Great Dane

Man dog friend! It knows everything! So sung a famous song … And she became his friend? Darwin's theory goes that the dog – is a direct relative of the wolf's wrong, who refused to look into the forest after was fed. The domestication of the wolf, was a brutal and necessary truth that time. Wolf (the dog) helps a person to bait a mammoth to bring a wounded pterodactyl, to guard against the encroachments of dwelling raptor. Even then, to somehow teach the dog to the place of deployment, the man was forced to use accessory – a dog collar and a whip – the leash. Subsequently, the first to become pink pooch bed and the other disgraceful necessity for Yorkies and other a'la toys.

As the years passed, people learned to make fire, curry, to reinvent the wheel … As for the dog, the representative of the family tetradigitate, also did not lag: giving paw, tail wagging, looking for drugs … That's just personal wardrobe, nothing so exotic than a collar with spikes – not replenished. Only Britain, the end of the 18th, first put the dog in some sort of clothing. It is difficult to draw definite conclusions in favor of equipping pets. Perhaps the fault is humid and rainy climate of Albion. Read more here: Celina Dubin. Although rather a true lady and gentleman ought not to appear naked in public with a Great Dane, that's dressed up … However, excessive conservatism inherent in the British stiffness, light generated in an ugly sewed capes and cloaks monstrously baggy.

Bunting, Sir! The true scale of "clothes for dogs," adopted in France. That is, the concept of "dog fashion" – was born and spawned a whole trend in industry fashion. All kinds of bags for transportation – are sewn to order, wheelchairs for dogs (strollery) – from the precious metal, snakeskin collars dressing – studded with diamonds, dog tiaras and necklaces, fur coats of mink and chinchilla, yes, even special spirits – and those only under a special breed.

Embroidery Gifts

And the benefit, many companies ("Our mother, Johnson & Johnson, etc.) producing ready-made gift sets in which all-inclusive: spray and stretch marks, and foot cream and shower gel. The second group of gifts – for the soul. It may be small gifts, toys … Women during pregnancy such sentimental! Even the collection of domestic cartoons can move us to tears! Choosing a gift of this "group", it is worth considering what he likes to spend the expectant mother. Perhaps she woke up creativity (and pregnant women are often awake), and a friend enthusiastically paints, embroiders, writes short stories and novels, became involved in ikebana, bonsai? In this case, give something related to her new passion: an easel, brushes and paint – for the artist, sets Embroidery with ready-made designs – for needlewoman, scented candles, lamps and amulets – for lovers of feng shui. If all of a sudden the girls' desire awakened "to make puppets with your hands, then there is a gift for her: go together on a master class on making dolls and stuffed toys. Agree, this flight of fantasy has no limits, and the gift can be very unusual. Beautiful linens, large pillows, kimonos – such gifts are not leave indifferent neither one future mom! Do not forget that the book – a gift "that must be!" Therefore, there is, where to turn: Give a book on health, education, feeding the baby – now a lot of colorful "encyclopedias." Or select a book related to the new or old hobbies pregnant girlfriend.

American La Gard

directly on the wallpaper. However, on appeal to buyers with a combination lock safes similar circumstances have no effect. And although the key locks in our country is still – the most popular, the demand for iron storage, equipped with combination locks (especially electronic), recently began to increase significantly. True, electronics and can be equipped with safe deposit boxes, which prove to be a cheap Chinese imitation. In this case, you should not deceive ourselves: how to be cool or look like a safe deposit box, it is useless. For an experienced bear hunter open it not be difficult.

Council. Those who do not want to be among the victims, to provide better potential problems in advance. And to begin with – to ask not only the main characteristics of the chosen model safe, but also how it is equipped with a lock. Foreign and large domestic manufacturers of safes locks are world-renowned professionals in the field – German and American firms Mauer Sargent & Greenleaf, who dominate the safe deposit market for over 100 years. In addition to these manufacturers high reliability and accuracy of operation differ as locks and German firms Cawi Stuv, and American La Gard. You may want to purchase safe, equipped with both code and key lock (safety net). Having complete with safe, two keys, one of them hide, but not in the safe. Despite the obviousness of this warning, many do so. If your safe equipped with a combination lock, try to remember the code associated with something known and familiar to you, or save by hiding this information in a safe place.