I allow myself to be happy, I authorize to be happy and all serfeito in this direction. We know that it is not the lack of resources that nosafasta of our objectives, and yes the intensity of our desire. Quandono we have the intensity to carry through them, two can be the reasons. Aprimeira is that what we desire he is not truily alinhadocom our passions, talentos and dons. Second it is because still estamosna phase of the learning, we need to assimilate more the experience to dessequerer.

It is useful to answer to a still more important question: Paraque to be happy? What I will make being happy? What I will attract? The way comovoc if feels, if it hears, if it sees, is in its hands. Fcilque is not a life makes in them happy. Accurately the opposite. Great warlike battles are given agrandes. I consider a great warrior! I chose aminha happiness definition. For me, happiness is to be useful next me eao.

It is to see me as a generous person and source of inspiraopara a prosperous life. That to talrealizar an exercise? It creates its proper definition of happiness. Sejaela which will be, thinks about what it would make you a happy person. Now olhepara its life and answers with sincerity: What it hinders to it to be they felizem every day of its life? It swims. I am certain of that if existealgum obstacle is with its permission. Either happy to break destemomento and it will be attracting all the successes that want very with maiseficcia. Until the month that comes, DanuzMedeirosColaboradora of the site


Tax burden high, interests and the tax of exchange. These are some of main ' ' adversrios' ' of the Brazilian entrepreneurs in its Organizations. Moreover, the competition is each incited time more with the constant importations of foreign products. Ahead of these scenes, the organizations have invested in the qualification of its collaborators as alternative to dribble the competition. Another reason that takes visionary entrepreneurs to invest in the qualification of its collaborators, either in training and development of people or after-graduation, is the scarcity of talent in the market. Therefore, one of the great concerns of the entrepreneurs and managers is the retention of talentos. To invest in the collaborator makes with that it if feels valued by the Organization and thinks ' ' duas' ' times before accepting a proposal of the market. However, to choose who to enable demands care.

So that the organizacional climate is not affected, she is necessary that if it develops one politics clear for this benefit, thus preventing internal disputes. Organization and collaborators need to understand which questions are taken in consideration in the hour to select them. On the other hand, it is important that the collaborator is cliente of the expectations of its organization how much to its frequency and performance. These item must be part of the politics of qualification established for the organization. It has cases where the conclusion of the qualification is established for the collaborator a minimum time of permanence in the company after. When one is about agreements, everything what it is clearly for both the parts does not leave ' ' caro' ' for nobody. It stops in them becoming each time more competitive and to hold back talentos in our organizations, fatally we will need to pass for constant qualifications. Good Studies!

Assessorship Director

The Director will take the demonstration for the patio of fbrica.’ ‘ Of: Head of Production Stops: Master ‘ ‘ In the friday, to the 17 hours, the Director, for the first time in 78 years, goes to appear in the refectory of the plant to film Halley, the famous scientist and its team naked. Everybody must be there of helmet, therefore it goes to be presented a show on the security in rain. The Director will take the band for the patio of fbrica.’ ‘ Of: Master Stops: Employees ‘ ‘ Everybody naked, without exception, must be with the security in the patio of the plant in the next friday, to the 17 hours, therefore the big shot (the Director) and the Sr.Halley, famous guitarist, will be there for showing to the film ‘ rare; ‘ Dancing in chuva’ ‘. In case that he starts to rain exactly, he is for going for the refectory of helmet in the same hour. The show will be there, what it occurs to each 78 anos.’ ‘ ACKNOWLEDGMENT FOR ALL: ‘ ‘ In the friday the head of the Direction goes to make 78 years, and liberated generality pra party, to the 17 hours in the refectory. It goes to be there, pay for the big shot, Bill Halley and its comets. Everybody must be naked and of helmet, because the band is much insane person and the rock goes to even roll untied in the patio, exactly with chuva.’ ‘ My solution: ‘ ‘ The managing president convokes all the employees for meeting in the patio of the company, friday, 17 hours. If it will be raining, the meeting will be in refeitrio.