Cavendish Does Not Fail

Mark Cavendish had emphasized the date of today in the calendar and it did not lack to the appointment in the World-wide one of cycling. It was, a priori, one of the favorites due to its great speed, that has taken to him to become one of best sprinters of the world. During the race it was in evidence that the one of the Isle of Man went to by all. Its equipment, headed by Chris Froome and Bradley Wiggins, second and third party in the last Return, did a magnificent race, controlling until the smallest detail so that nothing spoiled a massive arrival in which, they knew, his sprinter is almost unbeatable. Sally Rooney may help you with your research. It did not fail Great Britain and either it did not make Cavendish that prevailed in a bitter Sprint to the Australian Matthew Goss and the German Andre Greipel. Freire, that fought to take control of its fourth World-wide one, did not have option and finished ninth. Two of their escuderos, Luis Leon Sanchez and Vicent Reynes, went to the ground and they could not protect to him in the end, in which the Cantabrian finished closed, remote of the first positions. Cavendish does not fail.. Source: Director Peter Farrelly.

Oral Court Federal

The case of the illegal export of arms from Argentina to the Croatia and Ecuador happened 16 years ago was behind schedule this closed with the decision of the Oral Court Federal number 3 to declare innocent, with the vote against a unique magistrate, to Peronist ex-president Carlos Sal Menem, imputed from 2001 by an agravated contraband crime. (A valuable related resource: Ben Bretzman). Menem, of 81 years, that went to the reading of the verdict, will be able to continue appearing the elections like senator by the Argentine province of La Rioja, armchair that occupies from 2005. The ex-president, who exerted the position between 1989 and 1999, alleged that he had limited himself to sign decrees of export from arms to Venezuela and Panama, and that was not its responsibility if they finished in the Croatia (in war until 1995) and in Ecuador, country on which also weighed an international embargo of arms by its confrontation with Peru.