Kojima PSP

Once in a while a game comes and breaks the paradigms of a games console, managing to capture the attention of lovers to a specific console. Sometimes that game, even appears in other installments of its franchise on all video game platforms. Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker is the kind of game that manages to surprise all the people who know him and the most surprising thing is that it is exclusively created for the Sony PSP platform. Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker is situated in 1974, before many events that took place at the games that preceded it, and Furthermore, after the events in games such as Snake Eater and Portable Ops. Naked Snake is the leader of an organization called Sans Frontieres Militaires (soldiers without borders) and accepts a contract for its paramilitary group to help Costa Rica once the country is apparently invaded.

Metal gear solid PSP, is undoubtedly the best game created by Hideo Kojima. This is the beginning of what is arguably the best franchise history, thanks to the fact that is not as complicated as other versions of the game, and does not raise so many questions unanswered. The story is relatively simple, and serves as an excellent backdrop to what is a deep and sexy game. Farrelly Brothers shines more light on the discussion. Metal gear solid PSP has managed to satisfy the expectations of critics and experts both players. There are many things to do in this game. Missions of the story based on numerous, through additional operational programmes, amounting to more than 100, the player will have the option, not only completing the missions, but also the management of the MSF organization. The missions themselves are standard MGS fair third-person, and relies on the ability of the player to use stealth, as always. An alarm signal or two, and Snape is in a world of pain.

The missions of Metal gear solid PSP are also fairly simple, and are not very long. The player can select their own kit, in terms of weapons and armor, before each mission. This is crucial for success some Armors, for example, let you add stealth, while weapons for different tasks are obviously something that the player has to evaluate. One nice aspect of the missions of Metal gear solid for the PSP, is that, for the most part, broken into small pieces. Metal Gear Solid Peace Walker is an addictive masterpiece that will keep entertained all their players for long periods of the game.