Earth Realization

The challenge makes the leader of excellence and no challenge without risk to failure.The assimilated failure makes the tissue, the texture of the success. The winners know that it is the surest way to achieve what we want. 7 – Be excellent is to claim us ourselves the full development of our potential seeking tirelessly the realization.The universal vocation of man is his own and full realization.The realization is the full expression of our potential, and the only way to achieve excellence is to have the courage and the courage to remove it better ourselves. 8 – Being excellent is to understand that we can achieve the realization through the daily privilege of our work.Let us make every hour of our existence a masterpiece.Man has the option of resembling God every day through its creative talent. For even more opinions, read materials from General Hospital. 9 – Being excellent is to create something: a system, a position, a company, a home and a life.The human being is in God’s image and becomes such when it is creative.Excellent beings are those who are trying to do things always in top shape. Challenge yourself and dream with changes of higher-order and fight tirelessly for achieving them.

10 – Being excellent is exercising our freedom and be responsible for each one of our actions.Free is not someone who does what he wants, but it does what it should do.Freedom is exercised participate, committing ourselves with what we love. There is no freedom without compromise. 11 – Being excellent is feel offended and jump into the action against slander and injustice.The ideas will make you strong; the invincible ideals.Be excellent is deeply incorporated into their community, you know part of it and understands that the ills that afflict it are the responsibility of all its members. 12 – Being excellent is lift the eyes of Earth, raise the spirit and dream of achieving the impossible.A thinker dies in a day, a dreamer living eternally.An idealist is like a Sun that heats, illuminates and radiates throughout your environment. 13 – Be excellent is to transcend our time bequeathing to future generations a better world.Live in excellence will make us remain forever for future generations.Beings that mark trails, which harness the achievement of ideals.

Lieutenant Governor

Remember that: (definition of nouns and adjectives) nouns: noun is the word that functions as a subject of the sentence, they have gender and number. Many times you are accompanied by articles, but it can operate without them. Nouns are always things, places, people or animals. Adjectives: adjectives are words that name or indicate qualities, traits and properties of names or nouns that accompany formation of nouns and adjectives: formation of ADJECTIVES: suffixes:-trend or nuance bear/osa (hue or quantity): loving, delicious. AZ/ez: talkative, daring, mordant, capable, truthful. izo / a: coppery, reddish. uzco/a: brownish, whitish. -Relative a: ar: family.

esco/a: novelistic. ICO/a: volcanic. -Diminutivos (already). -Numeral adjectives: ava/o s: octaves, twelfth. era/o/s: first, third. -Other formations: ivo/a: expressive, harmless.

ble: washable, terrible. to the / ales: legal, loyal, optional. NTE/s: galante, evident, brave. FORMATION of NOUNS: Suffixes:-gender: ina: gallo-hen. this: count – Countess. ISA: poet-poet. a: uncle-aunt. TRIZ: actor – actress, Emperor-Empress. -Trades or professions: suede/entity: salesman, Mayor. ero / a: jeweler. ISTA: artist. -Abstract qualities: anza: hope. anchor / gingiva: importance, querencia, tolerance, mercy, patience. EZ/eza: brilliance, beauty, royalty. itud: request, altitude. Dad: cruelty, loneliness. ERIA / ia: nonsense, joy. ISM: opportunism (ISM/a is used for nouns and adjectives isimo). URA: tenderness, madness. tion / sion: song, passion, emotion, vision. -Places: Cliff: sink, laundry room. atorio: sink, sanatorium. produces: dining room. ERIA: shoe shop, butcher, fishmonger, bakery. -Prefixes: to (absence of): dry, aphonic. before (before de): ancestor, yesterday, antechamber, glasses. des / dis (absence of): dishonest, unfair, disassemble, strip paint from, destemplado, impair, disabled, non-conforming, defoliation. extra (out of): extraordinary, unofficial, alien. i/im/in (no, denial): illegal, impossible, uncertain, endless, restless, invisible, immoral, illogical, impractical, ignoble, uneasy, undeniable, undefeated, unnecessary, useless. go (no, denial): irresponsible. POS/post (after): postpone. TRANS / after (more than beyond): transparent, transatlantic, penetrate, disrupt, move. Sub (below): stress, subregion, underground, submarine. Super (more than): supermarket, Superman. Vice: Lieutenant Governor, Vice President, Deputy Director. Remember: The adjective modifies the noun; It can do this in two ways: 1. by adding to the significance of the noun something that is necessary or of course not within him, or 2. Developing, by removing its significance, something that in him can be understood. You can also modify the verb.

Female Psychology

It is only natural that a man wants to be the center of attention of women. But the truth is that very often men are auto sabotage committing serious errors when they try to attract a woman. For example, you can have discovered be excessively well fails and leaves you only hurt. The truth is that men who seduce most women use psychological tactics that allow them to seduce any woman, no matter how attractive that is. Three psychological principles to seduce any woman: Prior to discussing the principles you have to understand something.

Stop thinking that to make women you want you must make them happy. If you are not convinced, visit Larry Culp. If you’re friendly and good all the time you finish being rejected very quickly. 1. All human beings are attracted by things that we know that we can not have. You must use the principle of the scarcity as a psychological hook to seduce a woman. Now do you understand why being polite and good is a loss of your efforts? Reason it is that if you aparentas be too easy, this will make you to be perceived as a person It creates zero attraction. That’s the brutal truth. 2.

All human beings are looking for drama and adventure to enrich our lives. How can you apply this principle to the seduction of women? Therefore, to be able to attract a woman what to do is carry on an affair of emotions, make it feel good and mail, happy and sad. Mixing these emotions and soon you will be the main object of his interest. 3 Not a man who speaks too attracts women. Many men tend to talk more than necessary when we are with a girl, this is because they are insecure and want to strive to impress her with words. You must stop doing this. Only stable a casual conversation, and be careful not to have too many jokes. Make it laugh, but not all the time, just enough to encourage it to want to talk more with you. If you want to learn how to attract and seduce beautiful women with ease, just make Click here.

Geneva Motorshow

Almost a week that Volkswagen unfold its new Scirocco model next month of March at the Geneva Motorshow, the first images of its new Coupe sports have been filtered to the network. New VW Scirocco that incidentally will be built at the factory which pose the brand in Setubal, Portugal – is derived from the platform of the Golf, however, those responsible for engineering and design of the home of Wolfsburg have squandered talent and imagination to give it a bold and powerful, image a more sporty and striking interior, maneuverability and behavior more dynamic and exciting to bewitch the hearts of lovers of speed and high performance. This Coupe 4 seater sports pays tribute to the original Sirocco from the 1970s, which gave much joy to the German firm. Later maintained in its range a similar car, the Corrado, very revered by young European buyers. Anna Belknap usually is spot on. Now, the Sirocco returns by their charters and with leftover attributes that positioned it as a rival to care within the segment of Coupe them sports. For sample, just observe the images here presented him, since you look down where you look at it, it looks simply spectacular, thanks to the courage of the brand designers to maintain intact the muscular and aggressive forms of the Iroc Concept in the final production model. Its three-door body exudes beauty and power by all the sides. His sharp and pronounced front, for example, this presided over by an aggressive grille that merges with the attractions and huge xenon headlamps, while the surround defense boasts an eye-catching sport fascia with a wide takes ventilation in black color and a few small fog headlights that emphasize their sports personality. Its athletic and fluid silhouette has dispensed with all superfluous elements to improve its aerodynamics, and is topped by a few discrete skirts and voluptuous fenders that are home to a few showy sports cut alloy wheels mounted on low profile tires.