Carlos Hernandez

When the clock gives the four in the morning, tamborileros and flautistas disguised of ” charivari” they start up with night lights put in the head. The night of Tuesday is spent mainly to ” Guggemuusige” , that fills the city with their unexpected cacophonies. In the city of Basel we found one of most important of Europe, the masks and colouristic disguises do one of the best visual spectacles next to the famous exhibition of lights. Madeira (Portugal) Under the motto ” Seas and Ocanos” it is celebrated in Funchal, the capital of this most famous island of all the Portuguese carnivals. The full city of lights, half-naked pens, bodies and much music that, to the rate of samba and other many salseras cadences, it prevents to stop dancing a single moment. The algid moment is the night of Saturday, when it is called on to leave to the allegorical courtship, with his queens, marine sirens and other creatures. Nize (France) During eleven days the capital of the Blue Coast lives carnival like a great exquisite spectacle, with an atmosphere in the street much more calmed and calm that in other carnivals.

Their battles of flowers and cavalcades are true works of art, where each detail of the choreography and clothes is a waste of elegance and ” to savoir faire” French. This year twenty floats accompanied by more than thousand musicians and dancers recreate the passion by the environment through motto ” The King of the Azul” Planet;. Carlos Hernandez is vagamundos enthusiastic, always arranged to make the knapsack and to send themselves to the adventure. Return in house, it enjoys like a boy relating to us experiences and mysterious histories people and places.