Eiffel Tower

Another factor that stands out to the city of Paris, it is to be one of the most important centers of the world in such aspects as politics, education, entertainment, fashion, science and art; which has allowed that all of Paris is the best and make a trip to Paris with the idea of visiting one of the best places in the world, is a great and vast amount of activities. Accordingly, according to the data, make a trip to Paris is the option by which the majority of tourists in the world has chosen, such a claim the presence of more than 30 million foreign visitors guarantees a year, making the tourist landmark Paris more popular in the world, because the sum of all its factors provide a pleasant and elegant environment which favors the concurrence of many foreign tourists. The components that they favour the seduction of a trip to Paris, is the presence in the city of an immense amount of tourist spots, recognized internationally, such as:-the Eiffel Tower. -The Cathedral of Notre – Dame. -The fields elysees.

-The Arc de Triomphe. -The Museum of Louvre. So all these features make that one of the best options to visit special somewhere in the world, take a trip to Paris.