Weekend Breaks

Today there are many causes that affect the incidence of stress in our lives. Tony Parker wanted to know more. depression and lack of social life after long hours at the office becoming part of the phenomenon home-work-home. Many times we consider a vacation and we do when we have time, when we have enough money to pay one or two weeks in a good resort or when someone will join us, etc, etc … always looking for excuses to end up staying where we are and how we are, we are experts in doing nothing and serve as prey to be devoured by the capitalist machinery without enjoying new lives. So far it has always been so until in recent years have seen some solutions to our excuses, these solutions come to be known for some time as “Escapades”, so as they hear it, like when you were not going to class, you escape, That’s the point of escaping to another place either by air, land or sea. There are many advantages to escape, first of all because they do not have to be of fixed duration, we go one afternoon, one day, weekend or several days, for example, from Friday to Sunday or weekdays from Monday to Thursday, when we want, we are free to decide when we want to run away, how long and where and the best of However, there are organized activities that do not need anyone to leave. The advantages of a trip are many, from extending our cultural knowledge to know colleagues or make referrals nuts working in other locations according to our profession. There are usually organized activities for weekend escape or even a full week as skiing, climbing, hiking, events, technology, sports, etc. The excuse is a good friend, you’d better go getting rid of this guy .. And I can organize a trip? Very easy, all you have to do is drop by the various agencies online and study the offers that appear almost daily on this type of travel called breaks or leisure travel and culture. There is a website specialized in providing the latest deals on this type of packages, also contains a directory of all agencies and airlines operating in national territory to be able to go consult your own from home in each and select the offer that best suits your needs, there are some agencies that offer trips to the letter , ie they fit your needs. The site in question is, is an informative site to organize your trips and leisure travel.

Cali Colombia Antonio

The third city in Colombia and the world capital of the sauce is what tourists are in the head, when they come to Cali, with its pleasant climate to enjoy the nights, good food and an impressive artistic scene. Cali, capital of Valle del Cauca, geographically important as industrial power in the southwest of Colombia, is an attractive prospect for any visitor who wishes to know the coast of the Pacific or make way towards or from Ecuador.Cali is potential as a tourist destination, cultural attractions and nightlife and offers variety of options which makes it a very pleasant visit. History and made contemporary founded in 1536 by Sebastian de Belalcazar, who also founded Quito in Ecuador, Cali has always been of strategic importance to trade and therefore grew rapidly.As with most Colombian cities, Santiago de Cali played an important role on the road to independence. Attractions. Guarded by the statue of the Christ King and the Tres Cruces, Cali has been blessed with good weather, salsa, happy inhabitants, beautiful women and a large number of neighborhoods of fashion whose boutiques and restaurants are the style of the existing ones in los Angeles or Miami. Where to eat for those who have no budgetary constraints, are advised visiting upscale neighborhoods of Granada or El Penon, where can enjoy the gastronomic wonders of fashionable establishments.Granada is an area of ten blocks is summarized in style and good taste.In any case, do not miss the opportunity to dine at the exquisite piangua clam harvesting the roots of mangroves on the coast of the Pacific or the vallecaucano kitchen delight.Another option is the neighbourhood of San Fernando and the surroundings of the dog park. Museums to enjoy exhibitions of pre-Columbian artifacts, go to La Merced Archeological Museum.Also in this district there are a number of other museums that are worth including as the Calima gold Museum, religious and Colonial Museum of San Francisco and not far from the Intercontinental Hotel is the impressive Museum of modern art La Tertulia recommended.

San Antonio. You can visit the colonial neighborhood of San Antonio in one afternoon.Suba along the picturesque streets before the meal to take advantage of the lunch offerings before going to the slope, wooded park frequented by couples kissing.The chapel of San Antonio is located in the upper part of the Park and was completed in 1747.Inside there is an ornate Baroque altar.Take a break here, at the top of the Hill and the rest in the shade and admire the views of the city’s rapid growth before lunch in one of the Bohemian cafes and restaurants that can be found here. Cali Zoo Cali Zoo authorities have focused on the preservation and conservation of the endemic species of the region and the Aviary is particularly useful that allows visitors to learn about and personal to photograph rare species such as the cock of the rock. In summary, Cali covers the modern, without letting go of its colonial past. Search Hotels in Cali Colombia, near these areas and be amazed of these contrasts. Cali is a city of 2.7 million inhabitants, surrounded by great mountains of the cordillera de los Andes.It is a place driven by the sugar industry, and while not as picturesque as Cartagena, seems to have much to offer. In addition to a large amount of bars in sauce, incredible mountains, a wide variety of elegant Cali hotels, including the hotel Spiwak at the Chipichape Mall, found the home of various arts and crafts, beautiful murals and the historic church of San Antonio.

Unforgettable Province

For that they love the tourism ventures, they found in mendocina geography a privilege place to practice the great amount of disciplines that are within this special category of the tourism mountains, the valleys, the guns, the boisterous rivers and the calm dams wonderfully lend for the practice of the sport, causing an unforgettable landscape. This way, it is possible to realise excursions in Mendoza of different type, for that loves the terrestrial adventures, aquatic or air. But all of them count on but the ample infrastructure put to the service of the thousands of tourists who go Whose every year, in search of the best natural scenes of Latin America, without doubt. Who amen the water and the adrenalin podran to actually find of rafting and the kayakismo the ideal action to compliment all yearnings, whereas the mighty mendocinos rivers, product of the defrosting of the high tips of the $andes, they offer the perfect natural scene, as much for those who they are taking his first steps like for sport consomme’s that they always look for a greater challenge. There are two rivers that are used but commonly it practices for it of this sport, that consist of capably sending by the expresses of the river, avoiding the different bends and obstacles that are appeared, and they are the river Mendoza in Shine of Whose and Atuel that this in San Rafael.

The mendocina, vast Earth and always money changer, conforms the ideal site so it is known like Overlanding, that is the route in vehicles 4×4, or all land. This practice has gained popularity since Argentina comprises of world-wide the international calendar of rally. Also it is possible to cross the many beautiful corners that Mendoza presents/displays horse, being one of the proposals the one to emulate the sanmartiniana deed, that is to say to cross the same way that general San Martin in his liberating epic did of the American continent. The departments that can be visited for this are Tunuyan, San Carlos, Tupungato or San Rafael. The increasing one brings back to consciousness ecological at world-wide level has originated new proposals of excursions in Mendoza for enthusiastic of ecology and the eco-tourism. Mendoza is one of the Argentine provinces that greater amount of national parks has, in a effort to conserve the environment and to safeguard the incredible biodiversity in the region. Therefore, it is possible to visit some of these national parks in safari photographic, where podra to pick up the beauty of the flora and the local fauna.


The concept of sustainable tourism is a fact that tourism, like any human activity, generates different types and sizes of impact: economic, social, cultural and environmental, which can be positive or negative.Therefore, the processes of awareness and change of values and attitudes promoted by environmentalists and social movements in the past thirty years are becoming more frequent and are seen as elements of sustainability in this important activity. Environmental sustainability has been from different sides.One of them is defined in relation to the effects on the protection, conservation and sustainable use of the natural landscapes, and attractive landscapes of the destinations.Another vision can focus on demand and the intensity of use and consumption of renewable and non-renewable natural resources, the production of waste material, or the impacts specific to the different activities relating to the tourism products, especially those aimed at entertainment, leisure or recreation, as sport activities like climbing, diving, fishing, hunting, etc. It is a fact that emerging global trends in tourism have tried to point to that kind of tourism which improve the activities that cause the smallest degree possible negative environmental and socio-economic impact, and that have been classified within what is known as sustainable tourism. Rural sustainable tourism Rural sustainable tourism can be defined as that tourism which takes place in the rural environment and combines with activities that seek to protect, preserve and make sustainable use of resources with the democratization of economic, social benefits and cultural for the rural population. A clear example of this in Colombia, we have it with fantastic tourist plans axis coffee, something worthy to show with the beautiful and outstanding coffee culture. There are beautiful estates in Quindio which are a few authentic works of art and worth a visit. In recent years, rural tourism in this region has experienced significant changes.What was once a fledgling activity today has been transformed into the central axis of the Department of Quindio, along with exquisite coffee bean production.