Sun Nature

The nature of the whole look at the sky and see a whole, provided that we look at and observe the nature of each of the components are a whole, nature shows not disintegrated; the Sun, moon, mountain, sea, trees, plants, flowers, human bodies, animal. Everything we look at nature turns out to be a complete something. Since we started to perceive, that sensitivity is at all, not from the parties, our binary conscience lets us see and perceive, but not separate. When we grow up we start to see that certain things are separated; We see the tree, give us a result of him and we are witnesses to how you separate them; they give us the pet and we can see the separation from his mother and family, without preamble, without asking; they give us a toy and take it out of the store where toys live. We grow and begin to insert ourselves into the strange universe of the separate.

Everything as we are taught, is unitary. God teaches us that it is only he, only, but for all. Each one of the issues which we cross into the path of the grow bring us closer and closer to our domains to what is mine and we domesticate in the world: the parties. You have a systemic vision of the events and events is a task that it does not support the domestication we have, not supports it. Yours and mine, should be ours, but after the process of detachment, the process that it leads us to the experience of the strip itself, experience, sometimes, that leads us to find that mine is part of yours and also yours is part of my thing. We tend to feel or associate these processes only with own materials, the process of affective, mine mine sensual is another plus, moves us to detachment, but now the ego we and we are moved by our internal world, here is a new challenge.