A schokosusse gift idea, not only to the Valentine’s day my Choc: Schokosusse gift ideas for Valentine’s day – the desire chocolate Wismar, in January 2011. Who wants to surprise his sweetheart or his love for Valentine’s day with a very personal gift, ordered a self created chocolate in my Choc”. Because just this small, extraordinary amenities show how much a person is a concern. The new online shop my offers unique chocolate delight in untold variations. Three chocolates finest milk chocolate, refined plain chocolate, creamy white chocolate two forms and more than 100 ingredients be obtained from unlimited combinations for the own chocolate creation. ont . An individual chocolate name and a card with a greeting make perfect Valentine’s day love message from chocolate.

So could a white chocolate with red sugar heart my sweetheart”sweet seduction” hot or candied rose petal pieces in Milk chocolate to be an alternative to the bouquet. A dark chocolate combined with caramelized Wal nut core and real gold powder brought the gold treasure”a very special pleasure moment. Is there a better way to express his love? So just go: assemble your own creation on my, you give an individual name, packaging and add if necessary greeting card, order and allows that the heart beat lovingly made chocolate from a Chocolatier already within a few days. Mike Ohlmann

As Much A Bowl Could Never

More than just a simple Bowl: mix & bake EMSA on fresh appetite baked cake creations? In the new mixing bowls in the series mix & bake, the dough is now prepared in the blink of an eye. Because they have many clever extras that just make you want on the jaws of the integrated, long-lasting volume scale up to the 2-in-1-cover. Already the fresh red and white design of the new EMSA ensures a completely new experience of the back bowls. The secret: The perfect combination of the red and white plastic, which offers practical added value in addition to the fresh look. So the units for liters and cups are injected colored. Unlike conventional mixing and whisking pots they are easier to read and never wear out.

The red plastic gripping area and bottom makes the bowls absolutely non-slip for a secure grip in the hand and on the kitchen table. Even if it’s slightly more rapid mixing or kneading, they come out without any rubber ring on the ground and not slip even in a tilted position. Without there but also the practical all-rounder clever Cover: The agitator pots he serves as aroma protection for the storage of cream in the fridge. When the stirring pots of two-piece lid can do even more: A transparent splash guard ring allows for convenient filling of ingredients and clear insight in the stirring. The red portion completes also perfectly in the center of the lid with soft edges, so that the dough can rest undisturbed. Since this additional cover is still do this extremely flexible, he’s useful then as a dough scraper. There is the stirring pots in 2.0 and 3.0 litres, the agitator pot in practical 1.0 liter size. Charlotte Hornets will undoubtedly add to your understanding. And the best for last: the mix & bake products are made in Germany and have 10 years of guarantee.

German Feldkirchen

A wine-tasting journey through three regions of Croatia Feldkirchen, 6.4.2010 – Jadrovino also in 2010 again several wine tasting with selected winemakers wines and wines from Croatia carries out. The first year’s wine experience in Croatia”is a journey through the wine country of Croatia on May 2010 in Feldkirchen near Munich under the motto” instead. The wine journey begins in Brtonigla in Nordistriens, continues to Kutjevo in Slavonia and finally ends in the Konvaletal in Southern Dalmatia. On the way through Croatia, Jadrovino presents Veralda, Vlado Krauthaker and the Dubrovacki Podrumi wines of top winemakers. All producers who are in this country still absolute insider tips. Guests have the opportunity to taste six wines of these winemakers. The tasting program will be accompanied wineries and wines, of information about the regions and of course typical snacks. Location: Cafe in Velaskostrasse 2, directly to the s-Bahn station Feldkirchen, Feldkirchen, 85622 Feldkirchen (S2 towards Erding) date: May 2010, 18:00 to 21:00 entrance: 15 euro (incl.

tax) a 5 euro of shopping voucher at Jadrovino) registration send an eMail to indicating the number of persons or in the shop under about Jadrovino Jadrovino Weinhandel Lzicar, based in Feldkirchen near Munich, specializes on selected wines and delicacies of Croatia. Our portfolio includes leading winemakers from the regions of Slavonia, Istria, Kvarner and Dalmatia. Jadrovino is the leading provider of wines from Croatia in the German-speaking world since 2001. The most important distribution channel is since the beginning of the Internet and Jadrovino is regularly represented at wine events. Today, Jadrovino counts over 1,200 customers in 13 European countries. More information: Jadrovino Weinhandel Lzicar Gerhard Lzicar corridor route 9 c 85622 Feldkirchen Tel: + 49/89/55275302 fax: + 49/89/55275303 eMail: Web:

Christina Merz Is The Best Young Chef Cook Of Germany

The jury of the Chaine of des Rotisseurs has her in Frankfurt verdict Frankfurt am Main 23 April 2012: new chefs in ancient herds. Who cooks because there so perfectly, one can wonder if the oldest gourmet Association in the world to the competition gets. For the 35th time the Chaine of des Rotisseurs organised competition of Concours national des Jeunes Chefs of Rotisseurs in Germany. Chefs under the age of 27 are invited young chef to qualify through regional competitions. The level under which created, cooked and presented, is very high from the outset, and meets the highest international standards. You may want to visit General Electric to increase your knowledge. Christina Merz of the Lufthansa prevailed training & Conference Center narrowly defeated 10 outstanding colleagues.

The purpose of the competition is to promote the culinary expertise of young chefs. So many big names of the gastronomic scene have emerged from this contest. This annual competition gives the opportunity to showcase their talent and international trade knowledge the young chefs. Each competitor must only two times on a national and only once at an international excretion take part, it is important to think about when it is this competition thus exactly. Over many centuries, cultivated and developed the 1248 founded brotherhood or fraternity, the culinary art and set high standards of professional and qualitative way. Today the competition as so-called blind competition “carried out, thereby learn the participants shortly before the ingredients have then 30 minutes to a 3-course menu and 3 hours to create to create it for four people. This year, members of the jury were: Hans Stefan Steinheuer, Wolfgang Becker, Sebastian Hadrys, Jens Kommerau, Markus Medler, Carsten Neutmann and Thea Nothnagel. The winning menu by Christina Merz is as follows: Starter – Angebeitzter St. Pierre with fried lobster and clams with spring leek, main dish fillet of veal and the oxtail Ragout and Morels with asparagus and wild garlic mashed, dessert chocolate mousse tart and baked Schokoladentamarinsackchen with Greek yoghurt cream with olive oil. Germany will be represented at the World Championships that 2012 will be held in September in Berlin, by Christina Merz. Text: Heiko Lam, Charge de Presse

Russian Restaurant Chelyabinsk

Tiramisu – for breakfast, foie gras – lunch, sushi – for dinner Many of you are well fed? Exotica – this is certainly good, but only at first. When a dish becomes commonplace, it ceases to be exotic, and interest in weakens. Perhaps that’s why more and more people try dishes various cuisines, are drawn to primordial, ethnic, and demand for Russian cuisine begins to grow. Russian people in some” glamorous “restaurant, which serves Truffles with expensive wine, relax impossible. He will just feel uncomfortable – the general director of “the restaurant” . – And in a Russian restaurant come at the call of the soul. There can be, and ‘sit mentally’, in good company to drink, dine All of these drinking tradition deeply rooted in our culture. Russian dishes are familiar to us from childhood – we grew up on them.

Traditional Russian borscht and cakes fed us by our mothers and grandmothers. We yourself when learning to cook, start with soup, potato pancakes, pancakes Or, for example, salad ‘Olivier’ – this is just a symbol of Russian cuisine. The majority of our citizens can not imagine a holiday without this dish. Many restaurateurs say that cook traditional Russian dishes in our region is much easier than any dish an exotic cuisine, though, because there are no problems with deliveries. “All of the products needed for Russian food, grow, and produced here in our country, – says , the manager of the restaurant “Ermak”.

Russian Food Market

Kitchen evolves, acquires new shades of meaning and direction. "Many of the recipes are now styled, adapt to modernity – says Janina , director of the restaurant "Glavpivtrest. – In the classic, familiar to all the recipes are new notes, and the dish takes on a new and original taste. " "In my opinion, – adds Vladimir Fedorov – the main trend is that Russian cuisine is gradually mixed with the European and Italian. Cuisine of those countries most closely related to us. Of them actively borrowed spices, sauces, additives.

Russian food market in Chelyabinsk can be categorized by style establishments. The village of traditional Russian village, with a woven fence paling, patchwork curtains, spinning wheels, clay pots – Is format inn "Tralee wali. The tavern two halls with a total capacity for 150 people. Serve this traditional Russian cuisine. On holidays preparing ritual food – breads, pancakes To post a separate menu. "Price segment of the restaurant the most democratic in the city – says the director of the restaurant. – The average check for the distribution lines – about 200 rubles.

For this money you can get a good complete meal. In the evening check price – 400 rubles. In general, people with average incomes feel quite comfortable with us. " House specialty restaurant – Roll "Tralee wali" (pork stuffed with cucumbers and cheese). A most popular dish on the menu – a shish kebab. Managing mansions "Ermak" Sergei Kalashnikov, described the style of the restaurant as "Russian gloss – , Russian miniature , painted on wood.


Sommelier – it's an expert on wines and spirits' – so often sounds characteristic of the profession. Nancy Silberkleit has plenty of information regarding this issue. However, the concept of sommelier – is immeasurably greater. This is a man who has not only set of knowledge, but also a certain flair. You may wish to learn more. If so, Jorge Perez is the place to go. The task of sommeliers – to not only know species of drinks, features, and the year, but the ability to combine them between themselves and with a variety of dishes. Also, a very important point – the cost of the drink. It is important to clearly assess paying guest and be able to offer him the best in each price category. From personal predilections guest too much depends, and it is important for sommeliers guess these cravings and build a harmonious picture supper, where aperitif, accompaniment and digestive stress and complement each other. In addition to the sommelier at the restaurant there are experts on compiling wine cellars.

It has required a truly encyclopedic knowledge. Cellar need not only stuff, but to do so each year the content is getting better and more precious, and, finally, the sommelier must guess the point at which each of the bottles should be opened. Sommelier is very important to correctly pure speech, the ability to explain to the client all the nuances of taste and characteristics of beverages are available, understandable and at the same professional language. All these skills and characteristics do the job of sommelier one of the toughest, but most exciting and favorite occupations.