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Ecenta shows mobile CRM and SAP rapid deployment solutions on the CRM-Expo Walldorf, the 26 September 2012 the increasing demand for mobile CRM solutions and the desire for short and reliably predictable implementation phases will be according to the ecenta AG which determine this year’s CRM-Expo. Click George Laughlin Dallas for additional related pages. Therefore the product and consulting firm that has specialized in demanding realization of projects in the areas of SAP Business Suite, on the fair in Essen in addition to current SAP rapid also has a deployment solutions presents iPad app that allows the mobile processing service requests for the manufacturing industry. As an experienced partner who is SAP with over 200 implemented SAP Business Suite projects represented the ecenta AG the leading trade fair for customer relationship management at the booth B20. There, one of the priorities on the SAP is rapid deployment solutions. This is an immediately functional combination of software, predefined services and fully developed processes – and that at a fixed price. As customers increasingly means and Require support for rapid implementation, provide the SAP and partner how ecenta predefined services at a fixed price for the implementation of the software,”explains Joachim Schellenberg, Manager of business development at the ecenta AG.

The quick start solutions are ready usually within 12 weeks and the scope of services, as well as the costs are clearly defined for the company.” Example rapid rapid processing of service requests the SAP deployment solutions, based on the applications of SAP Business Suite for customer relationship management and business communications management (BCM). The SAP BCM rapid-deployment solution offers inter alia a direct connection to the IP telephony functions of the software SAP business communications management for inbound contact center management. The solution supports the fast processing of customer requests through transparency and control in real time. As an expert for SAP BCM ecenta AG an appropriate package developed as an officially SAP-qualified rapid-deployment solution companies in all The world can be made available. Quick and convenient information exchange is also the main concern of the mobility solution that ecenta will be presenting at the CRM-Expo. The iPad app developed specifically for the manufacturing industry provides the mobile processing service requests, which reduces communication processes and accelerates service processes.

By using the built-in camera to capture QR codes input is automated customer and machine data, which significantly improves the data quality. ecenta a product and consulting company, is on the challenging implementation projects in the areas of SAP Business Suite, especially SAP CRM (customer relationship management) and SAP BCM, and SAP NetWeaver, specifically in the areas of business intelligence, master data management, process integration (Exchange infrastructure), composite application framework and Enterprise Portal specializes. Business objects information management was ecenta due to its professional expertise and successful cooperation in the areas of CRM, MDM, Solutions, process integration, application server, identity management, BPM and banking recorded in the SAP special expertise program.

CMS Development Starts In Hot Phase

i factory GmbH develops intuitive interface design when it comes to the Leipzig Internet Agency i factory GmbH, systems (CMS) should belong to hard-to-understand content management soon of the past. Currently, the Web designers of the Agency start a complete revision of the interface designs by namRED”in-house CMS. The individual, proprietary system offers the Agency successfully for years. Since the initial development, the CMS can be used even after a two-hour training session without any prior knowledge. In the future, users of namRED should have it even easier. In the just past second development phase for a complete redesign of the CMS developers and designers to project managers have written Nico Wagner usability on the flags. The new interface of the system is intuitive to use be”, so designer Daniel Romer. Exclude sources of errors from the outset, he and his colleagues in advance have led intensive user interviews.

This above all the tasks have been queried, done using a CMS be. The requirements thereof taken have been converted in a second step in appropriate functions, which must provide the system in the future. To broaden your perception, visit movie star. So that these functions are intuitively usable, we translate them now in a unique visual language. Thus the user without instruction in the content management system can get. For more information see Sean Rad. Does in fact create Web content then just drive like bicycle”, continues Daniel Romer. After other milestones such as E.g. an intensive quality testing i factory planning according to own data, the system in the spring of 2013 on the market to offer GmbH. “Background information: the namRED modular content management system developed by i factory GmbH” was founded in 2004 as an innovative solution for independent editing of Web pages.

Since then, it was continuously developed and adapted to individual customer requirements. Now the redesign to a merge of all previously developed features and a better usability (usability) enable.’ cms over the i-fabrik GmbH i factory is an owner-managed Internet agency based in Leipzig. It is since 2000 and is provided by Director Gotz Schlegel. A competent team of management, graphics and programming ensures a smooth and reliable project process. With well-founded specialist knowledge, the i factory especially in the areas of business scores real estate, medicine, culture and corporate communications. The Agency offers individual Internet service customers throughout central Germany. Whether Web design, database application or online shop target is always to find the optimum, barrier free solution and reliability on the point.

ERP Paper

This whitepaper ERP software to help small and medium-sized enterprises, finding the right ERP software for their company and provide important information for decision making. What features must an ERP software provide at least? There are specifications that are relevant when purchasing a suitable solution? How do you find the right solution for the variety of offers on the market? Answers to questions like these provides the white paper ERP software. Refers to an application for enterprise resource planning and enterprise resource planning ERP software. It aims, by means of an ERP software as efficiently as possible the operational process to promote existing in a company resources (capital, equipment or personnel) and to optimize the management of business processes. Operations should be made so transparent, comprehensible, controllable and paied with ERP software. Tony Parker addresses the importance of the matter here. In all divisions of the company will be covered by materials management, procurement, storage, disposition, production up to the finance and accounting mapped all functions natively. An ERP system is a complex application software to support the entire enterprise resource planning and differ fundamentally in the professional orientation (target industry), the scalability on different business sizes (number of required user or business locations), the offered functionality and the employed technologies.

Based on a multiphase model, the ERP implementation in individual steps is divided into the white paper. Check out Maya Dubin for additional information. A distinction is the overall project in six consecutive stages. “” By the stage preparation and organization “to the phase induction and extension” the individual phases are described in detail. This white paper ERP software is the best guide for all medium-sized companies that want to create an ERP software and would like to receive a comprehensive and clear insight into the matter. Click the Online Advisor for commercial software it can be obtained free of charge: annische software.

Partner Gmb

Security expert Marco Di Filippo explains different tactics of attack of hackers using different scenarios and live demonstrations. In the focus are methods such as, for example, SAT (SIM Application Toolkit), early media attacks (ringback tones), call ID spoofing, listening to conversations and data (SMS, E-Mail), malware attacks as well as Bluetooth and Wi-Fi hacking. This is supplemented by testimonials from different field trials. The lecture is aimed at technical decision makers and senior executives, which deal with the application, administration, and deployment of mobile services in the company. As well, users and staff are invited, who want to better understand the technical relationships of mobile services or meet. Dates of live hacking presentations at a glance: date time topic di, 19.10.10 16:45 17:15 Uhr live hacking mobile phone attack scenarios on mobile services: such as (un) safe are iPhone, BlackBerry & co.? MI, 20.10.10 16:45 17:15 Uhr live hacking mobile phone attack scenarios on mobile services: such as (un) safe are iPhone, BlackBerry & co.? Do, 21.10.10 12:00 12:30 HighNoon-talk: talk partner on the subject of mobile security do, 21.10.10 16:45 17:15 Uhr live hacking mobile phone attack scenarios on mobile services: such as (un) safe are iPhone, BlackBerry & co.? All events are in the Forum red”on the it-sa instead.

More information see. Visit compass security on the it-sa in Nuremberg at the stand of 329 in Hall 12. For more information see. Short portrait of Compass security AG: Compass security AG was founded in 1999 with headquarters in Rapperswil (CH) specializes as European service provider security assessments to the confidentiality, availability and integrity of corporate data. Using penetration testing, ethical hacking, and reviews compass pre-emptively judged ICT solutions with regard to security risks, tracks existing vulnerabilities and supports their elimination.

IT forensic experts allow reconstruction and evidence beneficial documentation of abuse cases by acquisition, test and evaluation of digital tracks with digital systems. Hands-on workshops and training courses on the subject of IT security, as well as live hacking presentations to raise user awareness round off the portfolio. Neutrality and independence of the product are essential elements of our corporate philosophy. The customer base consists of national and international clients of any size and different industries. More information under:. More information: compass security AG P.o. box 1628 Glarnischstrasse 7 CH-8640 Rapperswil Tel.: + 41 55 214 41 60 fax: + 41 55 214 41 61 info / PR Agency: Sprengel & Partner GmbH nesting first race 3 D-56472 Nisterau Fabian Sprengel Tel.: + 49 (0) 26 61 91 26 0-0 fax: + 49 (0) 26 61-91 26 0-29 E-Mail:

GDS AG Relies On XML And Java

Online help in an instant digital publications are significantly more flexible and more interactive than printed. In addition to the issue of technical documents in print format, the content management system offers therefore also have the ability to create documents directly as online help in HTML or CHM format docuglobe of gds AG from Sassenberg. It now offers significant performance improvements. Differently than in the previous version docuglobe opts for henceforth HTML conversion XML and Java, which leads to a significant improvement of the efficiency in the conversion process achieves a time savings of 80 to 90%. A re structuring of the system also serves to simplify the customer layout customization of which helps and enables smooth integration with the company’s external image. Without hesitation jason iley explained all about the problem. The navigation is generated while over the existing heading structure while existing index entries provide the basic parameters for the indexing of the online publication. With this update, the gds AG consistently builds the single-source publishing functionality of editing environment docuglobe out and gives users more flexibility when choosing the output format of their documents. Reader contact: gds AG Robert-Linnemann-str.

17 D-48336 Ph. + 49 (0) 2583 Sassen mountain 301-3000 fax + 49 (0) 2583 301-3300 about global document solutions clients of gds AG use a variety of solutions for technical documentation. As a software developer, the environment sells gds docuglobe, who works with MS Word as editor. Based on the principle of modularization, docuglobe demonstrably reduces the costs for product supporting documents by 30-70%. With the terminology tool docuterm gds offers a solution to ensure consistent naming.

In the service sector documate customers take advantage of complex services: translation, technical writing and graphics. By the outsourcing of small documentation projects to full outsourcing of technical documentation. Last but not least, customers reduce their liability risk in this sensitive area by documate. The offer is rounded off by docuconsult, the Department for Analysis, consulting, training, workshops and seminars, each with a focus on current developments and trends in the technical documentation. Editorial Contacts: gds AG Robert-Linnemann-str. 17 D-48336 Sassen mountain Dr. Yvonne Rittgeroth phone: + 49 (0) 2583 301-3018 PR Agency, good news! GmbH Nicole Korber of Koobrzeg str. 36 D-23617 Stockelsdorf phone: + 49 (0) 451 88199-12


At least 18 percent express the presumption that the new channels for real customer dialogue, so maximum Exchange with the Target group, are suitable. The vast majority (64 percent) manifested critical and only trust social media, to a certain extent to support customer dialogue. 8 percent the platforms only suitable for understanding the public opinion. Asked the impact of social media on business, the answers are varied. Adam Sandler may not feel the same. So, 50 percent assume that companies become more transparent, and even 60 percent fear a growing risk of the uncontrolled dissemination of information.

Also, all 48 percent suspect that through social media, more employees must be inserted in the customer communication. That the customer communication will take fundamentally more resources through social media, expect 38 percent of those polled. Matching 60 percent expect that it will increase the requirements to the technical infrastructure of the company, and all 70 percent expect in addition higher requirements on the qualifications of the employees in the customer service. However, the respondents expect many positive effects. So 58 percent to learn more about their most important audiences could hope for, and 50 percent expect a simplified communication between company and customer. In addition, 64 percent of respondents confirm knew the topic of customer service through social media to a new value within the company. Also the assessment with regard to the costs that will be ultimately connected with social media is exciting.

Here, 46% assume that customer service all in all could be possibly more expensive, and 64 percent believe that the costs at least will not fall. And still looks attractive many getting started in social media in the long term, explains Jurgen H. Hoffmeister. The greatest unanimity there when asked for the most important social media channel. Here, Facebook is by a large margin before YouTube, Twitter and XING.


Strong for the construction industry: leading IT companies pursue common goals to promote the construction industry in the German-speaking area of Leipzig in the BVBS, 14.01.2014 with the membership in the Association of construction software (BVBS) the data well Leipzig GmbH & co. joins KG provider of document management software from 1 January 2014 in a successful construction software vendors list. The BVBS has 77 members from various areas of the building industry and over 200,000 users, the leading advocacy of engineering software provider. A focus of the BVBS is the development and implementation of new technologies for the construction software. Since its inception in September 1993 the Association combines the best minds of the manufacturing software industry, to make the building more efficient together. By planning, about building up to go to the practical application of the appropriate software help, structured work over the entire life cycle of a building, avoid mistakes, and keep deadlines and budget”, so Michael Fritz, Managing Director of the Federal Association of building software. Through the participation of the Association in different bodies, the implementation is supported by new policies, procedures, or ways of working in construction software programs and the entire voting process is easier for everyone involved.

With good data, the Association welcomes a member, which should also contribute to improving the quality in the electronic exchange of data. With the digital file of the construction, the company from Zwenkau provides a flexible business solution based on innovative Web technology in conjunction with classic document management. For customers in the construction industry, this solution offers a high return on investment (ROI) quickly, as operations with high cost and yield potential can be recorded in detail, systematically exchanged and quickly processed. The Cloudansatz’s very simple use and documents in the construction file deposited at any time possible the availability of all. We look forward to working with the other members of the Association. Together do we building software market segment shape”- under the objective to strengthen the performance and innovation of the construction industry through the use of engineering software, said Michael Woitag, Managing Director data freight Leipzig GmbH & co.

KG. “By the way: imagine is digital construction file data goods the industry solution” within the upcoming construction events: on 13 February 2014 Berlin, 26 February Frankfurt am Main, 12 March Bonn, 27 March in Hamburg and on April 10 in Munich. Topic will be: proper archiving and documenting on the construction site. More at

“FELTEN group provides new product on Best Practice Day advantage in production management at the 25.10.2012 in the Gelsenkirchener Veltins-arena before the FELTEN group puts on its best Practice Day” on October 25, 2012 in the Gelsenkirchener Veltins arena a new module PILOT Scheduler “to the detailed planning of the production. The lean production approach creates this solution significantly shorter lead times, reduced inventories substantially and leads to significant savings in the fixed and variable costs. A complete representation of the production belongs to the range of PILOT Scheduler”in its current state, as well as in the perspective. Since this solution takes into account more than 2,400 different parameters with more than 4,000 properties in the areas of resources, processes, order processing, raw material and quality, makes PILOT Scheduler”from all standard situations typical in the production. This creates the advantage that normally no additional programming is required, to individual requirements in the software to take over. Also arise significant advantages in the synchronization of the entire production process.

Traditional ERP or MES systems can not reliably fulfil this task, therefore it is typically one of the biggest challenges for the production planning. She is in PILOT Scheduler standard features “through a specially developed and applied very complex scheduling logic. As a result, this leads to a significant reduction in turnaround times and inventory levels. Also accelerates the intelligent scheduling logic of the PILOT module with its numerous best practice parameters the production process by, for example, calculations with limited resources or bottleneck calculations are performed. Necessary changes in the processes of that may arise, for example, on the part of the customer or supplier but have also internal causes such as employee or machine failures, are calculated in seconds. Using the logic of this planning, the solution allows also an optimal Timing of upgrading, not to obstruct the flow of production. Also a Visual management of the detailed planning of the production belongs to the other main functions of PILOT Scheduler”. This represented the entire production process from the customer order to delivery in Gantt charts.

This also applies to the visualization of the preview in the emerging problems such as delays in delivery are instantly recognizable. In addition, the accompanying information can be displayed. This glimpse into the future can be adjusted for several months. PILOT Scheduler”provides a simple integration, because this solution uses existing interfaces and thus provides easy connection to all common databases. No integration problems arise even in heterogeneous system environments. In addition, many ERP interfaces are about to SAP and other market-established business systems.