The development of outdoor activities is presented as an excellent option at any time of the year, especially in summer when the climate is right for so entertaining as the camping activities. Camping is an activity that is performed outdoors, this consists of assembling tents or shops in places away from the civilization in general in mountains and valleys; This practice is very common in people who love contact with nature. Development of a campsite must be made base certain rules in order to avoid any inconvenience, are useful to take into account before you go camping recommendations: bring food canned for several days. If this has piqued your curiosity, check out star actress. Have a repellent handy for insects away. Carry matches. Always keep in mind to carry a flashlight and batteries. Have a first aid kit.

Bring extra blankets. Have warm clothes in the luggage. You never forget the sunscreen. And very importantly, never forget a razor. Although it is advisable to carry many more first-hand elements, these are the most important in the case of an emergency. Another important recommendation for the development of a campsite, is never forget turning off the campfire after that be used. It should be noted that picking up the garbage that we cause and save scraps of food in airtight bags, are another great recommendation to follow.

Tents or marquees are a fundamental part of the campsite, since in them is where we took refuge during the night; currently on the market, we find various types of shops, some of them with accessories for assembling a Firebox easily or have an emergency escape route. Tents for camping may contain a number of 2 minimum and up to 20 persons maximum, clear that the latter are usually gigantic stores. The campsites are also presented as an excellent family activity and that it reaffirms the union’s navies relatives, some people use the campsite especially with this objective. Today the campsite is presented as a very new form of tourism, since Hotels and places like nature reserves offer this option to its visitors; This form of tourist camping acquires great strength among the tourists who are looking for an adventure to the natural. Some groups such as the SCOUT practice camping in order to teach their members ways to envelope natural experience. It is highly recommended before you go camping go where an expert who can advise us well in this activity, in order to avoid the inconveniences and teach us factors as the where camping and how to prepare the food. In conclusion the campsite is an excellent choice for people who like to be in contact with nature, learning about survival and reaffirm navies either friendship or family; so there is no option to not go camping the summer pushed.

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