Fraunhofer Institute

Ciiju makes MP3 file sharing in the circle of friends also online legally formerly by the Federal Ministry of Economics and technology and sponsored by the founding campus of Lower Saxony spinoff of the University of Gottingen (“say: see you”) allows the user to share music with friends online and to download. So that music can be changed, must it be uploaded first on To facilitate the upload of your own music collection, Ciiju has designed a special CD Uploader. “The operation is very simple: insert the CD, CD-Uploader start and launch” press. The CD will be converted to mp3 format, automatically band/singer and track information and loaded on the Ciiju server. Of course a possible upload directly from your PC. Then the user connects to his friends and their music can browse, share and download.

Multiple recommendation systems assist the user in finding matching music in the circle of friends. But legal file sharing? The decisive Unlike the illegal file sharing via BitTorrent or similar systems is that in Ciiju the music is made available only real friends not the public. I buy a CD, they need to borrow a good friend of mine, who will burn a copy. It was always legal and allowed. is now also conveniently online possible.”explains Matthias Quade, GF of the GmbH.

In a comprehensive legal opinion, a renowned Urheberrechtler confirmed that Ciiju is absolutely in compliance with the law. Through the exclusive licensed watermark technology of the Fraunhofer Institute for secure information technology Ciiju comes out without DRM. The user can freely use the downloaded music on any end device (cell phone, mp3 player, laptop) – even without an Internet connection. Boris Ciiju GmbH Blum-Oeste