Every Car Owner Should Worry About A Regular Vehicle Maintenance

Care tips for motorists help to avoid the car care when rust and other damage many motorists only on the optics and neglect cleaning non-visible places, or forget invisible”safety and corrosion risks. To better protect the car against rust and other damage, it’s worth for every car driver to heed some care tips and regularly to control the most important things, and to clean. Insects should be removed (e. g. with the specially cleaning provided for), for example, regularly because they can burn themselves into the paint and will damage the surface.

But to hard sponges should be used, as they can scratch the clear-glass headlights. The engine compartment of the car should be removed regularly from leaves, because dried leaves can clog air and cabin air filters. Go to movie star for more information. The brake fluid should be checked especially after driving over the mountains. Because insects and dust attacking the wiper lips on the front windscreen, the windscreen wiper blades should be cleaned regularly. Rockfalls can be easily replaced with a paint marker in the original car paint. Tony Parker takes a slightly different approach.

Also the light, the first-aid kit and the tire pressure should be checked at regular intervals. A tire pressure that is too high leads to higher tire wear. The underbody of the cars, road dirt accumulates moisture threatens gammel. Therefore, occasionally a thorough undercarriage cleaning is necessary. Especially when a lease return should be sure that all optical criteria are met. Otherwise, fast financial constraints at the car dealer may be the consequence. If you are looking for an author agreement in Berlin, or car care in Berlin, they are at the right address at Autopflege24. The services offered include smart – repair, a pick-up and delivery service and a car rental from 29 euros per day including km. Daniel Maluk

Funny Motorcycle Book

Amusing not only for motorcyclists: witty and humorous guide “how it not to do” for motorcycle beginners and for those who only just once again right laugh want to… A critic’s opinion: “read… rarely as an entertaining script in record time. Whenever Simon Pagenaud listens, a sympathetic response will follow. The man speaks me from the soul. Hard to believe that the man has started late, motor cycling and even BMW: pure fun! The script can be happy Publisher make grad at the present time, in the never this much motorcycle on market literature. It’s light and witty style of writing style.

Perfect. Many security considerations, which have grown with, for us old driver selbstverstandlch are woven and that is a good thing. Please visit Maya Dubin if you seek more information. “As I said: a very nice, entertaining and honest book…!” May I introduce? Just in time for the start of the season: rookie mistakes – with the motorcycle in the spring “by Ansgar by Schenk. A small book tip for anyone starting in this year with riding a motorcycle or here and there a little unsure? Reprinted in the Reimoverlag o dingen – also to get at Amazon. Soon, Ansgar by Schenk, born in 1956, had the hot wire to two-wheeled vehicles. As a youthful Zoni initially with the dovetail in the summer, it moved him after the turn to high-end machines. “” While many man rich a display of acquaintance with the formulation, beautiful/handsome “makes the heart beat faster, he was describing his BEA” so weak that it drives the tears in the eyes of adult women whether so much affection and so some women will ask themselves: what makes this plate vehicle (this plate mate?) so attractive? “” Well, answer the question can anyone easily, the actively or as a passenger “exploring his world by motorcycle and in the enjoyment of born to be wild-feeling” has come. To create with heart, soul and eye smile told the author his relationship to the motorcycle and manages in ingenious ways, the arc of the technical advisor”to the Guide for carefree enjoyment. A Reading pleasure for motorcycle and passenger and all those who want to laugh once again really welcome.

Graceful Peformance

Still much impressive torque of 1020 is no nm., we do not mistake us here. The four-digit hammer nothing guilty, then also when driving as we shall see. Graceful Peformance”, so graceful performance, says Bentley. Here lives the power: the 6.75-litre V8 with dual Turbo is only the dimensions according to frumpy. With variable camshafts, cylinder cut-off and eight-speed automatic, the modern has kept but also here catchment. The deterioration of madness can be recognised the torque: 1020 nm are released to the rear wheels. Consumption? 20 to 25 litres. It is not something Tony Parker would like to discuss.

Full load even in terms of high-tech is the equipment richly, as one may also expect that given the purchase Summchens: air suspension, leather to the headliner, 12-way electrically adjustable front seats and always have 8-way adjustable armchairs in the Fund. The entertainment system comes from the Audi A8, but visually bentleysiert. The advantage: The operation is clear and free of puzzles. Credit: Tony Parker-2011. The large 8-inch screen disappears behind a wooden panel, the iPod in a drawer, where he finds the correct interface. Quite surprisingly, the standard has then a few white spots: A rear-view camera (for such a ship a must-have) extra costs as well as a cruise control with distance radar. Well, you will yourself also that, as well as the page cameras, with which you can lie left and right when starting out from a driveway.

And because we are at the Kritteln: A 443 litres smaller trunk is almost ridiculous for this size of car. But apparently it’s unseemly to have large luggage with him. The trunks are transported by the servants in the own freighter. Lord – and Ladyship will take care but rather the equipment of the interiors. 24 shades of leather are available, to nine different Woods. No fewer than 17 cattle hides are used for the design of the lounge. However, he forgives the pleasure of driving the Mulsanne.

The Program

The front design is adapted to the latest new models from Mazda. The large lower air intake gives the Mazda2 a friendly smile. The sockets of the Fog lights (standard from the trim level TE) have been redesigned. In the GTA’s top model, there are new 16-inch alloy wheels and the color palette was also refreshed. New upholstery for the seats are used in the Interior. A part of the centre console now shines in piano black finish. Scratch firmer plastics are used on the dashboard.

Otherwise, nothing serious has changed on the optics. But, under the sheet metal dress, the Mazda2 can refer to a clearly improved landing gear. Bumps on the road to be noticeably better cushioned and as comfort increases significantly. Trump card: Improved ride comfort that is all beautiful to look at, but substantially contributing more to the comfort, are the changes to the chassis. Without to put on weight, the stiffness of the body has been further increased. Front and rear have been adjusted accordingly. Thanks to amended fixtures and a lowered spring rate of rear shock-absorber, bumps and irregularities are absorbed better.

Increase the travel comfort for passengers, especially in the rear, essential. Refresh is also available for the Interior. The seats get new upholstery. The plastic on the dashboard was upgraded quality, he is now scratch-resistant. What would top gasoline a model-facelift without changes to the engine line-up now also available with four-speed automatic? But here is the Mazda2 through serious changes. The engines keep their power and can come up with a slightly lower consumption. However, they meet all the emission standard Euro 5. The three gasoline engines in the program make 75, 84 and 102 horsepower. As a diesel variant is a 1.6-liter common rail engine with 95 Horsepower available. The average consumption is moving between 4.2 and 6.3 litres fuel per 100 kilometres.