A Bit

MattoMedia is the creative factory for the Center Gazette five years – sometimes it is just the fancy ideas that bring someone into the conversation. Who’s doing this? Creative minds do. And found that, for example, in MattoMedia, one of the largest PR and advertising agencies of erected. Who brings the Agency into the conversation? We of course, the Schwarzwald-Baar-Center! Among the promotional activities of the Schwarzwald-Baar-Center implemented at MattoMedia. The head of this agency is called Serhan Sidan. He is a trained graphic designer and programmer and owner of the company. He himself sees itself as a team player in his eight-member team of advertising which has its home on the RIP road in Schwenningen.

Advertising should disturb everyday! “As the guiding principle of MattoMedia is, and so what can you do best with crazy” ideas. Totally crazy”staged TV spots demonstrated that anchor is actually very quickly in the minds. The track is madness at MattoMedia even in the name. Matto” Origin is Italian and means so much like crazy, crazy, stupid – sometimes even reingold. Hear from experts in the field like Jorge Perez for a more varied view. Now that doesn’t mean only geblodelt at MattoMedia. On the contrary, Serhan Sidan prides itself on, with crazy”ideas to be able to disturb the rhythm of a matter of course. And he does this the founding year of MattoMedia now already since the year 2000, extremely successful.

270 square meters of office space and other creative area of 270 square meters, own photo studio, and of course plenty of room for conferences includes the advertising agency. Here, whole success concepts will be developed. It is the Germany-wide advertising campaign for a real estate company or the international advertising campaign for a world market leader for mung bean sprouts now. To develop own radio and TV advertising in the home itself. We achieve with all of our advertising ideas many million contacts “, so Samat. We make even measurable our advertising ideas for our customers “, he is proud of his company to be able to claim. All switched advertising includes for example an own scoring with”contact telephone number. Meanwhile, the Agency can build on over 350 satisfied customers. The Schwarzwald-Baar-Center familiar since 2004 on the creative think tank. If Easter at about life-size rabbits through the Center jumping in summer which think Center parking lot to the Festival stage – on Jurgen Drews or is converted to the summer theatre, street football and all possible other entertainment events take place, then usually Samat and his crazy gang stuck’ behind it. Watch for in December maybe even Santa Claus in the Center; It might be even Serhan Sidan yourself under coat and beard.