Perfect Cruise

After many years traveling and watching as the supply and quality of cruise ships has increased exponentially, choosing the perfect cruise becomes an art. There are some parameters that must be taken into account when selecting the ideal cruise. According to my cruise experience these you can simplify 6 points to keep in mind when it comes to the search: 1.-how many days do I have? To define the Cruiser you must begin to analyze how many vacation days they have. So we can choose the days of cruising range adding the days of flight or transfer to the place of destination. (It is recommended to add one day more to the ida if expected jetlag in the outlet port). 2.-Geographical area / route the second point to consider is what we want to see or visit. In recent years offer allows to make cruises by the 7 seas and there is hardly a corner in the world that can not be visited by traveling by cruise. Even cruise ships provide called overland excursions that allow you to visit countries or far from the coasts.

When selecting a geographic area it should be noted that the cruise industry move per season. We thus find that in summer the shipping companies mobilize their cruises to the Mediterranean or Alaska, and in winter to the Caribbean. In this way we can find a wider choice and better prices if we chose in the areas where the companies of cruises operate seasonally. Different it is search for a cruise ship en route. There are basically 2 types of routes. The scheduled routes, i.e., special tours designed by shipping companies as they might be a route to the Pacific Ocean, a return to the world (or a section of it) and on the other hand would be revivals that would be those trips that made ships when they change from one area to another.