One of the oldest and most necessary parts of the car this spring. Spring is a type of spring, which consists of one or more wafers are working on a bend. As a kind of spring leaf suspension retains all the features characteristic of the springs. But it so happens that some cars more comfortable spring suspension spring suspension. This means that the spring have made a stiff. But spring is a special characteristics. Plus, a helical spring is that it is almost impossible to break.

When you compress the coils will fall on each other and the spring does not spring will not break in extreme cases suffer just wheels, frames and bridges. A spring due to the deflection can be completely destroyed. The same can be said about the stretchable coil springs. There are different types of springs, the springs are odnolistovye, multisheet and malolistovye. Dave Cowens has much to offer in this field. Multisheet springs in Russia, the most extended thanks to them as possible evenly split the load. These result in a rigid structure and can not use other structures to hold the bridge. Also, all the springs will work sheets approximately the same time as are in similar conditions. Another plus is that the deflection due to the buildup of cars decreases.

Often it can not use springs. To make the leaf springs are used carbon spring steel. To make the desired deflection plates Richt, and the plants die. Then, sheets are heat-treated. Spring on the car is usually mounted ladders. It is possible to mount the bottom and above. As for any mechanism for the springs to attend. With proper care springs of any car will last much longer. To maintain the springs in working order must from time to time to pull Ladders and lubricated regularly lists springs. It is convenient to lubricate the springs that do not have to be removed from the machine. First to lift the car, the wheels were hanging over the floor. Then the lower ends of shock absorbers struts need to disconnect from plates springs. Then fold the fabric into which the springs are wrapped and carefully lubricate the sheets of graphite lubricant. To disclose all possible to use a chisel. Once a year the springs should be removed and disassembled for cleaning and lubrication. If there is something broken plates must be replaced. Once again you have collected plenty of spring smazhte it, you need to grease got all the space between the edges of sheets. Well, first of all take care of his car and podveku. Manage your car carefully and use the good roads.


Our company is an official supplier to the Japanese tires. The Japanese manufacturers do not even such a term as "all-season tires." There are summer tires, which properties are best manifested in the warm season, and there is Winter tires – with a deep tread pattern made of a different rubber mixtures. In countries where the snow – a rarity, selling universal bus, then in Japan and the Far East, another climate, and in During the winter use of the vehicle must be used winter tires. Over their safety is not worth to experiment, and it is better not to use the tires, unsuitable for our climate. Tires from Japan (In the first place, the production company Bridgestone, Yokohama and Dunlop) is very popular in the Far East. According to our data, about 50% of Primorye are buying second-hand Japanese tire, the rest of the market belongs to all those as Japanese and Chinese, Korean, Taiwanese and Russian producers – this is also new tires.

The undoubted benefits of tires from Japan are manufacturing quality and suitability for use in our climate. Composition of the rubber mixture, which is made of Japanese tire as best suited for the Maritime region because of the similarity of natural conditions, it has been proven in various tests. But if the motorist limited budget and resources to tire under the famous brand is not enough, you can pay attention to the bus from South Korea and Taiwan (brands like Hankook and Nankang). These tires have a pretty high quality and less expensive. Even with external examination can determine how long the "live" tire.

Two main points: the state of the carcass and tread. In addition, closer inspection you can see the tire sidewall cracks, which are a sign of improper storage. If the tires are mounted on wheels and pumped up, apparently a side surface, that is, the presence or absence of hernia, you can judge the state of the frame. T o determine the amount of tread marks are of two types. The sidewall of each tire, the bead seat area, there are four arrows that are located in relation to each other at an angle of 90 degrees. They point to the "wear indicator" in the tread. Typically, the height indicator wear 50% of the height of the tread. If tire wear has reached this mark, so the wheel can be used only as a summer – with the winter conditions it is unable to cope with. When you reach the other labels – full indicator wear a "deep" – the tire to operate strictly prohibited. Without doubt, the tires in the winter safety depends to a much greater extent than in the warm season, especially with our weather conditions and topography.

Motor Engine

Enough to fill a good motor oil in the engine and it will be protected from wear and traced a long time, according to the majority. But the question arises: why did the producers of motor oils include a wide catalog of its products range of additives? Still, as the statistics, every second the engine goes into 'kapitalku'. One can argue endlessly as to why this is so, but better to look for a solution. Brahman Capital will undoubtedly add to your understanding. Actually, everything is already there. Exit simple: do preventive treatment mechanisms during the life of the drug SUPROTEC. The first visual effect after processing engine SUPROTEC – is to reduce the noise, noises, vibrations up to complete their absence. Friction decreases, respectively, reduced fuel consumption for engines up to 20% in city mode.

In one case, foreign car with diesel fuel consumption has fallen from 32 to 19 l/100 km l/100 km! In addition, the application process SUPROTEC regular operation of the vehicle increases engine power up to 15%, virtually eliminates wear on 'cold start', vosstanavliet worn surfaces and increases the service life of the engine of any type of 2-3. One of the main advantages: the cost of maintenance work is not more than 5% of the planned costs on current and capital repairs. In addition, do not have to fill Suprotec every oil change, rather three times treatment drug. Mikrouprugy layer remains at 400-500 km of mileage! Problems with the gearbox? Poor turn first? Suprotec and a cure. Suffice it to fill in the gearbox and a ride in every gear. In other words, Suprotec – is almost universal protection for all occasions motor vehicle and other units. Suprotec – it is not additive in lubricating oil and additive to improve the properties of oils. This is a specially selected composition, allowing the system to deduce friction engine components and assemblies to a new level.

External Phone

The main menu of the new graphical interface Kenwood divided into three parts: navigation, signal sources, work with mobile phone. And access to the settings of a virtual button, is opened by pressing the "Settings". The icons on the display provide quick and easy access to the audio setup. Interface, of course, Russified – from a devices of this class and we were not expecting. With the included infrared remote control and, of course, the participant survey was consistent with the standard buttons on the steering wheel. SOURCES OF IMAGE Kenwood and a drive for reading CDs.

A for external portable hard drives have two USB-integer input. Separate entrance iPod AV allows you to connect your iPod as a source of audio and video. And with an optional adapter Kenwood KCA-iP301V media center can operate the latest generation of iPod-players, as well as the iPhone and iPhone 3G. Two AV-inputs allow you to connect additional sources of images with the corresponding outputs: it may be, for example, a video camera and an external DVD-player. Source Content for the flagship multimedia centers can also serve as Kenwood DVD-changer. All connected components can be controlled directly from the touch screen.

This significantly expands the functional unit, again proving the suitability of the device for auto tuning at a reasonable price. BLUETOOTH Kenwood DNX 9240BT equipped with a built-in Bluetooth, which can operate as a speakerphone, and as a channel for transferring music files stored in the memory of the mobile phone. The interface allows you to access the phone book, as well as lists of past perfect. received and missed calls. When the Bluetooth as a multimedia center, and the phone, the phone can be in a pocket or bag and do not need to take: when the driver sits in the car, the device is already "see" each other (of course, if the phone is registered in the memory of Kenwood DNX 9240BT), and from that moment to call and You can receive calls from the screen has a multimedia center. TWO ZONE ENTERTAINMENT Kenwood DNX 9240BT allows you to organize entertainment into two zones. For each zone can independently select and adjust the playback source volume sound. Configure External processor this media center is not required. His audiochast equipped with 5.1-DSP processor with Dolby-Digital, 13-band equalizer, digital crossover and correction delays. In The user – a rich arsenal of options that allows to build the stage, taking into account the features of the car. This is facilitated by the time the signal delay for each channel of sound: manipulating them, you can to ensure that the sound from the speakers located at different distances from the listener, the listener up into the ears simultaneously. Implement these settings can not even too advanced users: the entire process on screen is more than evident, you need only to shift the focus to the desired location in the car. NAVIGATION The navigation unit built into the Kenwood DNX 9240BT includes a map of Europe with these road NT2009 39 European countries. In developed countries, paving the navigation route taking into account the traffic situation in real time, avoiding the congestion – take care of this integrated receiver TMC (Traffic Message Channel). Card carried by a SD-memory, you can update, upgrade and add their point.