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Extension of the assortment plan finally we may also in Germany the kids juke box’-products distribute”, Craig Baughen, Managing Director of kids juke box Germany forward. Our personalized products stimulate not only the imagination of children and support the learning of the English language. The strengthening of self-consciousness and the pleasure of the very personal songs are just as important.” Since summer 2009 kids juke box now also in Germany is represented. Many new products are currently in work and we are pleased to introduce this soon,”explains Baughen. All songs are elaborate and professionally produced the texts, of course child-friendly. The small audience are invited especially to join in, but also for adult ears duration listening thanks to the varied texts does not become the boomerang.

Auditions are at. And who would rather give away a printed book, you will find an extensive range of personalised books for children and youth at. About the kids juke box was formed in 2000 in San Diego, United States. out of the idea, to be able to offer personalized Kids products for every market. Focus is the distribution of personalized music CDs and interactive books to characters, such as Spider-man, the care bears, or Barney, who are aware of children and parents from film and television.

End of 2003 kids juke box introduced the interactive picture books. Since summer 2009 Ariane and Craig Baughen offer the kids juke box sales products for the German market under as exclusive licensee for Germany. 28 personalized products such as music CDs and interactive picture books are Italian, Japanese, Spanish and Portuguese already in English and German, as well as on demand in other international languages such as French, available. Also the webshop offers posters and children sticks with the known figures. Press contact: Kids juke box Germany Ariane and Craig Baughen Marienstrasse 112 72827 Wannweil Tel.: 07121 87 90 21 fax: 07121 28 95 92 email: PR Agency: