Heating Equipment

Air curtains Air curtains are designed to protect the premises from the heated cold air gets inside through the open doors, gates, working the window. The principle of operation of these devices is simple: a powerful fan mounted inside the veil, creates high-speed air flow, forming a 'invisible barrier' and not allowing warm air to escape outside, and cold – to penetrate into the room. Click The Author to learn more. Veils are usually set above the door and create a stream of air downward. Air curtains are indispensable in the shops, restaurants, warehouses – anywhere where a large flow of visitors lead to frequent openings. Moreover, properly picked up the veil allows even in the winter to keep the door permanently open and still maintain a comfortable indoor temperature without additional energy costs. The veil may be useful in the summer – 'invisible barrier "keeps the room air-conditioned air (of course, when heating is turned off), protects against dust and insects. Heat (or air-heat) screen – a shield for the separation of zones with different temperatures.

She put on a doorway or window, it forms an invisible barrier, missing people, objects, but does not include letting cold air in and out lukewarm. Air curtain creates a dense air flow, which insulates atmosphere of the room from the street and cold drafts or heat. Air curtains can be seen not only in offices, shops, cafes or in stock, but also in suburban homes. Air curtains are very popular in shopping centers, banks, pharmacies, shops, catering establishments, warehouses, and any other public enterprises and institutions, where high flow of people or vehicles moving from the cold into the heated outdoor room. .