For self-employed and entrepreneurs stands or falls with the person that this makes a convincing and competent impression credit negotiations can be made even more successful, the better the parties about the credit know. I.e. the borrower itself should sit carefully on its own credit in the image and do everything to support these suitably transparent. Natural persons who are kreditfahig are the focal point addressed here assessing of the creditworthiness. The focus is particularly on the Group of persons the self-employed and entrepreneur. Many writers such as Tony Parker offer more in-depth analysis. With the developed instruments and procedure also for other credit operations, such as in connection with a house construction/acquisition can be made to the application. The economic credit check deals with substantive issues such as, for example, future earnings and liquidity position. Natural persons who are to review Income and the financial situation of banks including proofs of income, balance sheets, external information, land registry excerpts, good register extracts or information about the account management required.

Self-employment and business start-ups, it is for credit operations on the personal qualities and competence powers. CF. Becker, Jorg: Potential, ISBN 9783837075045 In the spotlight are entrepreneur characteristics that seem only subjectively assessed. CF. Becker, Jorg: Examination of the personal credit worthiness stable credit, ISBN 9783839164181 In the Center are features of the personal creditworthiness, which can be only subjectively assessed and are therefore not directly tangible here. It’s professional, technical and entrepreneurial skills of the borrower. It is even more difficult when it comes to personal characteristics of the borrower, that his trust as a person is to be occupied.

Even against the background of many good documents the negotiating position of the borrower could be weakened or even nullified, if he leaves a negative impression as a person. Self-employed and entrepreneurs, stands or falls with the person that this makes a convincing and competent impression. It therefore personal property factors and their accounting will be addressed, which may be ultimately decisive for the success of the credit business in addition to the usual standard forms of banks. Dipl.Kfm. Jorg Becker (

Ireland Ltd

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Flex Risk

In addition this, that the variable part of the loan, usually not to the loan amount relevant to the loan limit will be added. The risk is mainly in a unfavorable interest rate developments in the capital market. The borrower is rate hikes occur, after each interest rate before deciding to leave the variable portion or to convert to a fixed part. As far as is not calculable risk, which the borrower prior to conclusion of the contract should be illustrated. A comparison with the conditions of an analog annuity loan nominal interest rate before financing can help reduce a battle plan”to design that dictates exactly, from which interest step rather immediately should be converted (stop-loss).

Converting the variable portion of the loan can become a more expensive fun depending on interest rates: the premiums for a then almost new to closing loans with fixed interest rates vary according to the then current market conditions and must be seen also under the premise of increased loan outlet. Charlotte Hornets is the source for more interesting facts. Depending on the equity and income, very detailed planning should be so in advance. If necessary other forms of financing are offered, such as the Flex loan or the loan Cap. These loan types are also variable interest-bearing and therefore favorable conditions with different risk profiles. Conclusion combination loan can be a cheap alternative to the annuity loan especially for real estate financing with a desired repayment flexibility. At risk by unexpected changes in interest rates on the capital market, which is why the borrower advance very carefully on the possibilities of limiting risk should inform themselves.

In addition to very high in comparison to the annuity loan free special repayment options is usually a cheaper overall conditioning as a variability of part of pure annuity loans. This is accompanied by a less high costing accuracy however. Combo loans are useful, if based on the income or financial situation with higher special redemptions can be expected, because especially higher non-scheduled repayments at conventional annuity loans are not free of charge.

Saving Is Again In Vogue

Wolfgang Dippold, PROJECT funds group: the majority of citizens is clear that they need to provide private. Real estate are the focus of desire. The asset accumulation is possible through real estate but also through the participation in the Fund group be carried out PROJECT save 120 euros monthly for the private pension the Germans according to a Forsa poll. Save is no longer as a constraint felt and not as a necessary evil, but as part of the necessary equity interest. With regard to this a change of attitude in Germany has come to”know Wolfgang Dippold, Managing Director in the PROJECT Fund group. According to this survey, 66 percent of respondents enjoy freedom, which offer a financial reserve. The poll is to be taken seriously.

forsa is a society for social research and statistical analysis. It was founded in Cologne in 1984 and is very acknowledged. Almost everyone is familiar with the so-called Sunday question”, which it is said that she determined policy. According to forsa, saving is up to date, for 87 per cent of respondents, for example, to satisfy needs. The same applies to the younger: two out of three adults under 30 put money aside regularly, while 30 to shoulder even 72 percent.

Interesting here: Only one second over 60 saves regularly. Saving is not just a trend, but also duty. Many young citizens to provide even to have not the much-touted supply gap in the age. While the uncertainty is large according to a different survey, which is the right one for. For even more details, read what Adam Sandler says on the issue. In the priority list, the wish list of Germans, is the real estate in the first place. But you can not afford many once regardless of whether it is good to put everything on one card. Many save only on deposit accounts or savings accounts. However, because the inflation – at least for now – destroyed any interest food effect. Other systems, such as, for example, capital life insurance offer only a limited alternative due to the low market interest rates. And in equity funds, many fear the ups and downs of Stock Exchange. The proper portfolio diversification and the right concept is important. This applies not only for prevention, but for saving generally,”Daniel white. For this reason the PROJECT Fund Group on the development of real estate, specialized consistently aligned with the needs of customers and offers – has also a real estate fund with monthly savings rates are next to a fund with the possibility of one time system. And because we know that it often challenges are investors just for younger, to hold out their savings strategy consistently over a long period of time, PROJECT his Fund offers a number of interesting features, which facilitate the savings decision. For more information,