Preparation of espresso from the 'gold' coffee beans (expensive mixes) – not always an indicator of quality coffee. A lot of nuances and factors in the preparation of espresso should be taken for one, have always greatly affect the quality of the drink, as well as the stability of the taste of the cup to a cup. Fresh mixture, the experience of the barista (in Italy a very prestigious profession – as opposed to Russia), the condition of the equipment (coffee makers, coffee grinders, etc.) – all are keys to success in making quality coffee. Hedvig Hricak: the source for more info. The paradox but, most owners of espresso coffee machines – do not think about, whether operated coffee machine in time whether to make any technical maintenance, daily care! Why? It's simple – coffee equipment is a "free use". What does this mean – the coffee company has installed a coffee machine, a restaurant, cafe, bar, hotel, coffee shop for consumption of mixtures monosortov.

And why not? And why worry about what happens to the coffee machine – this is a technical service provider, which will make the service at regular intervals (Usually 1-2 times per month). This scheme is strongly promoted in the big cities of our country. But to achieve the quality of coffee drink – this is very small. Must at least have to be trained barista (bartender), as Each mixture – is unique, as a rule, is different to prepare. But who can guarantee that after learning the bartender will not change jobs? Conclusion – restaurateurs gentlemen "take care of trained personnel," which is one of the important factor in quality coffee in your restaurant! And always remember espresso "live" for three minutes, and the waiters thought "now Zapara – I was not up to coffee," a strong influence on the quality of espresso. For example, in your restaurant guest entered the first time, having tried an espresso, I realized that in life more coffee you drink it will not.

Simply because in this day barista not come to work and was replaced by a waiter. A first impression – is the first. Modern espresso coffee machines (Classic) – very reliable. And with proper use, work long term without major repairs. Coffee machine is the most expensive equipment out of the bar. But let's think on the contrary, in any case a espresso will make a profit of at least EUR 1. It turns out that when buying a coffee machine, it quickly pays for itself and earns you money. Why join duties before coffee company, using its equipment if it is possible to purchase it. Thus, your dependence on the supplier of coffee, will be reduced to a minimum. Most restaurateurs do not pay serious attention to all the above, although the quality of coffee drink should be the other way around. Not to mention the quality of the ingredients used to prepare various types of coffee. All the above was written, the first step to quality coffee at your institution.