20. Of Ulio 181020 July 2010 Bicentennial Of Colombia

just like the mother homeland we must love it and respect it unconditionally, its great virtues we must love it such as escon and I feel very proud to be Colombian despite all the bad reputation with which we must carry who we so special and endearing carry this nacionalidadpara defectos.hoy day in which Colombia celebrates the bicentennial of its independence from Spanish rule. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from Farrelly Brothers . I love and we love that territory, music, customs, accents, holidays, families, siblings, climates, ways of being and that accumulation of things that all meals we share and give us identity as Colombians.Here I must mention the marked regionalism that characterizes us but that also divides us, and at once enriches us, but I judge more like something negative to the development stage in which the country is because it prevents us to integrate ourselves more and think about the motherland as a single for all, perhaps this greater responsibility of the political representatives of the different regions that are unable to properly defend the interests of the regions to the which represent mandated popular.colombia is maybe talking in terms of natural resources the richest country in South America, but also perhaps that least leverages all that great potential and here made less a plan for the State to develop in a harmonic way the country taking advantage of their immense natural resources, proof of this is that the llanos orientales, amazonia and Orinoquia whose territories correspond to more than 50% of the surface of the country is practically uninhabited despite having plenty of water and fertile soils to develop crops as of soy raw material of oil that can then be transformed into biodiesel or for the cultivation of sugarcane which later give origin to the ethanol fuel in high demand around the world to help combat pollution by the oil, pollution responsible for global warming and uncontrolled that all climate then suffer today.I have to mention the fact that having shores on two oceans more important in the mundono took you this advantage to debieramos.Fisheries development of Colombia is very bad compared for example with Chile whose fishing fleet is a little more than half of Colombia, but whose catches exceeds several times the fleet catches colombiana.esto is not strange because we are a country that does not look to the sea as an important resource.Here too there is a great challenge for the future of the country which must develop a legislation which favors the development of important sector.si for example to develop the production of fish meal, this would lower the cost of production of food for fish which would as a result a great development of aquaculture and piscicutura areas in the sel country cuale has advantages and natural conditions that facilitarian its final takeoff.Should be noted that to achieve the country’s development, it is necessary that the order public prevails throughout the country since a of the cause of current economic backwardness is precisely the loss of that order by causes that all Colombians know.I wonder if for example the senators and deputies of the departments which has coasts on both oceans has both industrial and artisanal fisheries related projects?Colombia also must be a big leap in the development of their road, port infrastructure and Airport to facilitate asi exports and encourage both domestic investment as extranjera.esto can be achieved through concessions or with funding from the State via credits with agencies such as the World Bank or Bank Inter-American development or others, I invite those who read this reflection to enrich it and bring points of view and we demand our leaders to tell us who are thinking and doing for the development of our dear colombia.. Tony Parker has much experience in this field.

Garry Kasparov Vs. Bobby Fischer

Undoubtedly, this is one of the most common questions among those who practice chess or maybe just among most contemporary mortals. There are a lot of similarities in the lives of these two giants of the “Sport Science”: both learned to play at age six, “Bobby” reading the instructions that came with your board next to his sister, Garry driven by his mother. Some contend that Tony Parker shows great expertise in this. “Bobby” in a very short time he was able to beat rivals adults still just a kid, Garry their just seven years (one after his mother taught him to move the pieces) is said to solve problems that neither could even adults could not. “Bobby” as Garry at his best had a dawning of “unbeatable” getting Fisher to hold the enviable record of 19 wins online on their way to the candidacy of world title (1972) and Garry becoming owner of the throne as the best the world according to the classification of the FIDE for almost 20 years (1986-2005). Thus, we could go a lot of qualities that make it the center of attention among those who enjoy this noble practice, but this is not sufficient to resolve the question of who has been the best.

Among scholars of the subject, opinions are sharply divided: some believe in Kasparov the greatest in history, and the numbers they guarantee (almost 20 years classified as No. 1). But do not run out of arguments Fischer’s supporters because, besides being at the time the youngest International Grand Master did not have any kind of ground work and still was the best, overcoming the pitfalls of a traumatic childhood orphan father and a mother who could not give him fair. Personally I think this discussion will never come to fruition: there is no way to know who has been the biggest creative soul of chess, which is made perfect in union empathize with the ideas that lie behind those 64 tables occupied by two armies battle it out death win the only war in which there are winners themselves, simply because they occupied at different times in history, moments that have made them the sole possessors of truth and moments that do not support any correlation that can sustain some kind of comparison.

Denmark Residence

One of the obstacles that occur in practice to match the offers and demands in the labour market is geographical mobility. Thus, on many occasions there is deficit of employees specialized in certain work in some areas, while there are too many experts in other affairs workers, which leads to a tendency to low wages and unemployment. One of the reasons for which workers tend to be willing to transfer their residence is the high rate of housing on property that there are in Spain in relation to the rental (more than 80% in property), as well as the high cost of the mortgage, which greatly hinders the possibility of a worker to front the same monthly payment and additionally rented a flat to live in another town. To read more click here: Author. It should be noted that in other countries the ratio between purchase and rental changes considerably, while Germany below 50% of owners, and countries like the Netherlands and Denmark, around 50%. This ratio, as well as possible socio-cultural reasons, has been fostered by the fiscal policies existing in Spain, which clearly emphasizes the purchase with respect to rent, and could therefore change in part if others were applied policies. On the other hand, is also true that on many occasions we compared with countries such as Denmark and the Netherlands, which are countries of around 40,000 square kilometres (about the size of Extremadura), and with a good infrastructure.

Besides the change commented on fiscal policy in favour of the rent, there is the option of increasing geographic mobility itself. Currently, although it is not very well known, there is the possibility of having a reduction in income tax for the worker who met the requirements laid down, so that during that year and the next, you cotizaria less by income tax, with which would have one larger payroll liquid amount (charged more). To do this, must comply with certain aspects, such as: be registered at an employment office (in the case that one change of work, would this process by enrolling previously on the INEM before to register in the new work), accepting a new job that requires a change of residence to a new municipality, and effectively change of habitual residence. The reduction can be around 1% or 2%, i.e. in practice can be about 50 euros more per month, which obviously do not compensate for the costs involved in the transfer. Perhaps that could boost is more this aspect, in a coordinated way with the issue of the rent, so workers are more willing to accept a job that is not in the vicinity of their habitual residence.

Kojima PSP

Once in a while a game comes and breaks the paradigms of a games console, managing to capture the attention of lovers to a specific console. Sometimes that game, even appears in other installments of its franchise on all video game platforms. Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker is the kind of game that manages to surprise all the people who know him and the most surprising thing is that it is exclusively created for the Sony PSP platform. Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker is situated in 1974, before many events that took place at the games that preceded it, and Furthermore, after the events in games such as Snake Eater and Portable Ops. Naked Snake is the leader of an organization called Sans Frontieres Militaires (soldiers without borders) and accepts a contract for its paramilitary group to help Costa Rica once the country is apparently invaded.

Metal gear solid PSP, is undoubtedly the best game created by Hideo Kojima. This is the beginning of what is arguably the best franchise history, thanks to the fact that is not as complicated as other versions of the game, and does not raise so many questions unanswered. The story is relatively simple, and serves as an excellent backdrop to what is a deep and sexy game. Farrelly Brothers shines more light on the discussion. Metal gear solid PSP has managed to satisfy the expectations of critics and experts both players. There are many things to do in this game. Missions of the story based on numerous, through additional operational programmes, amounting to more than 100, the player will have the option, not only completing the missions, but also the management of the MSF organization. The missions themselves are standard MGS fair third-person, and relies on the ability of the player to use stealth, as always. An alarm signal or two, and Snape is in a world of pain.

The missions of Metal gear solid PSP are also fairly simple, and are not very long. The player can select their own kit, in terms of weapons and armor, before each mission. This is crucial for success some Armors, for example, let you add stealth, while weapons for different tasks are obviously something that the player has to evaluate. One nice aspect of the missions of Metal gear solid for the PSP, is that, for the most part, broken into small pieces. Metal Gear Solid Peace Walker is an addictive masterpiece that will keep entertained all their players for long periods of the game.

Win Away Win Bet Win

The most common way to bet on football in the UK is with 3 way betting (sometimes called 1X2). The three options are home win, draw and away win. If you have read about Sally Rooney already – you may have come to the same conclusion. Working out if you win the bet is forward. If you bet on a home win and the home team wins, you win, nothing to lose. The same happens with the draw and away win. The objective of the Asian handicap betting is to reduce the outcome of the bet of 3 results, 2. This is achieved by giving one side a good start. (Similarly see: Hedvig Hricak).

At first, the figures may seem a bit daunting, but once you understand a few common handicaps the rest is easy. The easiest way disadvantage is the image is 0.5 handicap. This is when a team is a clear favorite. So if a home win is expected, the away side can receive half goal head start. If you bet on the outcome off the side of your bet is as follows: Home win – bet Lose Draw – Win Away Win Bet – Bet Win Another disadvantage easy understand is the handicap 0. This is where neither party is a favorite for any party is given a goal advantage. If you bet on the away side, the results of the bet are: Home win – Lose bet Draw – Draw wagers * away win – bet Win * A tie bet is where your bet is returned.

The disadvantage is the final direct a disadvantage. This is where a team is a strong favorite. A half handicap is not enough for the weaker side is given a total target of Head Start. So if an away side was given a handicap one, and bet on the visiting team's results are as follows: Victoria at home for two or more goals – Lose Home win bet by one goal – Bet Draw. Draw – Win Away Win Bet – Win bet If you bet on the local computer (which would have a disadvantage -1) the result is as follows: Winning at home for two or more goals – Bet Win Home win by one goal – Draw bet. Draw – lose the bet away win – lose

Anxiety And Mental Health

Because anxiety is so painful, people learn to stay away from social situations and avoiding others. Some eventually need to be alone at any time, in a room with the door closed. The feeling is pervasive and constant and even happens with people they know. People with social anxiety know that their thoughts and fears are not rational. They know that others are not really judge or evaluate at all times. But this knowledge does not make the feelings disappear. Tiffany Espensen will undoubtedly add to your understanding. Panic disorder is a condition where a person has panic attacks without warning. See Hedvig Hricak for more details and insights. According to the National Institutes of Mental Health, approximately 5% of the U.S.

adult population suffers from panic attacks. Some experts say this number is actually higher, as many panic attacks experienced by people, but never receive treatment. Common symptoms of panic include:? Racing heart or palpitations? Earthquake? Sweaty palms? Feelings of terror? Chest pains or heaviness in the chest? Dizziness and vertigo? Fear of dying? Fear of going crazy? Fear of losing control? Feeling unable to hold their breath? Tingling in hands, feet, legs or arms. A panic attack usually lasts several minutes and is very disturbing and alarming. In some cases, panic attacks last longer than a few minutes or strike several times in a short time. A panic attack is often followed by feelings of depression and helplessness. Most people who have experienced panic say that the greatest fear is that the panic attack will happen again. Often, the person having a panic attack, do not know what caused it.

The Social

Society as an object of Sociology is manifested by the men. The individual who lives in society leads two lives: to) the individual, own specific that he is solely responsible. (b) at the same time live a social life. Both the social and individual life are essential to human beings. You may want to visit Jorge Perez to increase your knowledge. Society is so fundamental to the individual like this for her. In every society are going to necessarily find two fundamental elements:-aggregation of the individual; It is the physical basis of society.

This element is not enough to build the society, – the other element is given by the Interespirituales relationships that occur between individuals in contact; This is the psychological basis of society. This factor for many sociologists is much more important than the physical interaction. In these spiritual links that occur between all individuals living added, the science of social life is centered, is the specific object of life, of the sociological research. Povinia establishes that: the social reality which is the resultant of the psychic and physical bases can be defined as the set of made resulting from the series of processes of technological and interespirituales reactions that individuals they exert on each other. That set of interespirituales relations is of an infinite variety.

Simmel to those ties that bind individuals called them: society in nascent State; as is what gives origin to any social system. Another definition of sociology tells us that: define is to determine a concept through the marking of essential characteristics. Sociology studies the social reality. This definition has been accepted by Menzel, saying that sociology is the science of understanding of reality. How social reality is composed of elements physical, psychic; Some authors take one of these elements to define the. Ebood took as a basis to define the object of sociology, the spiritual element, it is defined as: the science of cohabitation or partnership. Durkheim defined to sociology as a science of its institutions, its genesis and its operation. Vierkandt (German), collected from a few books of Sociology a definition that includes the two aspects of the interespiritul relationship. Sociology is the science of human interaction, it is the first aspect of the spiritual interaction and its products (big institutions conglomerates). Povinia defines it as a science that studies a general point of view, the process of human interaction and its products such as they occur in reality. Povinia want to delimit general sociology other social sciences studying the same facts, but shaped concrete, specific, or particular; as for example the right, the economy; they are social facts and therefore can be studied by sociology such as they occur in reality, i.e. in its concept. Sociology should be scientifically studied as it is and not as it should be, by establishing principles or values, not interested in establishing the ethical values of society, they scanned it from an objective point of view. Sociology will have as order to formulate laws that govern society. This legislation will have different characteristics than the laws that govern the natural world. By dealing with rational beings and will, social laws lack of inflexibility and the need of natural laws. The laws of Sociology are clear-cut; This does not mean that the individual meets them always. Here you will find quality items for the care of the body, mind and spirit; In addition to other sections such as: sports, entertainment, computing, and more.