The Social

Society as an object of Sociology is manifested by the men. The individual who lives in society leads two lives: to) the individual, own specific that he is solely responsible. (b) at the same time live a social life. Both the social and individual life are essential to human beings. You may want to visit Jorge Perez to increase your knowledge. Society is so fundamental to the individual like this for her. In every society are going to necessarily find two fundamental elements:-aggregation of the individual; It is the physical basis of society.

This element is not enough to build the society, – the other element is given by the Interespirituales relationships that occur between individuals in contact; This is the psychological basis of society. This factor for many sociologists is much more important than the physical interaction. In these spiritual links that occur between all individuals living added, the science of social life is centered, is the specific object of life, of the sociological research. Povinia establishes that: the social reality which is the resultant of the psychic and physical bases can be defined as the set of made resulting from the series of processes of technological and interespirituales reactions that individuals they exert on each other. That set of interespirituales relations is of an infinite variety.

Simmel to those ties that bind individuals called them: society in nascent State; as is what gives origin to any social system. Another definition of sociology tells us that: define is to determine a concept through the marking of essential characteristics. Sociology studies the social reality. This definition has been accepted by Menzel, saying that sociology is the science of understanding of reality. How social reality is composed of elements physical, psychic; Some authors take one of these elements to define the. Ebood took as a basis to define the object of sociology, the spiritual element, it is defined as: the science of cohabitation or partnership. Durkheim defined to sociology as a science of its institutions, its genesis and its operation. Vierkandt (German), collected from a few books of Sociology a definition that includes the two aspects of the interespiritul relationship. Sociology is the science of human interaction, it is the first aspect of the spiritual interaction and its products (big institutions conglomerates). Povinia defines it as a science that studies a general point of view, the process of human interaction and its products such as they occur in reality. Povinia want to delimit general sociology other social sciences studying the same facts, but shaped concrete, specific, or particular; as for example the right, the economy; they are social facts and therefore can be studied by sociology such as they occur in reality, i.e. in its concept. Sociology should be scientifically studied as it is and not as it should be, by establishing principles or values, not interested in establishing the ethical values of society, they scanned it from an objective point of view. Sociology will have as order to formulate laws that govern society. This legislation will have different characteristics than the laws that govern the natural world. By dealing with rational beings and will, social laws lack of inflexibility and the need of natural laws. The laws of Sociology are clear-cut; This does not mean that the individual meets them always. Here you will find quality items for the care of the body, mind and spirit; In addition to other sections such as: sports, entertainment, computing, and more.