Continuation of missiology classes audio recordings: which dominated both, then their actions will all institutional, rigid, marked by the decisions of the hierarchy. Because the institution does that mean. As instituted is almost immutable, as permanent, as decided, experienced, what has to be done. But it will be a church without dynamism. Perhaps a church very obedient, but little emotional, and if we put a church perfect society, as it has dominated especially in the 19th century, or from the 16th century, after the Council of Trent. By opposition to the Protestants, who had a too spiritualist vision of the Church, and then the Catholic based on the teachings of Cardinal Bernandino, they say the Church must necessarily be visible, so visible, as the Republic of Venice.

Or the stadium of France. In the Republic the court time to shower, and turn to the magistral Council, or again to the King, and time. So I in the church you have to see. The Pope, and its elements visible; the Court that helps you, the perfect society. And that perfect society, has master several centuries, has thus originated in a church based primarily on the decisions of the hierarchy. And then came to be mistaken Church hierarchy, it leads to very often confuse the society with the Government. The Government is different from the State, but in the end make a blends, and at the end is all tangled. For example the Government autocratic and dictatorial, practically it is identified with the State, then those who for example channel of the State means society as a whole, but that of self-employed, autocrat and dictatorial, makes the State channel, channel of the Government.

It is very difficult to break structures and break institutions. Then we present within these models. Ideally as a village church of God, communion, namely: God is a mystery of communion correspondent. Therefore, here we have, God, i.e., the world not for nothing. God is not identified with the world. It is a mystery, therefore, it does not world, has its own dynamism, not up to us. You can force God to anything, not asking anything. It is a dynamic that lives, and from that drive, opens, sends, communicates. Then if God is a mystery of communion communicating, it means that the first church is God, why? because the Church is meeting. Then God is a first church. And as it is the first Church, it is the foundation of whatever comes afterwards. Then the Church that we know in the history of the Church visible, reveals what invisible God, whom no one has seen him. Only the son gave it to know. And then the Church is the visible gift of God to the world. And the which revealed he is God, a church has to be Church communion correspondent. Mystery of communion correspondent. Mystery. You must not let this word’s side. The Church is a mystery. I.e. you can never define the Church, because all the models that you can make it, are short, are limited, and are purely sketches of what could be. How to make this church, which has become visible thanks to? the action of Christ, really be expression of what God wants in the world? If the Church is and acts like Mary. So a church’s Marian profile, reveals the mystery of God, of the most faithful world.