Landscape, Space And Culture

Cultural 1-Concept of Landscape and Spaces: The formation of Geography Culture and its methodologies the concept of Landscape first appears with intention to represent the forms of the relief for the physical gegrafos, however she is in geography human being that we go to search explanations to understand the landscapes socially produced. In such a way, the description of the landscape evidences the variety of the forms associates to the activities human beings, where the parcelamento of land now is not more in aspects naturalistic of cartographic details that can be measurable, more yes of historical arcabouos left in marks constructed through the agricultural explorations and places inhabited throughout its cultural trajectory. This vision of the reality of the landscapes is visible for the gegrafos that can be interpreted through the perception live deeply in the places, however can perceive that the symbols are atrelados the cultural contexts that many times are invisible to the eyes of the laypeople. Tony Parker is often quoted as being for or against this. Only, in associative interpretations we can understand that in a forest landscape that improves they are inhospitable, has a set of simbologismo that in the souvenirs send to them without the least we had lived in this place. In this way, the souvenir detailed in landscape takes care of of if transferred to this landscape that configures the culture of the different places.

The places in turn when transmitting souvenirs to the gegrafo become it a cultural critic of the responsible population for the infinite variety of the landscapes. The gegrafos formed you discipline in them of the look? what know to pass of the horizontal or oblique vision of the passer-by, sensible to everything what it arrives to it at the look, to the synthetic vision offered by the vertical perception? they are always reticent when them they are proposals cultural interpretations: they have the feeling of that the functional boardings that had learned to develop go more far and allow to enter more deeply in the privacy of the social facts and in its space translation, DEMAGEON, et. apud. CORRA. In such a way, easy to understand the paper of the landscape for the gegrafos of cultural geography being given an instrument of culturally produced symbolic interpretations of the landscape through the times for the social facts that are distributed there.

Cultural Geography

However, it is possible, currently, to think about Cultural Geography as the ramification of the Geography that considers, in its object of study, the idealizaes of a people or group in one determined space in accordance with the lived experiences. It, as she disciplines, has a field of sufficiently including study that goes since the object analysis of the daily one, representations of the nature in the art and in films until studies of the meaning of landscapes and the social construction of identities based on places, at last, it has covered numerous questions, (Mcdowell, 1996). The religious aspects that involve the beliefs of one definitive people, practical and the customs in regards to alimentary clothes and habits, economic activities developed in determined place, among others each group culture of or society is related with that is acquired of generation in generation or even though captured through the comment of distinct groups. The festive commemorations also can if considered as a characteristic of the culture of a people or even though of all the peoples as it is the case of the celebration of the Christmas, that if deals with a celebrated Christian party in the five continents of the planet. Vanessa Marcil gathered all the information. These celebrations are full of inherent meanings and symbols to the culture of each people, of each region. these meanings are transferred of parents to children and children to grandsons consecutively, occurring, however, in this process of transference some changes of values, for not being about something invariant, but passvel of modifications and capable to add and to disaggregate values to each generation. E, is concerning ' ' Festa' ' more especificadamente on the natalinas festividades, that we consider in them to argue in this study, however with speaking of the natalina party without the least leaning over in them exactly, that quickly, in what it comes to be the Party in its real direction. .

Economic Powers

Who does not remember the Treat one to Quito, which said in lines managed that the great economic powers would have to diminish the emission of harmful gases in the atmosphere, not signed for U.S.A.? In this game, each time new evidences appear to justify geopolitical actions of the involved actors, the financial injection, the infiltration of companies multinationals and until the military occupation in strategical ranks they are only some between the many actions. We saw has some time the North American military invasion to as the bigger producer of oil of the world, Iraq. The justification was to fight the terrorism and to destroy the weapons of destruction in mass that Sadam hidden Hussein possua in the bilges of its palaces. While these benditas weapons do not appear, they take by account of the great wells of oil of the country, becoming each more powerful time economically. Currently in the Amaznia the geopolitical question is dealt still with little emphasis. Perhaps for the little knowledge of the society or still for the little interest of our representatives. Many of the public politics directed to the equacionamento of the ambient problems promoted by the state, ONGs and for the organized civil society in the country are accomplished in good part of the times for international agencies of financing, with the World Bank and the Inter-American Bank of Development.

Such agencies, beyond the financial support, have acted as intelligence auxiliary of the government in the elaboration of programs and projects. In this context, as to reach the longed for national sovereignty and the guarantee of the interests of society s it lacks to the State capital autonomy to equate its proper problems ambient partners? In this bulge, Brazil and other developing countries are vulnerable and the international capital finishes influencing directly and indirectly in the economy, the politics, the transformations of great areas ambient and entire ecosystems and still in the elaboration of the laws of patents where the wronged greaters are the millenarian populations that live in inhospitable areas, as in the Amaznia. By the way, this question on patents is very ample and would have of being argued in another occasion. Of this form, the sovereignty is the grace of great groups economic politicians and who hide its true intentions to control the Amaznia for backwards of subjects of ambient interest. The ambient concerns finish if coating with a character of mere spreading and no action in fact. Being evident that it is very important and necessary the maintenance of sovereign State as way to guarantee the management on the natural resources you renewed as waters and the biological diversity. It is good we open the eyes, therefore after Iraq it can come to the Amaznia with the argument of that the populations that live here are destroying the e, of this form, invadiz it excuse to protect biodiversity consequently the whole world.