North Americans

Since 1852 all the Presidents had been elect or for the Republican Party or the Democrat the system politician in U.S.A. reflects, in short, the North American society. It has a model of weights and counterbalances (checks and you balance) that it looks for to balance and to counterbalance the process of taking of decisions and that presents two sources. The first one says respect to the distinction enters the power of the Federal Government and the government of the states. In different jurisdictions, the national government goes to act in all territory of the units.

This division between federal and state abilities __ the Federalism __ is balance factor and prevents the disproportionate concentration of being able in any of the spheres. It is registered that it has had gradual increase of the federal power in U.S.A., but still without depriving of characteristics the model. The second source mentions the system to it of the separation of them to be able between three spheres __ the Executive, Legislative and the Judiciary one that they are completed, if balances mutually, even so has, simultaneously, high degree of autonomy . (BATISTE, 2009). Analyzing mago of the question, it is inferred that the North Americans prezam in short> checks and you balance that they permeiam the American Constitution demonstrate the multicriteria zeal that has the Americans in preventing the concentration of high doses of being able in the same hands. Stuart Mill (1981 apud BATISTE, 2009). Thus, the joint of interests made since the bases for the system North American politician finds, in the center of the system, mechanism that it looks to prevent that it has distortion for the concentration of being able .

(BATISTE, 2009). 3 – Obama in the presidency. A new age? Barack Hussein Obama, son of Muslim queniano father and protestant white mother of the Kansas, was born in the Hava in 1961.