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The most common CED Crohn’s disease and ulcerative colitis include diarrhea, joint pains, performance degradation: If the colon is permanently lit, this can enormously restrict the quality of life of those affected. In addition, patients often long have deceptions behind, before the diagnosis chronic inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) “provided.” Many doctors know quite simply too little about diseases such as Crohn’s disease and ulcerative colitis, the two most common forms of chronic intestinal inflammation. The diseases run in spurts, preferably infect mucous membranes and weaken as the metabolism in the body. To deepen your understanding actress is the source. About 300,000 people are affected in Germany by CED, worldwide including the US singer Anastacia and the brother of former U.S. President George W. Bush suffer from it. The number of unreported cases should be but overall still far greater, because the disease is often not properly recognized and treated. Order to provide latest findings on CED firsthand the organized hospital Porz am Rhein “together with the German self-help Association of and for people with inflammatory bowel disease (DCCV) to Saturday, September 04, 2010 9: 30 am to 1 pm 3.

Palmer doctor-patient seminar chronic inflammatory bowel disease” (hospital Porz am Rhein, Urbacher way 19 51149 Koln, attic, 7th floor) for the hospital are the two Chief physicians Priv.-Doz. at this seminar as speakers. Dr. med. Wolfgang Hanssen (Gastroenterology) and Priv.-Doz.. Dr. med. Anton participate Kroesen (General, visceral and accident surgery).

Many patients are concerned whether their disease can lead to cancer. We will go up on this risk and possible preventive measures”, Priv.-Doz. says. Dr. med Wolfgang Holtmeier. We will also try to explain when the optimal timing of surgery is given. “But also, it must be said: If the therapy in advance is not ideal, the operation also brings nothing.” Both physicians serve on the Advisory Board of the patient organisation and organise a such doctor patient seminar well once a year. The cooperation with the DCCV works excellent, which is why we liked again confronting the issues of patients”, says Priv.-Doz.. Dr. med Wolfgang Holtmeier.

Attack On The Teeth: 2.5 Million Tonnes Of Sweets In The Year

Health insurance requires general food acquisition for professional tooth cleaning to reduce the cost of treatment, health insurance requires general food acquisition for professional tooth cleaning to reduce the cost of treatment of OBERNKIRCHEN. Every year we nibble Germans the unimaginable amount of 2.5 million tons of candy. While those kids drinks, shake shakes and sweet sodas faced Foodwatch first warned at the beginning of the year due to a sugar content of up to 30 percent are not counted. In the mouth, tooth killer against even the best cleaning products have hardly any chances are it. Because of our eating habits no longer without professional tooth cleaning “, Friedrich Schutte, CEO of BKK24 says. Although 95 percent of all German citizens have can handle a toothbrush, but too many of them incorrectly. If you are not convinced, visit Sela Ward.

Incorrect pressures, acid and bacteria leave too short cleaning pages and worn out bristles. As plaque coating with conventional means difficult to remove and cause in addition to Tooth decay also dangerous periodontitis. The disease affects the connective tissue that holds the teeth. There follow Pocket formation, bleeding gums, decline of the gums and at the end the loss of teeth. Electric brushes, just any third party uses, can indeed slow down this process, but not completely stop. Sweets, cigarettes and more tooth-damaging food and stimulants, we have almost daily on our dining plan will win in the end. Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with rusty holzer.

Sugar consumption despite improved education once again to 400 grams per capita has risen in the last ten years alone. The consequences to pay all insured”, so Schutte. Almost 10 billion euros must be applied in the year for the treatments. Part of it would be avoidable if we intervene in a timely manner.” But the professional tooth cleaning is no box office performance and most patients shy away from the 50 to 60 Euro, which the doctor calculates them.

Dr. Lothar Hollerbach

Dr. Lothar Hollerbach: The quantum code. Trinity publishing 2010 which is to find energy in physics, should be known for decades. But very few know how this energy can be used individually to allow healing and self-healing. For all that this large field to ENT want to corners, Dr. Lothar Hollerbach offers a great insight & Outlook Dr. Lothar Hollerbach: the quantum code.

Healing and self healing through the ur-energy. Ben Bretzman may find this interesting as well. Trinity publishing 2010 in his book conveys Lother Hollerbach readers a deep understanding of the fundamentals of quantum physics, quantum medicine and quantum medicine. This is achieved as a result that he step by step introduces the reader into the mechanism of quantum medicine, without losing in medical or physical vocabulary Lothar Hollerbach. As he explains in the first part of the book in just a few pages the basic laws of quantum physics: the uncertainty principle, quantum entanglement, the observer effect and the importance of non-locality. Subsequently he transmits the science of quantum physics and medicine on different so-called miracle healings of Jesus. These appear according to Fe in a very different light and declare themselves in short as a result of the doctrine guiding spirit creates matter”.

Fe would not dispel Christianity”, but rather provide that each of us is able to be healthy with the help of the own creative consciousness, happy and satisfied. It is clear that Hollerbach many experiences is made here, because he reported at different points in the book also by his work as a doctor and healer. Shows that healing for him not only with instruments, not only with drugs, but above all alone through the power of the appropriate creative consciousness is possible. So that any interested readers to yourself can learn how he can heal himself and others, Lother Hollerbach lists a variety of recommendations and to be easily conducted exercises in the second part of the book.

New: Bad Heilbrunner

Bad Heilbrunner : healthy tea beneficial effect! Bad Heilbrunn, September 2010: Bad Heilbrunner undisputed market leader in health teas * takes tea with Atemfrei and “KnochenStabil tea” a two new health teas in the filter bag. Cold weather, winds, and extreme temperature falls: In the autumn and winter months our body is exposed considerable stress. Our organism, is trying to defy the weather, although many in this time are suffering from cold symptoms. Mostly the respiratory system keep flabby and we suffer from a stuffy nose. A healthy diet and plenty of exercise in the fresh air can help support the immune system, to be less prone to respiratory problems. This does not help ointments, camomile steam baths or other inhalations are the most commonly used tools to breathe freely again. Usually their application is however quite time-consuming and too troublesome, to, for example, directly in the workplace use. The bad Heilbrunner Atemfrei tea, a herbal tea blend with peppermint and eucalyptus gives natural freshness and good feel free to breathe. The included lemon grass is invigorating and ensures a fresh taste. But the tea is ideal not only for cold symptoms, also for refreshment. Breathe in and enjoy life to the fullest with the bad Heilbrunner Atemfrei tea! Bad Heilbrunner Atemfrei is tea fall 2010 new medicinal tea shelf leading drugstore and consumer markets. There are 8 filter bags for EUR 1.15 (MSRP). Source: Market research firm Nielsen: 70.3% market share of health teas, MAT June 2010, LEH + DM without Aldi + Lidl + Norma is an extremely innovative herbal blend of bad Heilbrunner KnochenStabil tea. For healthy teeth and bones strong and stable: calcium is one of the most important minerals, which the human body must be supplied for a lifetime. Here it goes Calcium requirements with increasing age. Up to our 35th year of life outweighs the bone structure, but then the bone mass decreases annually by about 1.5%. This is also a reason that especially for the elderly is an increased risk of osteoporosis, and they are also more prone to fractures. Especially women who are in menopause, are affected by decreasing bone mass. Therefore, it is particularly important to supply the body with sufficient calcium. This can be done on the one hand about the diet, by one increasingly relies on milk products or green vegetables, such as broccoli, leek, or kale. The bad Heilbrunner KnochenStabil tea supplies the body with calcium and especially well suited for the addition of a lactosefreien diet. With 2 cups a day 200 mg calcium are added to the body, which covers a quarter of the recommended daily allowance. This herbal tea blend is based inter alia on nettles, and peppermint. Both Medicinal plants are valued for centuries for their contained mineral salts such as calcium. Oat straw, as well as the horsetail also provide the body with the important bone building silica. Looking for a healthy way of life, a varied diet and strengthen your bones with the bad Heilbrunner KnochenStabil tea! Bad Heilbrunner KnochenStabil is tea fall 2010 new medicinal tea shelf leading drugstore and consumer markets. There are 8 filter bags for EUR 1.15 (MSRP).

Free Implant Advisor 2012

The portal of dentistry offers a free implant Advisor if the dentist determines that a tooth must be removed, is a very unpleasant message. The person concerned has to worry about, how the gap should be supplied. Who do not wish to, again to bite into an Apple? A dental implant is the best currently aesthetically, but also most expensive solution. However, do the most people nowadays for a dental implant with a bridge or a denture. Who are carefully informed in advance about the possibilities and differences, can save money and make the right decisions.

The dentistry Portal brought out an implant Advisor together with the doctor of Volker Kitttas, which can be requested free of charge. “We wanted to publish a guide that unbiased and independently informed patients. Is it comprehensive and easily understandable. “, so the operators of. The implant guide 2012 includes 48 pages and is in eight Chapters divided. He answered the questions: “What is an implant?”, “Who are implants suitable?” and “what implant types are there?”.

Step by step the reader learns how dental implant treatments, how much is an implant, which examinations in advance are necessary and how long it takes, until you can eat everything again. Complicated operations are understandable by vivid illustrations. For people who already have an implant, there are skin care tips. In the directory of dentists from Germany imagine, which specializes in the field of implantology. The implant guide 2012 can be requested free of charge from the 1st October 2011 as PDF document. Can the free Advisor, on the side: implant Advisor/implantatratgeber.html request. Company description that is Miomedia GmbH & co. KG is a Frankfurt Internet agency that specializes laienverstandlich to prepare health information for visitors. Under the motto “Health networks” Miomedia operates several topic-specific health portals. Company contact: Miomedia GmbH & Co KG Georg Mekras Graf road 83 60486 Frankfurt am Main Tel: 06966969690 E-Mail: Web: