Daddy Yankee

After a very active 2009 and great success for the leading artists of the 2010 is a year that will bring great news and releases in urban music. One of the greatest exponents of this genre, as it is confirmed that the April 13, 2010 will release their new album, Daddy Yankee and including World Cry lyrics Lawless World. The new album of the Puerto Rican will be distributed by Sony-BMG, and released on their own label, El Cartel Records. As in 2009, Daddy Yankee is planning a concert tour to promote his new album, though not yet confirmed the countries and cities where the shell will be presented this year Petrol. The Big Boss, also known as the singer, also star in the film a Pleasant AVEA , which will begin in the fall recorded this year in Puerto Rico.

The artist who debuted earlier in the film a Talento of Barrioa , will play the brother of a policeman who is seeking the identity of her father. In 2009 the duo released two albums, The Revolution and Evolution, with record sales in South America in mid-March launch a concert tour with live performances in different cities in Colombia, Argentina, Paraguay and Brazil. Others who launch new album in 2010 are Rakim y Ken-Y. a The Last chaptered , the new album of romantic reggaeton duo, will be released on March 30 and includes 15 songs and a DVD with nine music videos. Topics will include: a Te gift amoresa , appropriations by love aunt and a Te loved in my suenosa , among others. With these new proposals, the urban genre artists hope to replicate the success in 2009 and delight customers with new albums, songs and live performances.