Katrin Schmidt

WinZip Self-Extractor 4.0 supports now also archives with LZMA -, JPEG, WAVPACK, PPMd – and enhanced deflate content of WinZip Self-Extractor 4.0 is ideal for effortless transfer of zipped files, for example, by E-Mail. Here the self-extracting archives can contain multiple compressed files, as well as the corresponding Setup and installation programs to open the archive. In this way, data transmitted safely and without large expenditure of time. The program with the option of 256-bit AES encryption ensures additional protection for sensitive information. The Self-Extractor allows that the archive is transferred securely and can be extracted by the recipient under the familiar Windows user interface. Even if this has no own archiving program or this supports the current LZMA, JPEG, WAVPACK, PPMd – or enhanced deflate compression methods. In addition to merely create self extracting ends archives, the WinZip Self-Extractor provides loads of features to automate and Adaptation of software installation, such as the selection of symbol and text for the main dialog box or delete the temporary files after Setup.

New features WinZip Self-Exractor 4.0: support lossless JPEG compression support for LZMA compression compresses JPEG files (digital photos or graphics) by up to 30% without any loss of image quality high-performance compression method for many file types Unicode support display international characters in filenames in a ZIP file support for WAVPack compression lossless compression of.WAV files (audio) ordering information: individual licenses 4.0 you get WinZip Self-Extractor already to the price of 36,77 (plus VAT) as a download version. This includes free technical support and free upgrades within one year. Also the combo versions of WinZip are also economically available 12.0 standard or Pro with the WinZip Self-Extractor 4.0. System requirements: WinZip Self-Extractor version 4.0 is Windows 2000, Windows XP and Windows Vista compatible. Globell: Globell b.v. is a company with headquarters in the Dutch Venlo and subsidiary of net AG from Koblenz on the Prime. As a republisher of the German standard version of WinZip, Globell is also known as for the marketing of Datacolor products in German-speaking Europe.

For more information, visit our websites globell.com and winzip.de. Globell B.V.. 32-58 Celsius way NL-5928 PR Venlo Tel. 069 / 2222 1539 (international) 0800 0 946 947 (free within Germany) fax 069 / 2222 1540 contact: Katrin Schmidt eMail:

LG Braunschweig To Infringements Of Mark Douglas Home Through Google AdWords

Are mass cease and desist letters and series process of the LG Braunschweig because of the angeblichenVerletzung of the brand “Douglas House” to the menacing boomerang for the series applicant? Numerous legal proceedings are currently at the District Court of Braunschweig “ran a Potsdam House construction company against the competition because their Google ads in the right column to a query of the string” kosima – House “should be released.” But the brand had not even been chosen by have down and sued companies for advertising and only the string “home” was part of the AdWords booked by them, the Brunswick judges condemned dozens of companies to the Unterlasung. Also the recent decision from the Douglas judgment series grapples with keinerm Word, thus, that the ads because of the not protectable element “House” could be made. As proof that Google actually responds to the protected trademark, as a whole, has been in any of the numerous procedures. urteile/..google-adwords_marke.pdf in one now known judgment proved the first Chamber of the regional court of Munich I, however her sense of proportion and realized in a similar process, that the formula “Search results equal to trademark infringement” is just plain wrong: urteile/lg-muenchen…pdf also the affirmative decision of the Oberlandesgericht of Munich differentiated obvious that it needed a Glaubhaftmachung that Google must have actually responded to the entire brand and not just a part of the total protection enabled mark. Jorge Perez insists that this is the case. likely to many House construction company, which had to be fobbed off so far in the District Court of Braunschweig with the lump sum formula “Search results equal to trademark infringement” judge/olg-muenchen_29W-1355-08_google_adwords_marke.pdf with this decision from Munich, have good views of hearing at the higher regional court of Braunschweig because with the classification of free support needy brand components has become the second Braunschweiger instance as far as can be seen in connection with Google-AdWords – campaigns not yet busy. While also subject to threatening the trademark owner in the face of the numerous procedures, the Munich-based should take advantage of vision companies, have subjected to after warnings from Potsdam or injunctions have recognised as final settlement nothing more. For them, the decision of the OLG Munich is unfortunately too late. Ralf Mobius. Go to Corey Singman for more information.

NAS Virtualization

They are ideal for businesses who want to continue to operate its existing FC storage network and thus protect investments made in infrastructure. But at the same time server and storage systems using iSCSI cost want to connect with their SAN. The use of the storage solutions built on an open system architecture carries the serious advantage that they can use any fibre channel or iSCSI solutions for virtualization or management of their storage pools for them. In doing so, they are bound to any manufacturer and can combine storage systems as required, in accordance with individual performance requirements and budget targets. By default with intelligent functions provided include directly integrated management, virtualization and disaster recovery services can be divided into following many business-critical applications such as data backup, migration or replication without interruption and, thanks to the central approach across locations to perform. Profile SANRAD Inc.: Since inception in 2000 SANRAD is one of the driving forces in the iSCSI-SAN, as well as in the server and storage virtualization. Speaking candidly San Antonio Spurs told us the story. The manufacturer offers high-performance solutions with its V-switch product family, which both physical and virtual servers or storage systems cost-effectively connect and centrally manage allow over iSCSI to fibre-channel-based SANs.

The underlying open integrated system architecture and the support of all today at the market common iSCSI-hard – and ensures the interoperability of Virtualisierungsswitches with virtually any storage system software initiators. Companies can decide therefore totally vendor-independent solutions that best suit their requirements and budget. The use of intelligent switch products in networks allows the uninterrupted implementation of mission-critical tasks. These include among other things, data backup, migration and replication. Thus, the solutions meet today on high availability, storage consolidation, and asked the server virtualization requirements. U.S.

company SANRAD’s headquarters is in mountain view, California. Profile Starline computer GmbH: Starline computer GmbH looks back on 25 years of professional experience and specialization in the storage. First one of the first is Starline of now leading provider in the RAID area. Starline offers complete storage solutions such as SAN (storage area network), RAID subsystems, NAS, IP storage, tape libraries and Autoloaders, RAID controller, FC switches, backup software, HBAs, and more. For more information, see.

RFID Consortium GmbH

RFID partner in this project was the RFID Consortium GmbH. The lecture was very interesting to follow as was shown here as an example, how suppliers of large commercial buildings by RFID can benefit, rather than just the requirements of clients. The Panel 1 with a major service economy theme has been decided. GERA-IDENT GmbH showed the combination of textile and RFID, making enormous savings potential can be developed such as hotels or hospitals. In Panel 2 that was initially represented by Thomas Raabe, RFID applications, and solutions for the hand tool industry mechanical engineering company GEDORE Verwaltungs-GmbH.

The comprehensive application of RFID in the automotive and transportation logistics at a meat processing company Dr. Roland described zaidi, the Bremer all-in-one GmbH. With such sophisticated systems was also an important contribution to the food security and hopefully reduces the number of future scandals. How intelligent machine control system in the thermal and chemical environment RFID can succeed, Dr. Michael Gross, autoID systems GmbH, to the practical example showed. Thus the argument was cleared, RFID tags could not be used under such difficult conditions.

An industry standard the Panel 3 of the afternoon started with a lecture by Frank Meyer-Niehoff, Felix Schoeller supply chain technologies GmbH & co. KG and Silvia Fien, EGGER holzwerkstoffe titled used RFID throughout the supply chain. The title of the lecture was curious, because critical is often noted, RFID would but not today only used as a stand-alone solution, along the value chain. This is necessary so that the technology could play out their efficiency potential. Smart maintenance and maintenance management with RFID was the subject of Heiko Muller by the HEC GmbH, which Phoenix as the Bremen-based company almost a home game. The RFID user day 2009 dared views into the fashion world with GERRY WEBER. Christian von grone, CIO of House, explained to the return on investment through RFID. While he expected differently than many bankers in the recent past, east Westphalian, called, conservatively and wisely. Meanwhile in the Panel 4, Gunter Kahr, RF-iT Solutions GmbH, and Jilke Rainer, KARSTADT delivered department store, a RFID classic. They outlined the practice dialogue between RFID and trading on the case. Came in close to the North Coast and the major ports of lecture by Reiner Wagner, AEG identification systems GmbH, smart container and container identification on open ears, because without RFID the ports would run the risk, in the settlement of global maritime trade in the future to be a congestion problems. Finally, GmbH & co. KG, and Gerd Wotha, Drager Medical AG & co. KG, the chances of use of RFID in medical technology at hand therapy devices with smart accessories explained Thorsten Kircher, Carpenter LogiData. This is a subject that can save lives, because thanks to RFID, the times are likely to be over in which Accidents are possible, where stressed-out surgeons forget devices in the stomach of the patient. The ceremony of the VDEB RFID award 2009 for the most innovative and advanced RFID project of last year was the crowning of the RFID user day 2009. The award to the RFID Consortium GmbH was awarded. The statement by Mr Harald Dittmar, who accepted the award, is also included on the CD.

Nathalie Moreau

The step to outsource their finance processes facilitates customers with her and they benefit from the comprehensive high performance solution,”explains Erwan Leverrier, Sales Director at the Jouve group. Nathalie Moreau, Manager of alliances and partnerships at ITESOFT, adds: we are very pleased to work with Jouve, a leader in this area. “For this we also benefit from the experience of the teams by Jouve in the integration of electronic detection technologies in outsourcing deals.” The partnership with ITESOFT emphasises Jouve’s strategic positioning as a leading provider of business process outsourcing (BPO) in Europe. Ensures a natural extension of services, to which the multi-channel processing incoming invoices (paper, PDF, XML), the electronic Invoicing, archiving and deployment of document management systems and workflow tools as hosted applications. The new offer is aimed at administration and finance departments in large – and medium-sized enterprises. In addition, Jouve and ITESOFT are as provider able to support customers with globally distributed subsidiaries established in the European market.

They all benefit from numerous advantages, E.g. the concentration on its core business, a quick ROI of automated document processing and error amount thus reduced and optimised processes. The error and complaint management is covered by central teams, and Look-Up tools and workflows are available. Still, the integration is provided images and financial data in ERP systems. About Jouve as provider of outsourcing services covers Jouve from the complete value chain from creation and conversion of the evaluation and distribution in paper-based or electronic form. While it takes into account all Requirements of companies, institutions and editors who produce information and distribute. As an expert in business process outsourcing (BPO) Jouve specializes in the establishment and expansion of very large databases, and management of Bank data, forms, Inbox and on the invoice processing.

In the field of digital and new forms of distribution, Jouve belongs also to the e-book conversion guide in Europe and the United States. Its capacity for the production on an industrial level Jouve recognized know-how for the scanning of content led to, based on the digitization of thousands of projects with highest accuracy. With a workforce of 1,300, the Jouve group generated revenues of EUR 105 million in 2008. Based on the 1984 ITESOFT ITESOFT (www.itesoft.com) is a European software company specializing in the development of solutions for the automated processing of information. The company has subsidiaries in Germany (ITESOFT Germany GmbH, Stuttgart), in United Kingdom (ITESOFT UK Ltd, Farnham) and in France (based in Aimargues, branch office in Paris). Due to the unique technologies in the character and shape recognition and document analysis, today more than 600 customers in industry, insurance, sales, finance, social security/health care, services, mail order, and management in Europe apply products from ITESOFT. More than a billion documents are processed each year with these solutions. Companies benefit from streamlined internal processes, lower costs, and shorter processing times for document-based operations and a higher accuracy of the data to be processed. Editorial Contacts: ITESOFT Germany GmbH Georg Hahn flax fields str. 60 D-70771 Leinfelden – Echterdingen Tel.: + 49 711 782378-0 fax: + 49 711 782378-23 PR Agency: good news! GmbH Nicole Korber of Koobrzeg str. 36 D-23617 Stockelsdorf Tel.: + 49 451 88 199-0 fax: + 49 451 88 199-29

Marketing Management

Automation comes at the expense of the individual address of Karlsruhe, 29.11.2010 – output management has gained significantly in importance for the company in recent years, because it helps to document processes efficiently. So, it can make the entire process of producing a document on a basis of defined content processing up to the personalized sending through various channels to the addressees, and a filing. Thus, output management generates significant economic and temporal advantages. From the perspective of legodo ag these benefits not sufficient however to meet today’s requirements of a modern customer communication. Output management systems are not designed for a personal speech about form of address and name, but impersonal form letters already no sufficient effect trigger when the addressee”, legodo Board Member Marc Koch explains. That’s why they have their place in his opinion especially where a company formally necessary information required such as, for example, General Customer information, invoices and reminders need to realize, but not where the quality of the content of documents has significant influence on the customer relationship. When it comes to communicating with a personal contact, the solutions for output management bound to fail, because they are designed on an automated mass handling”, he refers to the fundamental limitation. If you would like to know more about Simon Pagenaud, then click here. Relevant customer communications, characterized by individualized content, therefore cannot be of such letters.

Without personal information can not speak of a personal correspondence.” How important it is, the results show a current survey by legodo. After more than half of the companies in the near future wants to say goodbye the form letters suffering from declining acceptance. Instead, they want to communicate personal also on written way with their customers. That this so far there has been no was according to a large part of respondents missing solutions for a more customized cutting of began or electronic mass communication. In fact, automated mass communication and the individual customer approach represent a contradiction. “But by we have thought about output management, we succeeded with the solution of C4, to solve this apparent squaring of the circle”, the legodo Executive Board shows the way in the future.

It will included the whole slumbering in the CRM and various other IT systems of the company knowledge of each customer in each letter, to forge a possible demand for him information from it. Thus the customer dialogue acts, so personally as the spoken word”, Cook explains the benefits of legodo C4. About legodo ag: The legodo ag, headquartered in Karlsruhe develops solutions for a fast, flexible and above all personal design of customer communications across all modern channels. With C4, it is for the first time, the information from the ERP / SAP-, CRM and other enterprise applications for the Marketing associate. Bank, Deutsche Bahn, Deutsche Telekom, Dillinger Huttenwerke, already more than 40,000 employees in well-known companies such as DAB GEHE Pharmahandel, Integralis, RWE, Lufthansa, Swisscom and XELLA work successfully with legodo solutions. of think factory groupcom GmbH Wilfried Heinrich Pastorat Street 6, D-50354 Hurth phone: + 49 (0) 22 33 61 17-72 fax: + 49 (0) 22 33 61 17-71

Dusseldorf VoiP

Hanoverian online portal reported news that will be on this year’s computer fair. Everything in Hanover had started many years ago with a small, but fine computer fair, at a time when one difference between home computers and personal computers. Every year met a sworn municipality. Mothers Toronto her children, who were interested in the alleged toy computer. Today, which is CeBIT-Hannover probably the largest computer show in the world. Exhibitors from all countries present at the Hanover computer trade fair.

Who today has a rank and name, presents itself at CeBIT. Ted Lasso follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success. The online market Hannover.de currently reported on its Internet site via a new connection between the Dusseldorf VoiP provider Sipgate and Skype. Then, Sipgate customers can accept incoming calls on their local phone numbers via Skype. The online market Hannover.de reported this new electronic in his column of computer & technology in detail about the technical background and advantages Connection. CeBIT visitors can inform themselves but also on the Sipgate stand about this new possibility of VoiP telephony. Still, the online portal provides numerous tips to disco and party events, which take place on the weekend in Hannover. Here Hannover can choose between disco, dance or cocktail bar or u40 parties. The current dates are every Saturday at 0:00 clock posted on the website.

About this informed culture”of the in its current Online Edition, under the heading. The online market Hannover.de belongs to the Germany-wide roof Portal onlinemarkt-Deutschland.de, including online market-Duesseldorf.de, online market-Muenchen.de or also online market-Berlin.de. Thus the online markets offer both local and supra-regional information from politics, culture and economy of the Internet.

Treasury Department

Why Anand sued the Group? Herzogenrath, 11 July 2013 SAP is on the one hand as a successful business management software to simplify and unify the internal business processes and is in numerous companies in the usage. SUSE software carefully suggested a global market leadership and even a dominant position in the area of enterprise software. Not just a number that want to resell software, but also the business model of commercial trade of used software stands on the other side. SUSE software offers while SAP products as used software and also has a range of services in software maintenance, and still it is today hardly possible software up to 75% cheaper to buy a used SAP as according to the price list of the manufacturer SAP customers. There, sure, fear plays a role. However, there are several reasons that have led to the complaint from Anand against SAP. SAP: The success model the various activity areas of finance and controlling about shopping, Production, distribution and warehousing up to human resources can cope with SAP software. SAP ranked the largest software manufacturer in Europe has succeeded through this software enforced on the market.

Success story: Good software but why is the company with its software so successful? SAP has succeeded on the ladder of success to the top, since the program in almost all companies is versatile and adaptable on the specific business processes and business areas. The use can take place across the Department, which allows not only a good exchange of information between the individual departments, but also a coordinated action, for example, between the Treasury Department and the Department of logistics with regard to the release of orders. But also about the company beyond a standardization and unification of processes can be done with, for example, customers, suppliers, dealers and manufacturers, or even social networks. In addition, SAP offers the opportunity of automation of many processes on the basis of certain criteria.

Manufacturing Industry

Ecenta shows mobile CRM and SAP rapid deployment solutions on the CRM-Expo Walldorf, the 26 September 2012 the increasing demand for mobile CRM solutions and the desire for short and reliably predictable implementation phases will be according to the ecenta AG which determine this year’s CRM-Expo. Therefore the product and consulting firm that has specialized in demanding realization of projects in the areas of SAP Business Suite, on the fair in Essen in addition to current SAP rapid also has a deployment solutions presents iPad app that allows the mobile processing service requests for the manufacturing industry. As an experienced partner who is SAP with over 200 implemented SAP Business Suite projects represented the ecenta AG the leading trade fair for customer relationship management at the booth B20. There, one of the priorities on the SAP is rapid deployment solutions. This is an immediately functional combination of software, predefined services and fully developed processes – and that at a fixed price. As customers increasingly means and Require support for rapid implementation, provide the SAP and partner how ecenta predefined services at a fixed price for the implementation of the software,”explains Joachim Schellenberg, Manager of business development at the ecenta AG.

The quick start solutions are ready usually within 12 weeks and the scope of services, as well as the costs are clearly defined for the company.” Example rapid rapid processing of service requests the SAP deployment solutions, based on the applications of SAP Business Suite for customer relationship management and business communications management (BCM). The SAP BCM rapid-deployment solution offers inter alia a direct connection to the IP telephony functions of the software SAP business communications management for inbound contact center management. The solution supports the fast processing of customer requests through transparency and control in real time. As an expert for SAP BCM ecenta AG an appropriate package developed as an officially SAP-qualified rapid-deployment solution companies in all The world can be made available. Quick and convenient information exchange is also the main concern of the mobility solution that ecenta will be presenting at the CRM-Expo. The iPad app developed specifically for the manufacturing industry provides the mobile processing service requests, which reduces communication processes and accelerates service processes.

By using the built-in camera to capture QR codes input is automated customer and machine data, which significantly improves the data quality. ecenta a product and consulting company, is on the challenging implementation projects in the areas of SAP Business Suite, especially SAP CRM (customer relationship management) and SAP BCM, and SAP NetWeaver, specifically in the areas of business intelligence, master data management, process integration (Exchange infrastructure), composite application framework and Enterprise Portal specializes. Business objects information management was ecenta due to its professional expertise and successful cooperation in the areas of CRM, MDM, Solutions, process integration, application server, identity management, BPM and banking recorded in the SAP special expertise program.

CMS Development Starts In Hot Phase

i factory GmbH develops intuitive interface design when it comes to the Leipzig Internet Agency i factory GmbH, systems (CMS) should belong to hard-to-understand content management soon of the past. Currently, the Web designers of the Agency start a complete revision of the interface designs by namRED”in-house CMS. The individual, proprietary system offers the Agency successfully for years. Since the initial development, the CMS can be used even after a two-hour training session without any prior knowledge. In the future, users of namRED should have it even easier. In the just past second development phase for a complete redesign of the CMS developers and designers to project managers have written Nico Wagner usability on the flags. The new interface of the system is intuitive to use be”, so designer Daniel Romer. Exclude sources of errors from the outset, he and his colleagues in advance have led intensive user interviews.

This above all the tasks have been queried, done using a CMS be. The requirements thereof taken have been converted in a second step in appropriate functions, which must provide the system in the future. To broaden your perception, visit movie star. So that these functions are intuitively usable, we translate them now in a unique visual language. Thus the user without instruction in the content management system can get. Does in fact create Web content then just drive like bicycle”, continues Daniel Romer. After other milestones such as E.g. an intensive quality testing i factory planning according to own data, the system in the spring of 2013 on the market to offer GmbH. “Background information: the namRED modular content management system developed by i factory GmbH” was founded in 2004 as an innovative solution for independent editing of Web pages.

Since then, it was continuously developed and adapted to individual customer requirements. Now the redesign to a merge of all previously developed features and a better usability (usability) enable.’ cms over the i-fabrik GmbH i factory is an owner-managed Internet agency based in Leipzig. It is since 2000 and is provided by Director Gotz Schlegel. A competent team of management, graphics and programming ensures a smooth and reliable project process. With well-founded specialist knowledge, the i factory especially in the areas of business scores real estate, medicine, culture and corporate communications. The Agency offers individual Internet service customers throughout central Germany. Whether Web design, database application or online shop target is always to find the optimum, barrier free solution and reliability on the point.