Dallas Talent

In the Dallas area there are many talent agencies representing some of the best talent in the United States, working hard to find jobs for their clients.

Little Mermaid

Front of the palace was a large garden, it grew fiery red and dark blue trees, their fruit glittered with gold, flowers – a hot fire, and the stems and leaves fluttered incessantly. The land was completely fine sand, but blue as brimstone flames. All smacked down there in a peculiar blue – it was […]

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Luna Lovegood

Of the newcomers, my favorite character – Luna Lovegood (Polumna). Do you still have some work? – I had some time assistant researcher at the "International Amnesty", but I do not think I could make worthy contribution to the work, because I totally disorganized (just look at my desk on the main page). The longest […]

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The Windows

In a conversation flashed some of the terms of the law. – What happened to machine? – I do not know. By the time I was drinking wine. – You have not heard, as the factory engine? – On the street singing and shouting everywhere. However, the car was right behind me and I probably […]

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Internet Shakespeare

Radlova: "When's so sad, the joy will be the way." But only in sonnet 29 of Shakespeare's no longer sad, and bitter. And this, purported ills Nothing yet trimm'd – decorated (which is consistent even with the above "translation" into modern English) in jollity The fact that the translation of the word – jollity – […]

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Modern Russian Poet Vmironova

Vladimir Mironov – a modern Russian poet of the XXI century. He writes poetry on various unique themes: love, life, nature, poems of love for God, poetry of his homeland. The poet is unique in that his family history and life in general, it postponed great influence on his work. We suggest you familiarize yourself […]

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GOST Pages

Layout is a mistake a lot of blank pages with the words 'For your notes'. Must be borne in mind that any book of the first two and last two pages are always busy. First page – this is the title page, second – its turnover. The second to last – end of text or […]

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