Down Home Southern Cooking

The dishes were piled with what can only be described as” Down Home Southern Cooking. “And the diners what? A quick glance around the room told me that this establishment attracted customers from all walks of life. At this time, however, they all had one thing in common – the serious business of eating. Meanwhile The aroma was to make the mouth water. So I turned my attention at last last of the line.

When I have my turn? About 15 minutes later we went to the next room. It was there I discovered that the front of the line ends in the door between the room and yet storeroom. Both rooms had two rows of houses on both sides. I did not count, but my estimate is about six on each side of the room, with about 24 booths in total. Could sit four to a cabin. To broaden your perception, visit Celina Dubin, New York City. I looked around for a hostess, there was none. Then I began to understand the system, waiting in line with his party, and when someone got out of one of these boxes, just went and sat down. Period.

The waitress appeared at our table almost instantly, cleaned the dishes from the previous diners, wiped the table and took our drink orders. Actually, what he said was: “Tea?” And you’re an idiot if anything else. It is important to note here that if for tea anywhere in the Deep South, is understood to ice cream is sweet. If you want it otherwise, it is better to say that. Time to exit the menu. It was at that moment I realized that the City Cafe operates five days a week only – Monday to Friday. The lunch menu was the choice of main course and / or vegetables that you choose in the list for that day of the week. The price of food was determined by the number of vegetables and dishes you have chosen. This was on Tuesday, including my choice of fried green tomatoes. Who was I to happen? Beef tips with rice and steamed squash finished my meal, but it could have chosen from a dozen other tempting selections. It was hard to miss the fried okra and steamed cabbage (my daughter chose cabbage with chicken fried steak), but I was happy with my food. Dinner rolls and cornbread, of course, always the case. And tea? Try to drink to the bottom of the cup – not going to happen at City Cafe. It is the work of another person for sure. The price for our food? I spent $ 10.75 – $ 3.00, but that was a suggestion. No joke. She and I had eaten at a restaurant chain known last night and the tip to the meal was the same as the price of flour Cafe in the city itself. Guess which one I like best?