The Interlocutor

Varela initiates in 1818 their philosophical publications with a small change entitled preliminary Lesson, directed to the students who that year began their course. The preliminary Lesson of 1818 constitutes the introduction of the Lessons of Philosophy, jointly with the philosophical Notes, also published in that year. These last ones constitute the first treaty of which contains the Lessons of Philosophy. Here it appears the conception of the Logic of the father Varela, understood this one like theory of the knowledge. The newspapers mentioned Charlotte Hornets not as a source, but as a related topic. The pedagogical experience of Varela, their unquestionable ancestry of training takes, to defend it educative budgets that today they constitute proven truths.

The certainty that an idea, a concept, a way to act or to see, cannot be transmitted successfully without the knowledge of the presertor, the conviction of which is not imposing a criterion or fighting on the contrary as it is gotten to obtain that another one thinks what we wished, but it is to turn the interlocutor, to go little by little persuading it, not only that it is mistaken, but of which what it sets out to him is more reasonable and better, it was concept that Varela owned then, and del that test in Letters to Elpidio gives. Varela said who the great secret of to handle youth, removing divided from its talent and good dispositions, consists of studying the individual character of each young person and fixing by him our conduct. The opposition that becomes a young person, if we want that it produces good effect, it must be almost inpersectible and it is precise to try that the same is corrector. But one is not only which they defend the truth as it bases of the knowledge that they acquire. One treats also to provide, by means of the educative management, the instruments that allow to discover the truth by itself him so that, from entirely personal convictions, can live on prudent with these.

Indian Culture

Because each word of David Sanchez distilled love by the costeidad, it inoculated reasons for the reaffirmation of our culture. And that nowadays is easy to do it enters we, where with that subject applause by the simple fact that is harvested we felt identified and so is said. But it did it more to David than everything inside the country, in cachacolandia, where many felt victims by its exaltation of the costeidad. Tony Parker can provide more clarity in the matter. And also around the world, because where it went, David reaffirmed, before its condition of Colombian, its condition of Caribbean man. What nobody almost remembers is that in the times in which David Sanchez began abrir footpath for the reaffirmation of our idiosyncrasy, being costeo was reason for ridicule and shame; we dealed with which our interioranos interlocutors did not realize of which ramos costeos and for that reason who tried to put of " civilizado" it learned to speak cachaco. Today we did not determine the proportions to the magnitude of the audacity of David Sanchez Juliao when into that then she burst in into the intellectual world of the country with its recorded stories written and that showed with pride that to be costeo was valuable for the society and the culture. Most painful for me of which there are intellectuals and compatible people to the culture who think like this boy, it is that one is a person who has represented infinitely more than they and I am for our region, the country and the humanity.

How much I would love to have made a small percentage of his contribution! Or at least to have written one of its ignored works more but than demonstrates not only the unquestionable talent of David, but its absolute coherence in its preoccupation reason why we are. I speak of the song the sinuano Indian. The Caribbean one that does not recognize the work of David Sanchez Juliao as of literary weight, in any case is in having of escudriar it like the great sociological propositive test on our culture that is. Original author and source of the article.

Senegal Poverty

Other successful examples are Taiwan, Bostwana or Mauritius. Sri Lanka, a considered country of half low income, has one of the rates of infantile mortality more losses of the world. The smaller doubt does not fit, mainly comments Green in its book, that the poor communities of the planet will pay the price of the climatic change, caused by the proliferantes carbon emissions of the rich ones. Sela Ward has many thoughts on the issue. Extreme resemblances are simultaneously morally repugnant and a waste of talent and potential. To end the plague of the extreme poverty, the inequality and the threat of the half environmental collapse is the great challenge of the 21st century. on the book thinks, that defies the belief that the development of the poorest countries depends solely on the behavior of the richest countries, and looks for to demonstrate that the development only happens of down upwards, that is to say, with societies and active citizens and efficient States that guarantee the security and the fulfillment of the law, and that is able to promote an economic growth that benefits to all.

The author mentions numerous examples than she has worked and than she has failed in relation to the fight against the poverty. 50 years ago, South Korea was poorer than Sudan. Today he is industrial leader. Other successful examples are Taiwan, Bostwana or Mauritius. Sri Lanka, a considered country of half low income, has one of the rates of infantile mortality more losses of the world.

” Of the poverty to the power can be considered a manifesto to stop the subject of the poverty in the 21st century. It supposes an alarm voice, but also a gracious vision than we must do and how to do it. The challenge is clear: if we failed, the future generations will not pardon to us; if we are successful, they will ask to us why we have taken tanto” , it affirms Ariane ARPA, InterMon chief of a main directorate Oxfam. Between the many data that this publication picks up there are some alarming ones: If urgent measures are not taken, in 2025 they can have 150 million of ” refugees climticos”. A boy born within 20% of the poorest homes of Gana or Senegal has two or three times more possibilities of dying before the five years that other born within 20% from the richest homes. According to United Nations 300,000 million annual dollars would be needed so that all the inhabitants of the planet entered more of a dollar to the day. This number represents a third of the annual global military cost.


Paronomasia or paranomasia Game of words that is realised joining similar words that are only distinguished of others by a few phonemes. Of means it arrives Romans, of average down, rosemaries. (Lope de Vega, century XVII) I, rower of boats, ramera of men romera of souls, rimera of verses, Ramona, to serve to them. (Gloria Strong) 25. Perfrasis or circumlocution the perfrasis or circumlocution is a figure that eludes the direct word and alludes to the object by means of a roundup.

Thus, perifrsticamente, we alluded to Lope de Vega calling it the Fnix of the Spanish talents (Carreter, 1995, 11). The perfrasis can affect whole orations, to paragraphs and complete writings. 26. Polisndeton Consiste of the reiterated use of conjunctions. Normally, this image looks for an effect of prolongation in the time.

27. Affectation Consists of attributing to qualities to something or somebody that does not correspond with their nature. It is possible to be realised of diverse ways, for example: Personification: It consists of attributing human qualities to inanimate beings, or are animal or things: The hemp twisted with rough moaning, enroscando itself slowly on itself. The threads mounted some on others, complaining the violent tension. Cosificacin: Also call reificacin, consists of attributing qualities of object to an alive being. It is a procedure used mainly in the aesthetic vanguardista of the expresionismo of century XX, but also his it used previously. The Renaissance poetry, for example, transforms to the woman into an authentic object of luxury composed of precious matters. Later, during the Baroque one, the cosificacin was used rather like satirical mechanism to degrade or to disillusion: If not to duer his face to me with Filena, nor with its teeth it eats and its dress the three parts steals its husband to him, and the fourth makeup clips to him, If it finds out with him eats and with him it has dinner, but underneath I milk badly fulfilled all their bulk hides, reduced to chapinzanco and bun by battlement, Why you are frightened, Fabio, that embraced his wife looks for, it announces and it, if, it undresses, it is descasado? If accounts by woman which composes the woman, you do not lay down to your side the woman, but the bundle that is put.


How To leave the Monotony? Been thankful by the life that God has given you, and it associates the monotony with the things that you have and beams; it watches with gratitude because others lack the talents that you have, scalos benefit and hazlo of the most effective way. It is easy to fall in the monotony when there are goals, illusions dreams, and reasons no to live. The monotony is lent for the depression, the flojera and the mediocrity. And it brings consequently, the frustration, bitterness and homes remainders. Other leaders such as Charlotte Hornets offer similar insights. Possibly, you are attemped to look for guilty of this situation, is very simple to fall in the trap to blame to the other by the monotony that these living, or to reject to the pair because it is not what you hoped.

But, of whom it is the fault? There is some person in charge? Probably, the responsibility is totally yours, thus better will be that you assume your responsibility and you look for solutions, without blaming to others by the situation. Advice to avoid the monotony You never enter a routine of activities. If those activities are necessary to complete, are variations of schedules, changes the methods of accomplishments. You do not use the same route to arrive at your work. You do not turn into monotony a pleasant long walk. It listens to other channels of radio or television that are different from the customary thing. It changes the order of your office, room, dormitory and cooks, acomdalos of different way (you will feel that these arriving in another place) Invntate eaten different, reads, asks, watches in the Internet on the preparation of different types from food, will fascinate this experience to you.

And you will forget the monotony. It visits a dear being or a friendship that you have. It recovers the illusion to live, ponte I put, vulvete important for you mism@ and are rewarding activities You do not stagnate in the past, tour to the present and enjoys the life because she is short. That the monotony does not stop to you, obtains your dreams lives your yearnings, fulfills your goals, Happy and you are done happy to that they surround to you that for that you were disead@ What so if you put in practice these advice and you send your commentaries to me informing to me into the results, hazlo!


Administration of the human talent 1 technique to self-manage your talent. Administration of the human talent gratuitous Resources of high quality in If I existed an effective form To self-manage your talent I would say: It determines your direction. In order to be able to arrive more express it is necessary to know to where we went, in this way we will identify in the ways the attitudes that we must select before each circumstance, the adversities do not have a single form to surpass itself, but imagnate that stops to overcome the economic difficulties a universal form would only exist to obtain it, this is utopian, every one has obtained its stability and prosperity of different way, with its own abilities and knowledge; nevertheless, the most frequent error in our self-management of the human talent is to have all these abilities and knowledge in different directions, without no real approach. To build solid. I have seen students of races professional end of race without knowing with exactitude in that specific area wishes to be located, would seem rather that already they have the boat to sail but they will be ventured towards where the tide and takes them to the wind, also happens in the life of all person who does not take a defined good course, embarks this way in different trips, trying and trying over there and not very often constructing action on action in a same course, then How to hope to arrive soon?

Cervantes Institute

Banus port is a restaurant of Spanish kitchen specialized in fish and seafood, located in the Rue Ibn Handal, in front of the Club of Tennis. The decoration is a fusion of property and Riyadh, elegant and subtle, and it is distributed in three different rooms: Andalusian, Eastern and traditional. The menu offers fish and seafood of excellent quality and made by chef fes Noureddine, awarded by several European restaurants. The prices are very reasonable and the atmosphere relaxed and is distinguished. Bars of covers Without a doubt, the best corner where to have drinks, to dance to they are of Latin music, song, jazz, Sephardic music and other Mediterranean and Caribbean rates are the Warehouse in the Marrakesh Place, in the district of Gueliz. This bar offers a great variety of beers and cocktails, besides Spanish covers and plates.

Also, every day there is music in direct and, the week ends, a fantastic spectacle of music in direct, with the spectacular voice of the Sevillan singer Alicia Murillo and the set led by the pianist Hassan Meskaouni. Cultural leisure and activities the Cervantes Institute of Marrakesh she is one of the six you soothe of this institution in Morocco. In the Institute innumerable cultural and didactic activities are celebrated, like factories, conferences, courses, hearing, seminaries and round tables. Also, it also offers artistic activities and of entertainment, like projection of films, concerts, exhibitions, literary plays or recitales. In addition, the library multimedia of the center offers the opportunity to accede to a great variety of films, books and music. The Spaniards and Spaniards who decide to visit Marrakesh or to even reside in the Ocher City have countless opportunities to enjoy gastronomical, tourist, cultural and playful the supply with Hispanic character that offers the city. The hotels in Marrakesh are economic and of great quality, and many of typical riads of Marrakesh have Spanish proprietors and offer a comfortable, cosy and even peculiarly Hispanic atmosphere.

North America

The 26 of April of 2009 announced that three weeks before a lymphatic cancer had been detected to him and that will have to be put under a chemotherapy treatment, although affirmed that its working cycle would not fall. It added that already a tumor had been extirpated him, and that, given to the size and the situation, has a high percentage of treatment The certain thing, it she comments as, the Chiefs of State of nations of Latin America, North America, Europe and the Middle East sent their congratulations to the new president of Brazil, Dilma Rousseff by their triumph in the second return of the general elections of this Sunday. Cuba, Venezuela, Paraguay, Bolivia and Nicaragua, among others, emphasized the importance that the election of Rousseff has for the union of the region Dilma Rousseff overcame to the conservative Jose Serra by 12 points and it became the first Female leader of State of republican history of the country. Venezuela sent to him already congratulations by his triumph and president Hugo Chavez said that that the new president of Brazil will be a great figure in the South-American continent. The victory of Rousseff ” it is also guarantee of which the process of Union of the towns of our region it will follow consolidndose” , The Colombian agent chief executive, Juan Manuel Holy, talked by telephone with Rousseff and he offered its congratulations to him, as well as the success of the Brazilian elections stood out. Nicaragua also expressed its satisfaction by this triumph through its president Daniel Grouse who said: that a name of all the militants of the Sandinista Front of National Liberation, to name his, name mine, the dear elect president of Brazil companion Dilma Rousseff” , By all means, the president of the United States (EE.UU.), Barack Obama, congratulated to Rousseff by his historical triumph like first Brazilian female leader of State. ” We congratulate to the elect president, Dilma Rousseff, by its victory.

Also we congratulated to million of Brazilian that exerted their right to voto” , it maintains an official notice issued by the White House. It adds in addition the indicated source of intelligence to us, that the European continent also one pronounced by the triumph of Rousseff and countries like France, Portugal, Spain and the European Commission offered congratulation words to the new president and the town of Brazil. It is possible to remember, that Dilma caused a revolution in the power sector that helped to defeat the candidate of Fernando Henrique Cardoso. Its work caused that it later proposed it to Lula for cabinet minister-head. In the cabinet a species of coordination of ministries, Dilma gave to samples of determination and ability to work, allies with an acute political perception. Its work made him gain credentials like candidate of the PT and an ample coalition of parties for the succession of Lula in 2010 Really, the candidate of the Party of the Workers, Dilma Rousseff, has obtained 55.


For the profit of the goals and objectives in our lives, congruence between which tenth, we thought and we do he is essential. When what you say it does not agree and so beams you lose energy, you lose credibility. When what you ask to him to the Universe with your words this misty reason why you really think about your interior, the things that you wish to not arrived you. The coherence between which you say with your words, you think about your mind and beams in the real world when you act, only become a ray of powerful light that transfers a prism and ignites the flame of the manifestation in the pages of your life, when the three aim and they are aligned towards a same place, towards a same objective. In an opportunity it was with a friend, and it asks to him that it thought about the women and quickly responded to me: The women? All is brujas” , this friend no matter how hard he tries to have a pair and he makes many affirmations positive would cost to him much to have a harmonic relation and heals with which in his unconscious one he thinks that she is a sorceress! you imagine! , also I have listened in infinity of very near friendly opportunities requesting to the universe the love to him of their lives, but they cause when them, show ” abiertamente; the men are dogs, or are animal ” , thus very textually, then As the Universe is going to conspire to the profit of the love with similar unconscious thoughts dancing in mind and its heart? Also it happens to the money and the financial success, often the person who does not manage to rise over which we would denominate survival level, is so that in their interior the thoughts about the money are opposed and contradictory with its deep beliefs and values but. That to do then? Like obtaining congruence in mind, words and action? Definitively with the car-observation.

Faculty that we have the human beings to act like quiet witnesses of our thoughts, action and words. It begins to observe your thoughts with respect to a vitally important subject for you. antalos in a newspaper, mainly those subtle ones, those that are constantly bombing your psique and that of as much run, run nor at least it give account to you of which they exist, but are undermining your capacity for the profit of your goals, those thoughts that, the comparison is worth, are like a conditioned air noisy, you are accustomed to the noise and you think that it does not exist, but the noise this there, interfering in your dream. The autoobservacin allows us to put brake to those ideas that fall incessantly dripping in our mind and allows that we maintain the boat directed to good port. The car-observation allows us to take measures and action to heal the internal and external contradictions. The car observation you can practice it through the meditation. But better even, obsrvate constantly, escchate when you speak, observe your thoughts, it observes your actions, and it needs if really there is congruence between which you ask to him to the universe and what beams and you say. #/topic.php?

Decorate Small Departments

Curtains for you! You do not have to live with blinds standard. Year a dramatic touch and obtains more comfortable atmospheres with the curtains. It takes into account the tricks that can do with the curtains so that its space is seen greater. It even hangs them outside the window or where there are no windows.

It hangs them of ground to ceiling to create the height perception, or to cause that they hang of a cornice that hides the twig that maintains the curtain. 2. To see clearly. Tables or chairs I am transparent and all the glass surfaces give the opening impression, at the same time acting as that you need. 3. Clear things. Year light it arrives, down and everything around to create interest and the space sensation. ” I am addict car-confessing to lmparas” , it says to the designer Rum Marvin, expert in small spaces and author of small space, great style.

” They are the most surprising form to make feel a warm and cosy home. The use of several lamps within a space creates a warm brilliance in habitacin”. And its trick more important: One does not forget to put everything in a regulator. ” When you have you visit of friendly can change an atmosphere by means of the regulation of the lights, doing it more cosy. Also, it will maintain dancing his seen around the room, giving the illusion of which more the space is grande.” 4. To maintain the balance. Unless you are trying to make a declaration dramatic, with an immense sofa in the room, its small space, probably she feels better with smaller and modern furniture. It is balance question. The departments that really are seen greater with the furniture in them they are those in which the furniture and the space appropriate and are fit to you: ” If you are great, the furniture also must be it, ” Marvin says.