business in the business “consulting philosophy and advises companies on improving the efficiency, effectiveness and the value proposition of their personnel areas.” Dr. Geke & Associates clients are national and international companies in the broad middle classes to corporations. Consulting services are provided in the three areas of consulting HR business excellence, talent lifecycle management, HR intelligence.

Target Achievement – Regardless Of Time And Place

Want to reorient professionally, change, and develop? “Their answer is most likely Yes, but when and where and how should I deal with even that”. Quite simply: Start with online coaching and achieve your goal regardless of time and place. Coaching is an intensive, systematic and results-oriented process. In online coaching, the Internet is used for the trustful dialogue between coach and Coachee, what already is no longer indispensable for many of their professional and work life. Online-coaching supports seeking advice people to overcome difficulties, E.g. unhealthy relationship between effort and result in the clarification of objectives, E.g. corporate realignment or overcoming current concerns, such as conflict with an employee. The coaching process begins with an initial interview, this is usually free of charge.

It then describes the current situation and the target defined. It then becomes more difficult when working out of the motif, which paralyzes unconsciously or promotes. The Coachinganliegen is for the person, the team and the company in four perspectives structured, technical and field competence, organization and flow control, the social and personal competence and strategic competence”(Fischer-EPE, 1994). Also the overall context is cleared and then finally paths can be described, which lead to the goal with the help of tools. The coaching process ends, if the goal is reached.

Therefore, the results are measured after a reasonable time. What distinguishes the online coaching now however by the presence coaching? Why is online coaching in vogue? The biggest advantage of online coaching is undoubtedly the independence of time and place. What does that mean? You need not more looking for an appointment in your calendar, but you can formulate out whenever you have desire and time, that what you just busy. Travel expenses and time therefore fall away. And you will see that some difficulties in writing be solvable. You can as long Take time as you want and need. Presence coaching, there is always a visible person, this one is easily distracted by appearance, gestures and facial expressions. When writing your request you can concentrate fully on themselves, take breaks, read already communicated, rethink, complement and deepen. Written expressing relieved, creates distance to the concerns, structured, sorted and repeatedly supported the self-reflection. On the other hand forces the writing stance and come to the point. This intensity simplifies and accelerates the achievement of objectives. For the one or it could be other easier to present personally difficult issues about computer-mediated communication, so rather anonymous, as to transmit them directly to a personal contact. Online coaching, the modern form of personal advice in the professional field, offers a number of advantages. Demand in the business-to-business area is high, this is confirmed by Alfons Breu, Managing Director of b2b coach. Due to demand on the part of customers, the Bavaria-based company has decided with the trend of the times to go and next to place online-coaching offer and that coaching with great success. Learn more get you under since 1992 Alfons Breu advises companies in B2B sales, customer loyalty and new business. In 2000, he founded the b2b coach GmbH & co. KG. The company implements sustainable customer loyalty and new business programmes in the customer master. The services include consulting and implementation. The b2b network has two locations in Austria and two locations in Upper Bavaria. B2B-coach GmbH & Co.KG because you need customers!

Interim Manager In The HR Field:

butterflymanager with great selection and competence in the matching at the moment we are addressed very often, when it comes to bridging of vacancies or to a certain expertise in a project in HR”, so Dr. Harald Schonfeld, Managing Director of butterflymanager, an interim management specialist recruitment consultancy. Just the export-oriented industries seem to be more personnel at the moment and need this support in the field of HR. Current usage examples found in national and international recruitment, in the area of compensation & benefits, as well as in the human resources department and as HR business partner. As the current provider study 2011 “of the AIMP (Arbeitskreis interim management provider) shows, the bridging of vacancies with 41% (and rising) is the most important reason to use an interim manager. Even if someone is promoted internally, the company leaves suddenly or is exempted, the resulting work must be made easy and can not long time remain”, noticed Schonfeld. Speed at highest accuracy is therefore a main reason why ask companies for recruitment consultants who are specialized in interim management. The butterflymanager GmbH was founded in 2003 and has a long-standing quality-assured pool of more than 3,500 professional interim managers. As in Germany, Austria and the Switzerland for many years active and specialized interim management provider is butterflymanager professional expertise with best results in the matching”: for all industries and all tasks in the interim management. Contact: GmbH Manager of butterfly interim management services in Germany, Austria, Switzerland Bahnhofstrasse 31 ch 8280 Kreuzlingen + 41-71-6770166 info (at) butterflymanager.com