First World War Airedales Breed

This breed brought in 1850, Yorkshire breeders who lived in the valley of the River Aire, crossing harera (hare beagle) vydrovuyu dog from Old English black and tan terrier (today disappeared completely). Airedale is officially recognized by the Kennel Club in 1886, Strong and gambling, Airedales have won the hearts of many hunters big game. Breed Airedale are universal: the world's largest terrier was a wonderful hunter, gifted and versatile performance and sporting dogs. During the First World War Airedales served as messengers, sentries, sanitary and dogs took part in the hostilities. Fox-terrier Fox Terrier Fox Terrier, there are in England from the XVI century. Of the two varieties of the breed – Wire Fox Terrier and short-haired fox terrier – the second is more ancient.

Among the original rocks were beagles, an ancient breed black and tan, white and other terriers, bull terriers. Modern fox terrier bred in the first half of XIX century, especially for hunting foxes in holes (hence its name went), wild boars and badgers. Standards for the 2 varieties of fox terrier breed published in 1876, but then founded and club fox terrier breed. Now the fox terrier has become the most popular dog among terriers. Short-haired fox terrier species rarer than haired. Manchester Terrier Manchester Terrier Manchester Terrier – a modern version of the dog-rat-catcher, formerly known as the old black and tan terrier, which was formerly widespread in the north-west of England. It is believed that the breed is bred by crossing an old black and tan terrier, uipeta and West Highland White Terrier.

The Bird

Designed to handle surrogates ( subjects) and dummy used for training hunting dogs. A few drops of concentrate are applied to the surface of the object or introduced with a syringe in a special porous rubber material of the dummy. Catapult to launch the bird. Consists of a lightweight metal box with holes to dog could smelled birds. Inside the box is composed Cloth "gamachok", which fits the bird – alive or broken, can also used fake. Folded "gamachok" fixed magnetic closure.

On a signal from the remote lock is disclosed, straightens the spring and throws the bird or dummy of ", as on a trampoline, a height of 10-20 m. There is also a catapult Manually operated (from the castle to nataschiku pulled cable), but they are less convenient to use. Dummy birds. Dummy birds are made of special porous rubber. The porous structure allows for impregnating a fake Concentrate odor (via syringe).

When injected into the water, dummy becomes wet but not drowning. Ranked in the fake water dilutes the concentrate and the smell of leaves on the surface of the plaster cast, along with drops of water. After drying mock concentrate remains inside – until the next workout. Casts, produced for the preparation of hunting dogs, simulate virtually all kinds of waterfowl and land birds, including the weight and consistency. For the throwing dummy using different devices. The simplest – the cord passed through the dummy. Over the wire dummy is thrown at the right distance. There are also special slingshot to launch the dummy – under this slingshot made specific dummies.