Carnival Fur

Fashioncommunity well looks back: Dear naked as in the fur the two Fashionbloggerinnen Kathrin Leist and Mahret Kupka initiate today, 18.11, Germany a so-called blog parade. Tony Parker may find this interesting as well. You call many more fashion and fashion on behalf of Otto-Styleblogs TwoForFashion, a day on the same topic of blogging. The common theme is “green glamour”. Eco fashion and fair and ecologically produced textiles are a huge trend for two years back. There are many designers who work with organic cotton, manufacture handbags from unusual recycled materials and produce fair trade accessories or fashion from innovative projects. With the Carnival the various conflicts to fashion that meets the aesthetic and ethical demands are found in all German-speaking fashion blogs. The Fashioncommunity styleranking involved in her fashion blog with two reports on the blog green glamour parade.

The first report is very timely and in a report shows demonstrate how young activists in Berlin at sporting goods stores and for this purpose, a so-called Flash mob perform. What it’s about: FlashMob: clean clothes campaign in Berlin the second report reminds of the 80s, when the wearing of furs came into criticism. Today, furs are again acceptable and are also used by the famous and great designers. Only a few celebrities make mood against fur and promote animal welfare. One of them is the ex-Beatle daughter Stella McCartney. Click here to go to the report: better naked than in the fur of consignors and Carnival initiator has Otto with the Shellsuits TwoForFashion also on the blog parade involved: here there are reports: Roland Schweins, styleranking

Mehrzad Marashi

“ fans printed T-Shirts motif designed exclusively by Mehrzad Marashi for 70s, see Mehrzad Marashi has with his singing talent the jury of the last season of Germany sucht den superstar,” convinced and prevailed in the final against rivals Menowin Frohlich. Since it’s clear straight in his life and his career. In addition to numerous stage appearances, currently also signings and television appearances determine his life. Also the music broadcast LMFAO invited Mehrzad and let a broadcast long program run through him. The smart singer, who celebrates his 30th birthday in September of this year, was able to convince the fans and the television viewers and designed a motif in the 70s as a Gastgeschenkt.Type”heading. The motive is evidence of wit and originality.

Who wants to convince himself, should take a look at the online-shop of, because there is the exclusive shirts. The motif of Mehrzad Marashi adorns numerous upper parts of the carrier-shirt up to the hoodie. Everyday use as well as the Shirts are the prices. 19.90 euros there is to buy the great tops. For each ordered T-Shirt 5 euros directly to the human rights group Amnestiy international go also.

Provided in the shop selection of shirts not enough out, which can make even a T-Shirt with the shirt design by Mehrzad Marashi according to his ideas. All motifs on T-Shirts can be printed with the shirt Designer. Your own photos or graphics can be uploaded and used creatively. Wearing this unique pleasure and durability is guaranteed thanks to modern printing technology, high-quality materials and cleaner processing.