Treatment Of Spinal Cord And Spinal Injuries

Scientists have developed a genetic technique that repair damaged nerve tissue in the spine, which in future could lead to treatments for paralyzed people, researchers reported in the article, published in the journal Nature Neuroscience. A team of researchers led by Zhi Gang Ho (Zhigang He) from Harvard Medical School has demonstrated for the first time that nerve cells of spinal cord corticospinal tract can be made again under development, the enzyme retains its activity, providing new growth of tissue. As they get older person suppresses the activity of the enzyme PTEN, which prevents the regeneration of damaged University of California at Irvine, USA. In their experiments with mice, the team, He showed that the blocking of the gene responsible for synthesis in nerve cells of the enzyme PTEN, using a harmless virus triggers activation of mTOR nerve cells in the adult organism, accompanied by the growth and healing of nerve damage. Contact information is here: Jorge Perez. Now scientists have proved that the newly accreted areas corticospinal tract must allow to return mobility of the limbs, and methodology of suppression of PTEN is safe for humans.

To restore the functionality in most clinical cases of fusion requires very small sections of the spinal cord – key factor in determining the degree of paralysis of man, is not the number of injured nerve tissue, and the distance from the brain damage. So even a small lesion in the neck causes paralysis of limbs, loss of sensitivity below the shoulders, as well as loss of control of the excretory system and loss of reproductive functions. 'All these lost body functions can be restored, if we find way to reconnect the damaged neurons in the spinal cord ', – he added. At present, scientists examine how their method is effective for recovery of limb in mice. If successful, the authors Publication will begin to develop drugs for humans. Reported SANYATODAY.INFO

The Heart

On the main chakras have heard everything, but few knows that the beginning of these energy vortices located along the spine, as if inside a physical body, and that only five of them (2, 3, 4, 5, 6 in the figure) have access to the front and rear energy body. Chakras directly connected with certain organs and glands of the human body, their functions, as well as the various manifestations of a more subtle plan. Through the chakras by energy information exchange with the surrounding human energies. From the foregoing it is clear that maintaining the health of the chakras in great condition and their harmony is very important for the health and development of the metaphysical qualities. It should be noted that the mechanism of influence of the energy centers through the glands and internal organs by means of vibrations on man's ability to metaphysics, the science has not been studied, but the effect is proved. The main seven chakras are for us the greatest practical interest, so information on them for clarity in the table.

Tables and figures watch # 4akr As the table shows, there are some contradictions in the context of the specific manifestations of the chakras intuition and emotion. For me personally in this matter Toltec teaching preferred. To be aware and careful, we can see that the strong emotions raised it from the zone of the solar plexus. Confirmation that a person receives information from the unmanifest through the heart chakra is the experience of displacement, "the assemblage point," which, in essence, is the heart chakra.

American Center

Whether the amount of iodine in the cells of the stomach enough, these bacteria were simply destroyed. Some of the compounds of iodine and its radioactive isotopes are dangerous to us. To solve the hazardous properties of iodine are currently working a number of medical centers in the world (including in Kazakhstan), which also held a variety of clinical study the therapeutic action of iodine. The main problem was transport of iodine in the human body, because iodine is very active and suppresses most of the elements, in addition, the body needs pure iodine. Solution was found in the property of iodine "give themselves" some "protein" compounds of plants and insects (pure iodine is in the walnuts and seaweed).

Synthesis of pure iodine and "protein" is a connection natural proof of a deep and careful treatment of iodine to the organic world! Iodine does not happen much, a person overdose of iodine is not threatened. Untapped iodine is completely eliminated from the body. Under all of the above begs the question – what is vitally necessary for human dose of iodine? The answer we find in the words of the director of the American Center "Shanter," Professor G. Abraham: "The constant daily intake of iodine through food and supplements in the Japanese standard, 13.5 mg (the recommended dose of the Department of Health of Japan) will eventually (and with the start to satisfy our hungry body) to solve almost all the misfortunes that that we are tolerant of the constant sores.

America Galileo

And most importantly listening – it is expensive, that would be all the events of the day he just wanted to tell you, to share only with you, what would you have for him indispensable. After reading all this you probably raises the question: "Why do I need to adjust, be different? And did he say? And why not? "- But because the man made differently. If he were three times intelligent, educated, intelligent – but he's a man. In his genes since their ancestors founded the instinct of conquest. You know at least one woman who went to a trip to conquer new horizons? Columbus discovered America Galileo laid the foundation of astronomy, Amundsen, Przewalski … .. Men are attracted by the unknown.

You know at least one woman who went to war raided? It is the prerogative of all men. Great poets – Pushkin, Yesenin …- all our men. But all these deeds they have done for us and for us. If after marriage you have to become her husband read the book, he simply loses interest in you. But there are so many walks of young, long-legged, not the conquered, unknown women. And here and there is temptation to try to win this or that, because him you will not wonder if he knows you, knows your reaction to this or that. Therefore, it is often necessary to play, admire, saying that he best in order to preserve the family and the father of the children. But we shall not reach it, although advice and banal, but occasionally need one, but during the spoken word! Instruction number 2.