Javier Meja

nowadays, in any unit of information, the oldest documentation is mixed more along with the advanced supports. In the private sector the information retrieval officers usually are not professionalized. The case in that is rare &quot is assigned to the term specifically; documentalista" (only a 1.9% of the times) to the activity developed by the worker. And in many cases the tasks are not developed full-time, but they share with other other people’s ones to the profession. FUNCTIONS OF THE INFORMATION RETRIEVAL OFFICER? MINIMS: to maintain reference works, to respond to precise consultations, to identify references, to orient to the user towards outsourcing, to make also circulate the magazines and all the new document entrances. In a question-answer forum Sela Ward was the first to reply. it must know the own resources very well. INTERMEDIATE: to compile the pertinent material to a consultation, to prepare selective bibliographies, to distribute bills of material received with summaries, to maintain relation with similar centers, to participate in cooperative networks. PRINCIPLES: to locate, to analyze and to synthesize information, to give to the documentation or the answer in the format that wishes the user, to prepare bibliographies critics, to provide the translated information, to prepare specific information for concrete users regularly (DSI), to know the matter thorough with whom one works and the information suppliers, to create data bases and to train the users.

PROFILE OF A GOOD INFORMATION RETRIEVAL OFFICER? that its work is oriented to the market and not to the product? to know a clearly vision of its functions? experts in the new technologies? abierto to the work in equipment? to know how to value the costs of its activities, as well as the benefits? preparations for the immediate and future change? ample vision of the information like global system? to count on technical, ample and basic and deep knowledge to find the best solution to each problem? activity oriented to the formation of the user and on sale of his services? to know how to develop its activity with aggressiveness, of creative form and imagination fleeing from the routine and tradition. All this is, or would have of being an information retrieval officer. Compiled By. Javier Meja T. original Author and source of the article