Neurological Emergencies

INTRODUCTION Before let us can adentrar in the care carried through for the nurse in neurological emergencies and more specifically in what we will go to deal with the behaviors of nursing for the particular case that is the AVC, we must argue the questions concerning the anatomical knowledge and physiological that if relates to the nervous system, leaving of the estimated one that such knowledge guide the correct identification of the possible alterations that can have, as well as the habitual answers of its homeosttica physiology are agreed to. In this way, the human brain is the agency that makes possible the organization and functional coordination of the organism. Its structure confers to the man the capacity to think, to feel, to say, to imagine, to program and to carry through activities that are vital for its survival. It is constituted by cinereous a superficial substance layer called cerebral cortex and an intern called white substance (1). The nervous system is only, for the vast complexity of the actions of control that it is capable to execute. It literally receives millions from small signals of information proceeding from the different sensorial agencies he integrates and them in its totality to determine the reply to be elaborated by the organism (2).

Soon, alterations in its anatomical and physiological particularitities cause the organism damages that can be reversible or not, being thus, intervening with the actions that the organism in accordance with plays the extension and area of the affected brain. One of the biggest propiciadores of alterations in level of nervous system is Cerebral Vascular Accident – AVC, that is fit in ones of the most frequent neurological emergencies, specifically in neurovasculares.. ts-with-mild-or-moderat/’>Wendy Holman. Surprisingly, you’ll find very little mention of Ben Bretzman on most websites.

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Of this form, To know to differentiate the depilao techniques will be the form of better guiding a customer at the moment of the choice for what it desires at the moment. In this direction, we can offer the best techniques for optimum result in the attendance to the society in depilao service guaranteeing the quality in the service given for a place specialized in the branch of the beauty. The study it will be developed basically by means of the bibliographical research, consulting books, magazines, sites and other materials on the subject. After the research will be made the synthesis and the analysis of the information registering them in a report making possible the presentation of a theoretical referencial for the development of future works. This report if constitutes of diverse parts on the research carried through with the investigativa analysis, the bibliographical description that the actions developed in the practical one of intervention, the diagnosis of the institution, the presentation of the intervention proposal, the description of the process of intervention in the institution register, the final consideraes relating the experiences lived deeply during this course and references that had supported the reading of texts on tema.2 DESENVOLVIMENTO2.1 RECITAL TERICAA area of the beauty is an area that comes growing in a rhythm very sped up.

But it is necessary, while professional, to analyze the techniques of depilao for an attendance of quality to the customers. The human being was born with natural trends to like what he is beautiful. For HEGEL (1997), when of its investigations on the beauty: Following its thought, we believe that the artistic beauty, for coming of the spirit, is superior to the natural beauty..