Success In Life

Success in life is the aspiration of all human beings, since in this way performed personally, the struggle to achieve every day our dreams more cherished becomes the inspiration for a better tomorrow, for a better life and to find happiness and the reason for our existence. All we ask ourselves which is the road shorter towards happiness, towards wealth, toward love. Every day we strive to achieve a better tomorrow and sometimes seems so unreachable that dream of reaching our goals, that at times we hesitate, and many times we move away and leave you fight for those big dreams. Recently had the chance to meet the author of the book: read and become rich, the author is Burke Hedges, the truth I had bought that book some years ago in a bookstore where they sell second-hand books, I found interesting and buy you for $40.00 pesos. Already in the tranquility of my house, lei book and I started to think about what the author mentioned in terms of the changes that had to make in your life, for in this way leave the kind of life that had been working as a laborer in the manufacture of boats from sunrise to sunset and receive 5 dollars hour. The value that showed to resign from his job and venture in a new viiaje and a new activity unknown until that time by the.

However despite external circumstances and unfavorable conditions which at that time were presented the siguio adelante. The author says in his book: I decided to resign and the next day was in the parking lot of a cellular phone business very early, waiting for the owner of the establishment to request work from seller, I had to wait 2 hours until you opened your business. Once it opened and I could talk with the and ask seller work, gave me the opportunity to sell phones in a place located 1 hour away from my house. Daily invertia 2 hours travel from my home to the place of sale and return to my house. Without however a year already had my own business of selling mobile phones, and this way I started to open step little by little in business, until I was understanding them and I was generating my own wealth. When I had the opportunity to talk with the and reiterate my astonishment and my appreciation for what he had achieved in his life and that at the time in which the chatted with me, already is had become a millionaire. IE had converted their dreams actually told Me several secrets that are very important to achieve everything you want in life, and for that you can turn your dreams into reality…

Cali Colombia Antonio

The third city in Colombia and the world capital of the sauce is what tourists are in the head, when they come to Cali, with its pleasant climate to enjoy the nights, good food and an impressive artistic scene. Cali, capital of Valle del Cauca, geographically important as industrial power in the southwest of Colombia, is an attractive prospect for any visitor who wishes to know the coast of the Pacific or make way towards or from Ecuador.Cali is potential as a tourist destination, cultural attractions and nightlife and offers variety of options which makes it a very pleasant visit. History and made contemporary founded in 1536 by Sebastian de Belalcazar, who also founded Quito in Ecuador, Cali has always been of strategic importance to trade and therefore grew rapidly.As with most Colombian cities, Santiago de Cali played an important role on the road to independence. Attractions. Guarded by the statue of the Christ King and the Tres Cruces, Cali has been blessed with good weather, salsa, happy inhabitants, beautiful women and a large number of neighborhoods of fashion whose boutiques and restaurants are the style of the existing ones in los Angeles or Miami. Where to eat for those who have no budgetary constraints, are advised visiting upscale neighborhoods of Granada or El Penon, where can enjoy the gastronomic wonders of fashionable establishments.Granada is an area of ten blocks is summarized in style and good taste.In any case, do not miss the opportunity to dine at the exquisite piangua clam harvesting the roots of mangroves on the coast of the Pacific or the vallecaucano kitchen delight.Another option is the neighbourhood of San Fernando and the surroundings of the dog park. Museums to enjoy exhibitions of pre-Columbian artifacts, go to La Merced Archeological Museum.Also in this district there are a number of other museums that are worth including as the Calima gold Museum, religious and Colonial Museum of San Francisco and not far from the Intercontinental Hotel is the impressive Museum of modern art La Tertulia recommended.

San Antonio. You can visit the colonial neighborhood of San Antonio in one afternoon.Suba along the picturesque streets before the meal to take advantage of the lunch offerings before going to the slope, wooded park frequented by couples kissing.The chapel of San Antonio is located in the upper part of the Park and was completed in 1747.Inside there is an ornate Baroque altar.Take a break here, at the top of the Hill and the rest in the shade and admire the views of the city’s rapid growth before lunch in one of the Bohemian cafes and restaurants that can be found here. Cali Zoo Cali Zoo authorities have focused on the preservation and conservation of the endemic species of the region and the Aviary is particularly useful that allows visitors to learn about and personal to photograph rare species such as the cock of the rock. In summary, Cali covers the modern, without letting go of its colonial past. Search Hotels in Cali Colombia, near these areas and be amazed of these contrasts. Cali is a city of 2.7 million inhabitants, surrounded by great mountains of the cordillera de los Andes.It is a place driven by the sugar industry, and while not as picturesque as Cartagena, seems to have much to offer. In addition to a large amount of bars in sauce, incredible mountains, a wide variety of elegant Cali hotels, including the hotel Spiwak at the Chipichape Mall, found the home of various arts and crafts, beautiful murals and the historic church of San Antonio.