Make Shower Curtains

If you just want to give life and color to your bathroom you can do it at low cost. Here are some suggestions about how to provide shower curtains, you can do without spending more than a few euros. How to make shower curtains The first step in learning how to make shower curtains is to measure the distance from the top of the shower to the ground. It then has to select the type of plastic canvas and design you want, and buy at a hardware store this measure multiplied by two, to make a double panel, and thus have more privacy in the bathroom. It must also be added to this measure about 50 cm., To make the holes there. For example, if you measure 3 meters in height, require a total of 6 m. and 50 cm. Material: 6 m.

for the two panels and 50 cm. given additional leeway. It should be noted that the ideal is that the material is wider than the perimeter to cover, so that water can not escape through the sides, and that you would be easier to cover the entire area of the shower. For the holes in the hanger can use plastic eyelets, which are easily found at hardware stores, and plastic hooks, in case you prefer that are not linked directly to the bars and can run better. Once you have bought the plastic canvas, you should wash it and let it dry thoroughly. After you do this, fold in half and cut it so that you stay two panels of equal size. Then fold the top 25 cm. of the canvas, forming small rectangles, then make holes where you can insert the curtain rod. And finally decide which side will want to fix it, and sew the last hole on that side, so it is tighter. As you have seen, learning how to make shower curtains is very simple, can save you money, and always will give your bathroom a fresh look that makes you feel as if premiered facilities.