America Satellite

Not so long ago, conventional TV delights. Children were not torn away from the screen, the elderly complained about the "damage" to health from radiation. But today television has not diminished, there was many channels, there was satellite TV. Satellite TV – a system of signal transmission to the consumer through an artificial Earth satellite, located over the equator. The original reason the use of satellite repeater is very simple – so goes cheaper. After all, their use is not necessary to build many televyshek, among which one can apply the same frequency. Using this equipment, allows to obtain high image quality of digital. With the launch of Sputnik, it was estimated the huge potential that could be a satellite link.

But even before that, for the first time the use of Satellite wrote in his article, Arthur Clack. This article was published in the journal , in 1945. In 1977 he adopted the International Plan of satellite broadcasting. If you are unsure how to proceed, check out Spurs. It was designed for, that each country will be transferred to five national programs at first speech on international broadcasting out of the question. During this plan, technical means to implement it was not, and when they appeared, in most countries have already created a ground network. So the need for further development of satellite television was not. Around the same time there is growing interest in the program a narrow target audience. For example, cooking shows, music, programs for children.

Most This proved to be suitable for this satellite channels in conjunction with ground-based networks. Telstar-I was the first satellite with which to transfer the TV signal, he launched into an elliptical orbit July 10, 1962 Its construction cost of six million U.S. dollars. Telstar-I was universal, passed on telephone, television signals, telegraph messages. The emergence of a new satellite, sparked the imagination of people around the world. TV audience in the millions. July 16, 1962 was held the first session of color television signal between Europe and America. In-orbit satellite stayed seven months, by today's standards it's a little, but it use, began during a transcontinental television, blurred the boundaries between countries. In Russia, a true satellite was discovered by "NTV Plus". They began to use the method of signal reception from individual satellite ground antenna, which receives the signal itself, without using repeaters. At present, there was a lot of companies offering their services to satellite television. It Tricolour, Rainbow TV, TV Continent. To use the satellites not only need an antenna and receiver. Satellite television, today, is no longer a luxury, "plate" can be seen almost anywhere and at any home.