Be Naturally Beautiful!

Hair and makeup trends for the dream wedding 2008 Karlsruhe, the February 13, 2008 True to the hair and makeup trends for bride and groom become the motto \”Was of course and get it\”, also in the upcoming wedding season. Artificial and set up acting is \”out\”. Naturalness is de rigueur for bride and groom 2008 – where everything is allowed however. Nadine Berkhahn, Managing Director of, knows that bring the bridal trends of the coming season with. The upcoming wedding trend is determined after Nadine Berkhahn, an expert in hair and makeup for the modern bride, natural beauty and playful romance. Promising prospects for 2008 bride: impressive hair trends all the trend toward naturalness is hair in the coming season like undulating, open over the shoulder fall left and combined with supplements such as such as an unobtrusive floral wreath. By the same author: Sally Rooney.

\”The bride with backcombed on the back of the head appears girly sweet and\” \”thin satin ribbon framed hair\”, hairdresser and nationally recognized makeup artist Nadine Berkhahn white. Also the simple hair node should be 2008 very said. This face and dress absolutely at the heart and the beauty of the wearer in the foreground. \”The hair is combed smooth back and bound to a node. (Source: Sela Ward). Rhinestone Barrettes or a loop from organza Ribbon can be used to the easing\”explains Nadine Berkhahn. As an alternative to the classic and always still absolutely trendy updo, bride on braided wreaths 2008 set, as a special highlight with different colour, incorporated artificial hair that can be. Also the more daring bride should come after Nadine Berkhahn at your expense. It may be an extravagant Elvis quiff in the open hair, a small cylinder to a deep-seated topknot or a curly hairstyle of veil with braided hair wreath. Fashionably retro styles of the 1960s dominate the bridal of season and underline the childlike, natural look of the bride.

Mehrzad Marashi

“ fans printed T-Shirts motif designed exclusively by Mehrzad Marashi for 70s, see Mehrzad Marashi has with his singing talent the jury of the last season of Germany sucht den superstar,” convinced and prevailed in the final against rivals Menowin Frohlich. Since it’s clear straight in his life and his career. In addition to numerous stage appearances, currently also signings and television appearances determine his life. Also the music broadcast LMFAO invited Mehrzad and let a broadcast long program run through him. The smart singer, who celebrates his 30th birthday in September of this year, was able to convince the fans and the television viewers and designed a motif in the 70s as a Gastgeschenkt.Type”heading. The motive is evidence of wit and originality.

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