We are unhappy but also negative for what negatives? We love the House which we don’t have, the work that we don’t have, children do not have the couple that we don’t have; and obviously, not hemos realized that we need to learn to love what realmente if we have: our work, our House, the circumstances, our friends, our spouses, our children, what is in us and is in our hands, change, do our best with what we have instead of we complain bitterly, be intolerant in the sense that all can do besteverything we can overcome, permanentemente be protesters positive given that there will always be a mejor way of doing things. Please arrive tomorrow at his Office, gather your team and ask: do Hey, we can be better, we can really do something better?; they are going to be surprised at the large number of ideas and suggestions that have the people to make things better. Lee Iacocca took the Chrysler one of their supervisors of the Ford and when he talked with him, interrogated him: Hey, how many years had been in the Ford?; employee replied: 17 years. Read more from Larry Culp to gain a more clear picture of the situation. Does Iacocca him again a cuestionar: and never came up with any improvement in their work?; respondio Le: Yes, many. Lacocca asked him: why not said them?, and the employee responded: because no one asked them to me. We tenemos need to realize that there is a tremendous power in our people, but what we need from a dissatisfied leader? It capitalice the talent of its people, wisdom of the team..