Rapala Magnum

In early May, when there are hot days and the air filled with the aroma of the gardens, it's time for me to catch asp. At this time, hungry chub, are on their summer stay and a little rest, begin to warp rifts and rapids, hunting for Malcolm and May beetles. So, I – I cook spinning Balzer Miami 3m, 5-25 g, with a coil inertialess Jaxon HarmonyLx300, which monoleska 0,22-0,33 mm. Store type wobblers Rapala Cont Down and spinners Spinex Mosqit 1 different colors. I went to the river and begin to throw crankbaits in the shallows, where the depth of 1.5-2 meters. Usually, getting spit on and release the lure down to 50 meters and try to slow podmatyvat coil so that the bait was on the bottom.

The morning begins with a Rapala Magnum 5 cm – white with red dashes. It no dogma, and it all depends on the lighting, and on public water layers is a fish. You just need to present the bait so that fish saw it, and for this, imagine it underwater. For example, catch asp. At that time he is at the bottom or polvody and looks, not swim anything edible, and at this time we throw a white floating wobbler, plunging by 30 inches. Fish does not see it. And all because, looking at the bottom, jig merges with the sky. If we presented with a black floating wobbler, then no fish, I guarantee, will not refuse to grasp it.